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26 December 2014

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, December 26, 2014

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recorded three interceptions of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the teams’ matchup earlier this season (10/5 at New Orleans). Since he joined the Saints in 2006, the Buccaneers have three games with at least three interceptions against Brees, the most of any team.
Below is a brief selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Wide Receiver Louis Murphy
(Opening statement)
“Injury list: Mason Foster did not practice again, but it’s not like he pulled his Achilles any more or anything like that – we just kind of kept him off of it all week to help the chances for him to play Sunday if we get to that point. Again, it is tough when you don’t practice all week. Everybody else should be available for us to play, which is good this late in the year to have that many options. We realize what’s at stake. We’ve been here a lot of different Fridays; down to the last one. One last chance to get a look at some of our players. One last chance to get a home win, to just kind of show up and play better.”
(On the team signing wide receiver Louis Murphy to a multi-year extension today)
“I should have kind of started off the press conference with that. He’s been a consistent performer from our offseason workouts – showing up every day, he’s done everything, he’s competed hard, he started at the bottom and worked himself up. Big performer during the game. Fought through that injury and [was] injured in training camp, not on the roster the first couple of weeks. But he’s just been one of our guys, and you want to reward players that take it a long way and earn it the right way. We like him. When he was healthy and ready to go as our third receiver, he did some positive things and [is] somebody that we want to keep building with.”
(On keeping players focused during a tough season)
“There are some things that you have to go through before you win I think, on the scoreboard. We’re deciding what our culture, what our locker room, what our team will look like and we’ve gotten a lot of those things done. Guys show up, they’ve stayed out of trouble, done what we’ve asked them to do, so we do take some things that won’t show up right now as we start building that are positive. We know that eventually those will lead to wins for us. That’s kind of where we are which is a great thing and I know those that can’t wait for those wins to start coming. I’m going to say it one more time, we have one more chance to let those guys give us one more look to let us know what they want to do in the future.”
(On how he spent Christmas)
”Great day, whenever you can be around family for me, being a granddad and all, these are great – someone asked me ‘Did you have a good Christmas yesterday?’ I said ‘No, I didn’t. I had a great Christmas yesterday.’ I hope we can finish it up with a great weekend too.”
(On if he saw a contract extension coming at this point in the season)
“No, not quite. My agent, we were talking, we were thinking [we would] hit the free agency market. I’m kind of glad that it’s over with. Glad to get the deal done.”
(On why he decided he wanted to stay in Tampa Bay with the Buccaneers)
“I believe in this team, I believe in Coach Lovie, I believe in the organization – Jason [Licht]; Coach Lovie; our receivers coach, Coach [Andrew Hayes-]Stoker. I believe in all the guys that are in that locker room regardless of what the record says. I believe we’re going to be contenders in the future and I want to be a part of it. I want to see it turn around.”
(On what this multi-year extension means about his journey in the NFL)
“It’s a blessing. Took me six years to get to this point. Been a tough road. I just commend my family for being there, sticking by my side. It means everything. It’s a blessing and I can’t take any of the credit – firm believer in Christ and I just believe that things happen for a reason and finally to get to this point, man, I can’t – words can’t describe how I feel right now.”
(On how it feels to be able to stay in Florida)
“Being home, playing for the Bucs – I’ve been a Bucs fan my entire life, so for this deal to be done, I’m thankful. Like I said, words can’t explain how I feel right now.”
(On if he learned anything about himself this year)
“My dad always told me growing up that when preparation and opportunity meet, [it] equals success. So this year, I wrote it on my bathroom wall. I just took that every day – this opportunity that I had, don’t let it slip by. Early on in the game, you could drop a ball and be like, ‘Aw, I got another chance at this.’ The road that I’ve taken and the road that I had to go through, I was like, ‘Nah, I’m not letting [anything] slip through the cracks.’ And that’s just how I’m going to keep it; take that mindset from here on out. It all starts with my coaches too for believing in me and being able to trust me with those plays. So I’m thankful to them for that, too.”

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