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20 November 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, November 20, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: With at least 275 yards of offense at Philadelphia, Tampa Bay will record its ninth consecutive game with 275 or more yards, tied for the fourth-longest streak in team history.
(Opening Statement)
“Guys that are out – George Johnson. We are making progress, the list is shrinking. The guys that have at least been on a limited basis that are getting closer to returning, Vincent Jackson being one of them. Austin Seferian-Jenkins still hasn’t been cleared for full contact throughout. We have a couple guys, we are getting a couple guys back. [Jacquies] Smith has participated in most of the stuff this week. [We are] excited about playing the Eagles. Two teams with the same record. We play well on the road. We know this is always a hostile environment. They have great fans, so [we are] excited about going up there and playing.”
(On if he is confident defensive end Jacquies Smith with play on Sunday)
“I feel better. When a guy isn’t getting any reps, isn’t practicing at all, when he gets on the field you feel a lot better about him. I would say he wasn’t 100 percent this past week, but we have a little bit more time before the game. He’s getting closer and that’s encouraging. Our rush hasn’t been exactly what we would like for it to be so we need a guy like that back as soon as possible.”
(On if wide receiver Vincent Jackson is showing improvement from his injury)
“Yes, I think we had one guy out [of practice] besides that – that’s why we really can’t tell you on a Friday. We have 48 hours or so before the game. Once you get close, every hour counts. As soon as Vince is ready to go we’re ready for him.”
(On the progress Jackson made from Wednesday to Friday)
“A lot. I think you all have seen him run around. He’s getting closer, which is right on schedule. Hopefully he will be able to [play], but we’ll see.”
(On what he plans to do with the 53rd roster spot)
“We have a couple of options. When you are in this position on a Friday, most of the time you’re kind of looking toward your practice squad or something like that, someone available if you need that. We’ll see.”
(On Offensive lineman Evan Smith’s knee and if he has aggravated it)
“No, he hasn’t aggravated anything since then. Sometimes you make it through the game running on adrenaline a little bit, but once you get to the week it’s a little bit tougher. He hasn’t been full speed this week so we’ll see.”
(On if tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins will be medically cleared before Sunday)
“I try not to speculate an awful lot. I know he was limited today. Limited today, couldn’t do everything. [He’s] getting better. That’s where we are. Austin Seferian-Jenkins hasn’t been cleared to do anything [full contact], but he’s doing everything he’s supposed to do. The guy has been injured and he hasn’t been cleared so once he’s cleared we’ll get him back out there full-time, full-speed, all that – he’s not there yet.”

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