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06 November 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, November 6, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: In three games with Tampa Bay this season, K Connor Barth is averaging 11.7 points per game, the highest mark in the league. He is one of five players to have made all of his field goal and extra point attempts.
Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Running Back Doug Martin
(Opening Statement)
“Injury list, guys that didn’t practice today: Vincent Jackson, Jacquies Smith and Major Wright. Everybody else was able to do something at least on a limited basis. D.J. Swearinger hurt his big toe a little bit yesterday. Besides that we have some players limited: Will Gholston, Tony McDaniel – those guys are all getting better – Austin Seferian-Jenkins. If a guy doesn’t practice it’s not looking real good for him. Beyond that, hopefully we’ll have everybody available for the game.”
(On tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ progress)
“He’s making progress. The first day he was out [on the practice field] he told you he was 100 percent ready to go. You always want a player thinking that way. When a guy is ready to go and he can protect himself we’ll get him on the football field. We’ll see how it is with him.”
(On the tight end group stepping up in the absence of Seferian-Jenkins)
“Yes, Austin has been injured a few games while he’s been here. It’s always about that next guy stepping up. When I say step up I mean doing the job that’s required. Cameron [Brate] did that last week. [He] got a game ball voted by his teammates. The tight end position, as a general rule, is a big part of our offense. Whether it be Brandon Myers, Cameron, whoever we’ll need them to step up.”
(On if he is comfortable only dressing three safeties on Sunday)
“Sure thing. You need a starter at every position and you need a one backup. [On the] offensive line we have a starting line, we have an inside guy [and] an outside guy. The rest of the players you see a lot of that is special teams, but as a general rule that’s really all you need.”
(On how beneficial it has been for tight end Cameron Brate to get playing time with the absence of Seferian-Jenkins)
“Especially for a young player, every rep you get is important, but then the situations you’ve been in. We’re talking the tight end position last week – boot-leg throwback – they’re a big part of our offense each week and not only reps, but valuable reps that the team needs you to be productive. They’re not asking if you’re first, second, third team – get the job done. Those players have done that.”
(On tackle Demar Dotson and if it is easier for an offensive lineman to come back and be productive compared to a quarterback or wide receiver)
“Yes I think it is easier for them. What have we seen from Demar? We knew when he would be eligible to start practicing, to come back. [There] hasn’t been any setbacks or anything like that. Demar Dotson is a good football player and in time he’ll get back out there – exactly when that is we still don’t know, but I think it is easier for a lineman to come back more so than some of the skill players.”
(On Evan Smith not being the starting center)
“I don’t talk a lot about those things. If you are injured, A - get well. When you get well, we’ll evaluate you with the rest of the group. We make the decisions based on who is available at the time. Evan Smith is a good player. Joe Hawley has been playing good football. You can’t have too many good football players playing at a high level. That’s my message to every position really.”
(On how center Evan Smith is handling not being the starter)
“Yes, I think all players handle it as well as you can expect them to handle it, being a good teammate, a part of a team. Everybody that dresses wants to play every snap. Everybody can’t and they understand that as much as anything. We tell the players, ‘Your role can change by game, by series, by play and you just have to accept it and go with it.’ That’s what our guys generally do.”
(On facing tough wide receivers)
“Each week we’re going to have a stud receiver, at least one. Normally it’s a great running back, it’s a great tight end, at least one great wide receiver. That’s just life in the NFL. You prepare for that. It is about who’s here right now and it’s [Odell] Beckham [Jr.], it’s more than just Beckham though. They have more than one good receiver. It will be a great challenge for our group.
(On getting to 4-4 this week)
“It would feel awesome. It’s a team accomplishment and we take a lot of pride in our run game. I have a good relationship with the linemen and we discuss how it goes. It would be a great feeling.”
(On if this has been the most consistent offensive line that he’s had as a Buccaneer)
“Oh yeah definitely. They work really well together. We had injuries, people filling in for each other and they are carrying the flag very well. Everybody is consistent across the line.”
(On guard Ali Marpet being rated as one of the top run blocking guards in the NFL and how Martin uses that to his advantage)
“It’s more like how does the offensive coordinator use that. He’s a hard worker and that’s the type of people we need on the line I can say that across the board. They have a lot of talent and we have a lot of guys that are finishing plays through the whistle and staying on guys through the whistle. That’s the type of effort we need.”
(On starting a winning streak)
“Yeah exactly, we emphasize getting a streak going around here and that’s what we’re going to do in this upcoming game.”
(On getting the ball on six consecutive plays last game and how that helps build his confidence)
“As a running back you want to get in the flow of things and the earlier the better. Once you get the feel for the game and get a feel of how you can keep getting yards is good for a running back.”
(On how offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is doing)
“[He is doing] an awesome job. I love the guy. He is very hands on. He is very detailed oriented and he wants us all to be detailed-oriented. He’s just a great coach, a great coach to have and we’re lucky to have him.”

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