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07 November 2014

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, November 7, 2014

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Buccaneers running back Bobby Rainey has averaged 136.0 yards from scrimmage in his two career games against Atlanta, topping at least 100 total yards in both contests. With a third contest of at least 100 yards from scrimmage, he can join Earnest Graham (11/18/07-9/14/08) as the only two players in franchise history with three consecutive games against Atlanta with 100+ scrimmage yards.
Below is a brief selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Running Back Charles Sims
(Opening statement)
“Since you don’t have the injury report, I’m going to go over it right now. Anthony Collins, Doug Martin and Alterraun Verner: this entire week they haven’t been able to practice, but at the same time, they have gotten better each day and these are players that have all played and we’ll let [the decision] go right up until the game time to see. We’ll maybe take them out before the game to see exactly where they are. Everybody else was able to practice at least on a limited basis, which is good. Beyond that it’s Friday, we’ve kind of talked enough, we know what happened last time – division opponent, home game – we haven’t won at home, we haven’t gotten off to a start, a fast start at home, we know all of the storylines that comes with this football game, but now we get a chance to do something about it. Very seldom do you get a chance to redeem yourself from something really bad that happened and that’s how we’re looking at it. Atlanta showed up last time, we didn’t, but we plan on showing up this time.”
(On if anyone is listed as being out on the injury report)
“We have some doubtful guys, some of them are very doubtful, but not out.”
(On running back Bobby Rainey bouncing back from his fumbles early in the season)
“I think just not for running backs, but for any athlete in general, baseball player or whatever, you have to have a short memory. We can all think back to some tough times if we’ve been playing long enough, through some tough times – I assume Bobby has forgotten about it and he needs to. He needs to concentrate more on what he did last time out which was play good football. For our football team to, yeah we need to remember some of the stuff so it doesn’t happen again, but to just think on – to a man – how we’ve made an improvement and are we on the verge of getting over that hump? I think that’s where we are, but those things don’t go away, they’re with us for life.”
(On his confidence in the cornerbacks if Verner cannot play on Sunday)
“At every position, there’s an ideal world you would like to live in and very seldom do you get a chance to do that. For us, it’s next guy up – opportunity for the next guy and sometimes you get your opportunity and didn’t come around again, but sometimes you get another chance and if we have to go that direction for a guy like Brandon Dixon and Crezdon Butler – guys that have done a few good things along the line, then eventually they’ll have to show us exactly what they are and who they are. What better chance, if it comes down to that and Verner can’t go?”
(On how important it is to get the pass rush going on Sunday)
“We can have every guy that we started this season with back there and I’ll be saying the same thing, it’s critical that we get pressure with our four-man, five, six, seven or however many guys we come with. We can’t let the quarterback sit back there and turn it into a seven-on-seven game; we have to make him get the ball out of his hands quickly. I know the injury situation on the back-end, but that’s just how it is in general. We need to be able to get the crowd into it, the crowd can help the home team, especially on big third downs where we make it hard for them that way – and our defensive line knows that, they know how important it is. Even though we haven’t gotten as many sacks as we would’ve liked, we’ve gotten better pressure and we’ve rushed the passer better. I’ve talked about Jacquies Smith, how Gerald [McCoy] played last week and William Gholston inside. We need all of those players.”
(On the injuries to Atlanta’s offensive line)
“They do have some issues on the offensive line – injury-wise, I’m talking. Last time, Roddy White didn’t play – he’s playing this time. Rest of their receivers are all good to go. [They] have one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league for good reason – great player. That’s a challenge in itself. Again, our players know that. That’s the beauty about playing in the division: you know everyone. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of time on, ‘OK, the personnel this week: this guy is playing this position.’ They know us, we know them, we know what we need to do.”
(On how Atlanta rookie offensive lineman Jake Matthews is playing this season)
“OK. As a rookie, I’m sure he’d like to have some plays back. But he’s a top-10 pick for good reason: great pedigree, can play ball. Again, when you come into the league and you’re starting right away and you have that type of talent, you have to like that a little bit. At the same time, though, we need to be able – he’s still a rookie and we need to be able to do something with him.”
(On if defensive lineman Da’Quan Bowers and fullback Jorvorskie Lane are physically where he wants them to be coming off their suspensions)
“I hope so. It’s not like through the week we’re running marathons each day in practice or anything. Kind of look at their weight a little bit, how they came in. Both of them came in pretty good shape, made it through practice in pretty good shape. Sometimes a couple weeks [in] midseason – almost midseason – helps the body a little bit. We think both of them will be available for us if we decide to put them up this week.”
(On how excited he is to see running back Charles Sims in action after his injury in training camp and how Sims has handled himself during his injury)
“Even though he’s a rookie, I think he’s handled the situation about as well as you could ask. I’m talking about when he was out with the injury of trying to get back as soon as he could physically; mentally, just staying in the game, watching video. You can improve so much on the sideline doing that. I’ve been excited about him since we drafted him. He hasn’t done anything to prove otherwise. If we have him up this week, I’ll be pretty excited to see exactly what he can do. Eventually, he’s going to help us win a lot of games.”
(On if he has changed his approach to the team recently
“I am one of those guys that says he doesn’t read an awful lot on what’s said out there, but I would – if it took this week for guys to realize that it’s going to be done this way or you look elsewhere – I don’t think it should take that long. And of course what I talked to the team about, I’m talking to the team every day about something. I have a theme every day that I’m talking. But we all are accountable, we expect all of us to do our job a certain way each time out, and hopefully we can get to that point.”
(On how his ankle feels)
“Feels pretty good. Taking it day-by-day and getting better every day.”
(On if he expects to play this Sunday)
“Yeah, I expect to go. Just taking it day-by-day seeing how it feels.”
(On how hard it was to be on the sidelines last week against Cleveland and not playing)
“It’s always hard watching, just wanting to be out there helping the team. It was pretty hard.”
(On what he expects is NFL debut to be like)
“Just going out there excited and having fun. Just competing. Just being out there to compete with the team. Just having fun.”
(On what he can bring to the rushing attack)
“I’m just doing whatever the coaches tell me to do. Catch the ball, run the ball in between the tackles.”

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