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23 October 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, October 23, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: With one made field goal at Washington, K Connor Barth will have 95 made field goals as a Buccaneers player, the fourth-most in team history.
(Opening Statement)
“Go to the injury list first, Reid Fragel has a concussion so he is in the concussion protocol right now. Tony McDaniel wasn’t able to practice today, he has a groin injury that he is dealing with, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins is our one guy that’s had a long-term injury that isn’t quite there. The rest of the guys were able to do something today and we’ll we have a little bit of time before the game still. We’ll see how it goes, but we should have more guys available than we’ve had in the past, which is a good thing. [We’re] excited about playing. [We] had a good week of practice. We’re fresh, anxious to play again. It’s always tough duty when you go on the road, but we’ve found a way to win on the road. We know how it feels to win. We know how to win in this stadium.”
(On if he will activate defensive tackle Akeem Spence for Sunday’s game)
“We like the flexibility to be able to do that. You want options as much as anything. He’s looked pretty good at practice this week.”
(On if he would be okay with only dressing three defensive tackles in Sunday’s game)
“You need two to play, so two with a backup you’re okay with that. Yes.”
(On winning consecutive games)
“For us we haven’t been able to. Of course, we cleared a hurdle last time we played, but yes to be able to get two wins, to be able to play well two weeks in a row, to be able to get an NFC road win – there are so many things on the line – even up our record. As much as anything though, we just want to make improvements from last game and if we do that of course the score will take care of itself.”
(On if the play of center Joe Hawley has allowed the team to not rush back center Evan Smith)
“We’re always careful with guys as they go through. Joe Hawley’s play is encouraging. I always tell the guys if you deserve to play, some kind of way you’ll get it. Something will happen where you will get an opportunity and then it’s what you do with that opportunity. Joe Hawley has stepped up. We feel very comfortable with him playing. Just like Kevin Pamphile did last week too. Another guy got an opportunity to play and they put good play on video.”
(On how guard Logan Mankins has looked in practice this week)
“[He’s] looked good. It’s a groin injury, not a hamstring injury, so you can come back from those a little bit quicker. Again, we won’t play a player if he’s injured, but if a guy is good to go, veterans know their body. I’ll lean on them a little bit too. Hopefully we’ll have him available to play.”
(On Washington’s run game)   
“We’re two teams that say we need to run, we want to run, we want to have balance. When we talk about balance you know you are going to have to throw the ball, but it’s the ones that are committed to the run. They’re committed to the run. I know when things don’t go the way you want them to, that’s the easiest thing to do is try to establish that run. We realize that. We cannot let any team run the football against us.”

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