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30 October 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, October 30, 2015

BUC BITS OF THE DAY: At Washington, WR Donteea Dye caught his first career pass, a seven-yard touchdown pass. Per Elias Sports, he is the first Buccaneers player to catch a touchdown on their first career reception since TE Will Heller (10/13/03 at WAS).
QB Jameis Winston has thrown for at least 200 yards in first six career games. Per Elias Sports, Winston is the first player in NFL history to do so in their first six career games.
(Opening Statement)
“Friday’s injury list: Tony McDaniel and Reid Fragel those guys haven’t been able to do anything. Vincent Jackson, of course hasn’t practiced all week. Clinton McDonald hasn’t [practiced]. It’s not like they have season-ending injuries or anything like that. Major Wright, I talked to you yesterday or the day before about him tweaking his hamstring, ‘It’s looking doubtful for him. Austin Seferian-Jenkins has gotten work done this week, but not to the point where I’m going to say he’s for sure playing and all that. The rest of the guys are guys that normally practice on a limited basis, which was Gerald McCoy, Logan [Mankins], Russell Shepard and Evan Smith have all been able to go through most of the practice. Atlanta, a division opponent. It seems like our last game was a month ago, which is a good thing. Great opportunity for a win. Getting a division road win is big. Playing in a dome where we’ve had success. We’ve had success of playing pretty good ball on the road. Of course it’s about finishing this week.”
(On the progress of tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins this week)
“Yes and even going back a few weeks, he’s making progress. When you have an injury that takes a little bit of time, you have to measure that progress and we have. Taking the next step and doing things on the football field is one [step] in the right direction, but he’s not 100 percent yet.”
(On if the first half of the Washington game shows the team what they are capable of)
“When I say it takes a good team to be up 24 points, yeah, that’s the message. We know that and then how close we are of being able to get over the hump. It takes a pretty good football team to do that. You can be that potential team, you have to eventually close the door. Simple as that. You want to do it and play your best ball that you’ve played in a long time versus a good football team. They have a great record, playing hard, doing a lot of things. To go in somebody else’s backyard and get a win would be huge for us.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston not having wide receivers Louis Murphy and Vincent Jackson to throw to at Atlanta)
“Yes, we know what we would like to get accomplished. If Vincent can’t go, that’s just a part of it. There has been times when Jameis has thrown to Vincent and Mike [Evans] hasn’t been there. It’s about the next guy stepping up. We feel like we still have enough weapons. It will still be about us establishing the run and when we get an opportunity. They’re single-high most of the time, so you are going to have some one-on-one matchups that we’ll have to win.”
(On if Jackson could play in the game on Sunday even though he didn’t practice all week)
“Any of our guys that have been around for a while, especially veterans players, if a veteran wakes up Sunday morning ready to go, trainer says he’s ready to go, we’re going to let him go. That’s why [we don’t rule guys out on Friday]. He didn’t have a broken leg or anything like that. He didn’t have a concussion. We’ll see, but that’s always the case with our veterans.”
(On practicing red zone defense)
“We have a routine that we go through. We have been working on stuff in the red zone. We are close. Eventually that work we’ve been doing in the red zone has to pay off in the game. Hopefully it will be this weekend.”
(On if offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter’s familiarity with the Falcons is an advantage)
“I think whenever you are familiar with [an opponent], when you leave some place, I think there is a little bit of an advantage. You know them at least. How much of an advantage? You start going, ‘It’s your move, my move.’ Adrian Clayborn knows some [of the personnel]. We have guys that know our personnel on both sides. I think each week you have someone that is familiar with an opponent coming in. In the end that normally doesn’t help an awful lot. You normally don’t spend much time concentrating on it.”
(On Winston not throwing an interception in his last two games)
“When you play football you like to play your best ball always, but it doesn’t work like that most of the time. [I’m] just pretty impressed to see [him] come off a bad performance – everything that could go wrong did – an you say, ‘Hey, this is what I need to clean up,’ and you go out there and do it. It’s impressive, but Jameis has been that way throughout. We know what happens when you have young players in general. Kwon Alexander has cleaned up things, not making the same mistakes that he made the first game too. That’s just life as a young player.”
(On former Falcons knowing Atlanta’s vulnerabilities and if that is worked into the game plan)
“No, I think most of the things you are talking about you see on video. Everything that a guy does we see on video. He might be thinking the same thing. ‘Well they know this, so I need to counter it with that.’ You just have to get in the game. You have keys and you have things that take you to the point of attack and then it’s about you making the play then, simple as that.”

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