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31 October 2014

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, October 31, 2014

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Since 2010, Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith has posted a 9-3 record in the month of November.
Below is a brief selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Running Back Bobby Rainey
(Opening statement)
“Injury list: we talked about Trindon Holliday tweaking his hamstring yesterday, it’s a little bit more serious than we thought, so he will be out this game and Brandon Magee will also be out. The rest of the players, Anthony Collins, Doug Martin are all getting better so we listed them as doubtful and we’ll see how that plays out.”
(On if practice squad wide receiver Marcus Thigpen is an option to return kicks this game)
“He’s probably an option.”
(On how being more physical will help wide receiver Mike Evans be more productive)
“I just like that you have a wideout wanting to talk about being more physical in the run game. I made the statement, normally if you’re a tough football team, then you can tell by if your cornerbacks tackle and if your wide receivers block. For Mike to talk about that he’s a big body – he has dealt with a few injury problems but his arrow is definitely going up. I love what he’s been doing catching the football, the blocking has been good too and the last play of the game. In the last play of the game, there was a fumble recovery and the effort that he gave and he looked like a safety on that play, one that wasn’t real passive on that play, going down trying to strip the football.”
(On Mark Barron’s comments about the defensive scheme being passive)
“I’m not going to talk about any players that aren’t here anymore. Our safety position that we play, one of the requirements isn’t for you to be passive, I will say that.”
(On how tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins has bounced backed after his fumble last week)
“He bounced back. When you’re young, you’re used to bouncing back – things happen to you always, but everyone knows what happens, you have to learn from it, which he will. You just have to assume that players who haven’t been in situations, things like that are going to happen and you have to just move on and work on securing the ball a little bit better the next time and some of those things. He had a great week of practice though.”
(On his favorite Halloween memory)
“I have so many. Normally at this time of year, my kids just kind of bring up certain Halloweens that we had – that I had with them. As a coach, we miss so many things and it’s kind of good that’s it’s on a Friday where some of our younger coaches have a chance to go out with their kids. For me, I’m past the kid part – with the grandkids we have a little system set up as they go to different houses, they send me pictures right away. I’ll get a chance to enjoy Halloween that way too.”
(On if he enjoyed going out with his kids on Halloween)
“I loved it going with my kids and I loved it when I was a young kid. It’s one of those things that you never forget. I know when I get up early in the morning and all of those sports channels and everyone is into the Halloween spirit – I figured some of you would put on some type of costumes as you came through and then in other places that I’ve been, a lot of times some of the players, you have to ask some the players to go back in on some of the walk-throughs, but my guys didn’t take it to that extreme this time.”
(On the offensive line setting the tone)
“Sunday, we could’ve had this conversation each and we’ll continue to have this conversation and that’s a question you can lead with. Yes, they need to set the tone for us to run the football. When you go on the road, in general – go on the road and play a football game, one of the things you have to do is run the ball. The easiest thing to do is turning and handing it off and also that kind of lets you know what type of game it will be too. We talk about being more physical and most of that involves the offensive line and getting into position for our running backs to run the football. And as you flip it over, for our defense, they know Cleveland is committed to the run and we have to shut that down. Again, we start most of our meetings each week talking about that”
(On what he has seen from offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile since he played in the preseason)
“Some of the things we saw from the draft: athletic guy that can move well, very good strength. But he’s a young player with that word ‘potential’ right now. But he does have that. Good size, he’s been working extremely hard. And when you’re on the look squad, you go against our best defensive ends each day. Each day, we’re in pads – or some form of pads. You go one-on-one against the defensive lines. So even though he hasn’t played, he’s been getting good work throughout, if we had been in a situation where he would need to play.
(On how the team prepares for crowd noise going on the road)
“I think we – of course, I’m just going to throw out our first road game [against Atlanta]. After we go past it though, go into Pittsburgh – tough environment. We handled it well. Going into New Orleans, of course, in a dome, which is a tough place. I think we handled that fairly well too. I expect the same thing. We practice crowd noise and we have the silent count – all those things that you need to do to be able to handle it on the road and be able to feel good about it.”
(On if he thinks Cleveland is turning things around this season)
“4-3 record right now, have [defeated] a team with perennial power in their division. The team [that] is leading our division right now, they beat them. So yes, obviously they’re doing some good things. We talked about the commitment to the run, Brian Hoyer is playing good football, and then what they have on the defensive side. Joe Haden: he may be the only guy from Florida around here, but he’s representing the state well, of course. He’s a good football player. So I think they’re in pretty good shape right now with how they started the football season. That’s why, for us, to play a good football team, to let us see exactly where we are.”
(On if he has a certain approach he takes in preparing his teams for cold weather games)
“Yes, but this isn’t cold weather though. When we talk cold weather, we’re talking get down to around freezing, in the thirties – somewhere around there. Forty-five [degrees] is perfect football weather. So it’s really not an issue at all. Most of our guys won’t wear coats up there or anything like that. As we talk in a few weeks, then I’ll let you know what I talked to the team about as far as cold weather – but we’re not there yet.”
(On if he would be ready to start on Sunday if he is asked to do so)
“Like I said before, I always prepare like I’m the starter. When that time does come, it’s going to change my game plan for what I’ve got to do to help the team win.”
(On his memories of playing for Cleveland for a brief period in 2013)
“I didn’t really play there that long – played there like the first six weeks. I was in Baltimore a year and the camp so I played more there in Baltimore. I really wasn’t there that long to feel like a rivalry or anything like that.”
(On if he sees this game as an opportunity for a good performance with Cleveland ranked 30th in rush defense)
“We can’t look at that. Can’t look at those numbers. Same thing when we were going into the Atlanta game. We did that and it didn’t go too well, so we can’t look at that at all. We’ve just got to go and play our game and don’t hurt ourselves.”
(On if he would be comfortable handling return duties on Sunday)
“I would be comfortable handling whatever they need me to handle.”
(On preparing to play in cold weather in Cleveland)
“Well it’s football, period. It doesn’t matter about the weather – you’ve still got to go and take care of your business. It’s going to be great this week. I feel a sense of urgency with everybody, especially with the offensive line and receivers. So it’s going to be a great week for us.”
(On the importance of starting this game off fast)
“We’ve definitely got to start fast, especially being on the road. So we have to start out fast and end that way; not just start that way – end that way.”

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