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09 October 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, October 9, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: With three points against Jacksonville on Sunday, Tampa Bay K Connor Barth will have 500 career points, becoming one of only 24 active player to reach the 500 point mark.
Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Guard Logan Mankins
(Opening Statement)
“Injury list: Johnthan Banks is getting better. Guys that didn’t practice today: Johnthan Banks, Logan Mankins, Austin Seferain-Jenkins, Russell Shepard and Evan Smith weren’t able to practice at all. We had some of our players that have been limited a little bit that were able to go for the most part, full practice. I’m talking about Major Wright as much as anything. Logan Mankins, late in the week he injured his groin. [He’s] getting better, but we held him out another day. We’ll see how that plays out this week. Besides that, [it’s] Friday, we’re ready to go. We know what’s at stake. We need to get a win in the worst possible way. I feel like we practiced that way. It’s about playing 60 minutes. We haven’t put it all together. [We’ve] played well at times. We’ve seen flashes of it, but we’ll need to play good football throughout. You look at a 1-3 record sometimes, we know that we’re a good football team with a 1-3 record. Jacksonville is saying the same thing.”
(On what he is telling the players to motivate them this week in practice)
“I don’t want to go around you question, but just that. Not doing a whole lot. We know that. It’s about what we’ve done out here. When you know you need to do something, it’s about your preparation through the week and I’m talking about anything we’ve asked them to do – situations we’ve put them in, we’ve seen progress. Friday should be your best practice and that’s the case with us.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston protecting the ball and making good decisions at practice)
“Jameis always protects the ball. Most guys in practice protect the ball fairly well. It’s when you get to the game a little bit and Jameis realizes what he needs to do. Our team does, as much as anything. When we talk about ball security, of course, most of that, a lot of that is the guy with the ball the most, whether it be our quarterback, running backs whatever. On the other side we would like to talk about ball security when we’re getting the ball back more, whether it be through a recovered fumble, interception, whatever. On that turnover ratio that goes both ways. When we have a lot of turnovers we need to get a lot of takeaways and that’s what we haven’t put together.”
(On the kickoff coverage team)
“[It’s] a big week and if you have a kicker that kicks it in the end zone and you’re really good on coverage and you haven’t seen that, that’s what we feel like we have. We haven’t had to cover an awful lot and you never know when you might have to. If we do, we feel good about our core group of special teams guys. We feel like we’ve improved the athletic ability, the athletes that we have on it. We feel like we’ll be okay.”
(On the conversations he has with his staff about putting the players in the right place to succeed)
“Every play we’re trying to put our guys in the best situations. That’s not really a conversation that we are having. That’s what we are doing every play. We’re trying to win the game.”
(On examining every aspect of the organization)
“Yes, I am, and I’m saying that’s what we are doing. We are trying to put our guys in the best possible position every down. That’s not something I have to talk to them [about in] Week 5. That’s a part of who we are every practice, every play of any game.”
(On if guard Logan Mankins is a quick healer)
“We hope that’s the case. Again, it’s about this weekend. It’s a groin injury. It will be hard to keep him out, but if he wouldn’t be able to go, there would be a definite reason and I’m talking about an injury. If it’s about pain, he’ll play.”
(On playing this Sunday)
“I would love to, but you just got to wait and see what’s going to happen.”
(On if the bye week would give him enough time to heal if he is unable to go on Sunday)
“Like I said, I don’t know. We’ll see on Sunday before the game. I’ll see how it’s progressed and if I can go, I’ll go. If I can’t, I can’t.”
(On what he likes about the offensive line group)
“It’s a mesh of age and youth. I really like the young guys. They are coming along. They’re both athletic guys and strong guys and, most importantly, smart guys. They get what we want to do and they don’t make many mistakes so that’s great. They’re willing to listen and learn and follow what you think is the right way to do it. That’s been the best part about this line.”
(On the offensive line creating a standard for themselves)
“Yeah, that’s how we want it. We don’t want to have hills and valleys.  We want to keep going on an upward momentum. It hasn’t been pretty, but we are getting better and hopefully as the year goes, we’ll continue to improve.”

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