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18 September 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, September 18, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: In last season’s Week 17 matchup between the Saints and the Buccaneers, Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Evans caught his 12th touchdown of the season, establishing a new franchise record for receiving touchdowns in a single season.
(Opening Statement)
“[We] couldn’t wait to get back on the practice field this week. We wanted to play right away, but we needed to do some work on the field first before we’re ready to play. We’ve done that. I’ve talked about playing a division team on the road and that opportunity that’s in front of us. We’re in pretty good health. Mike Evans has been able to do more and more each day, which is a good thing. I feel like we are ready to go.”
(On the decision to play wide receiver Mike Evans on Sunday)
“Guys, of course, are always [saying they are ready to go], and you want that. You want them to say that they are ready to go. Mike wasn’t ready to go last week. He’s closer this week. We have a little bit of time before game-time.”
(On his confidence in correcting mistakes from last week)
“[I’m] confident, but we need to play the game. Me saying what we’ve done and what we need to do doesn’t really matter an awful lot. Again, when you play like that you want another opportunity, want another chance. We have that chance against a good opponent and to get a win on the road would make us feel a lot better. We could have a short memory if we can get a win this week.”
(On the importance of this week’s game)
“We’re right back on track with a win this week. It’s as simple as that. It’s early in the year. We haven’t had a chance to [be a .500 win team]. There’s a lot of things we haven’t done, but a chance to go and come back 1-1 and have the only division win for our division, that would be big for us. We realize that.”
(On the mood of the team after Week 1)
“There was disappointed of course right afterwards. Twenty-four hours of disappointment that we should feel. Exactly how we felt, we should’ve. Since then, [we] put it behind us and what I’ve seen is guys are getting better. That loss was with a lot of others, that we’ve had in the past. It’s about this week. New Orleans can occupy most of you thoughts and that’s where we are right now.”
(On if defensive end T.J. Fatinikun and safety Major Wright are the only two players unavailable for Sunday’s game)
“They’re the only ones that didn’t practice today. That’s about all I can really give you. If I knew anymore of course I wouldn’t, but they didn’t practice. We have a little bit of time. Our guys have made progress. We’ll see.”
(On his reaction to defensive tackle Gerald McCoy getting the team together and watching film without the coaches)
“No reaction to that. Gerald is one of our leaders. The week before players get together all the time. It’s a none story really.”
(How the importance of stressing the ‘Do your job’ mentality)
“That’s what it has always been. That’s what it will always be. Coming out that there were players together, I want players together always. In the end, what you need to do in times like this is to get you right and normally the team will be right from there. That’s the message always. It won’t change.”
(On players worrying about their own responsibilities and not others)
“Again, when you have an effort like that, we need to concentrate on us, which we are doing. At the same time, you have leaders on your football team that need to be more vocal when things are going on like that. That’s what we have. We have six captains that do an awful lot. Some you know and some you don’t.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston’s preparation for  New Orleans)
“Same way he’s prepared every day he’s been here. Sometimes you can be doing everything the right way, preparing the right way, trying to do things the right way and it just doesn’t turn out the right way. It’s no more than that, but you don’t change up what you’ve been doing. You do it better and that’s all we’ve done right now. One game into [the season]. In baseball they let you strike twice at least and most of the time three times, right? We struck out one time. No more than that. We are going to keep doing what we do. We’re going to do it better this week and get a win.”
(On New Orleans being 0-1 as well)
“That’s the case. Sometimes when you live in your own world, which you should, you say there are 32 teams and the only one that lost was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That’s not the case. Again, that’s what you talk about throughout the week. Friday is here now. Pretty soon we’ll be talking about the game.”  

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