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26 September 2014

Buccaneers Quotes: Friday, September 26, 2014

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: If the Buccaneers force four or more turnovers against the Steelers, it will mark the first time Tampa Bay has recorded at least four takeaways in consecutive games since 2002 (11/17 vs. Carolina-11/24 vs. Green Bay).
Below is a brief selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Guard Logan Mankins
(Opening statement)
“Injury list: Larry English, I think we talked about his hamstring yesterday and we’ve gone ahead and have ruled him out of the game. Hamstrings are tough, but you really pull it when you come back without a little bit of rest. Mason Foster is getting getter. Besides that, I think most of the guys could go. We have Josh McCown listed as doubtful – it’s not looking real good. He couldn’t throw the ball real well right now, but could probably do some other things. Beyond that, Michael Johnson, Gerald McCoy, Austin Seferian-Jenkins all have looked pretty good this week and if you had limited work, then you’re probable – we’re hopeful, those are kind of game-time decisions. We need all of the guys we can get playing a great Pittsburgh team. I say great based on how they played last week and if that’s the team that we get, then it’s going to be tough duty for us and that’s what we’re expecting. We need to meet that intensity, that physical play if that’s what we say we are.”
(On if guard Logan Mankins will be able to play the whole game)
“He hasn’t had any trouble with his knee really. It’s hot and it’s tough days for offensive linemen some times, but I can’t really say that he’s had any major issues, no more than just normal stuff.”
(On why Mankins was spelled in the Atlanta game)
“That’s a long time ago. That game is a little foggy to me, I can’t remember an awful lot and I try not to. There wasn’t anything major that happened in the Atlanta game with him, Monday he was good to go and there are no issues at all with him.”
(On how eager is to see the team respond after the loss in Atlanta)
“I’m very eager to play. In the NFL, you never know from week-to-week what’s going to happen. You assume one-plus-one is two and it equals out that way, but it doesn’t happen that way a lot of the time. When you get in a game like we did last time, it’s unexpected and for us we’re in a different role, it’s just expected that we’re major underdogs and the outcome has been pretty much decided, but you never know on that day what might happen. We’re in a good spot where when you have an effort like that you can’t wait to play to prove that that’s not who we really are, which we’re not. That’s who we were that day, we’re a better football team than that. To play and have to go on the road in a tough environment is what you like after an effort like that.”
(On teams being able to complete long passes against the defense)
“It’s a concern on how we played football period. Deep ball, short ball, we haven’t played our best football, so everything is a concern right now. One area hasn’t been much better than the next, so we need to see improvements in all areas and that’s what we’re planning on doing. Again it’s still the first – I’m going to go back to the first quarter of the season and with a young football team, I’m talking young – that hasn’t been together, it takes a while for it to gel. If you look around the league, I know the [New York] Giants played great football and in four days they really turned it around and sometimes it takes a while when you’re putting things together and everybody hasn’t played together for it to come, but if you just keep staying true to what you believe in and it happens. Again we’re hoping it happens this weekend. If practice is any indication on what happens during the game, then we should see some improvements.”
(On facing Pittsburgh this Sunday having played against them numerous times while he was with New England)
“Well they look good still. I played them a lot of times and I know any yards you get offensively against this team, you have to earn it – they don’t give up too many big plays. In the run game, you’ve got to get after them, you’ve got to get on guys, and you’ve got to hope you can make some creases in there. It’s hard work. It doesn’t come easy early, but if you keep after it enough times, you can get them.”
(On if the key when facing Pittsburgh is to be more physical than them)
“Yeah they’re a physical team and you have to play up to it. They make it hard on you. But if you keep going and you do things right, usually you’ll be OK.”
(On if this game will reveal a sense of character or pride for the team)
“Probably. We’re in a tough situation right now; we’re 0-3 and we’re trying to fight our way back. This is step one of it. We need a win this week and that’s what we’re going up there to do: play our best football that we’ve played so far.”
(On if you have to prepare more when facing a team that runs a 3-4 defense)
“A little bit. Atlanta has a 3-4 so we’re just coming off of one, so that’s nice, just to run it into next week. But this is a different 3-4 than we faced last week. It’s your basic 3-4 with three big guys, four athletic linebackers, and they have some different pressures. So it’s a little different.”

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