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14 December 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Monday, December 14, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: With his totals in Sunday’s game, Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston surpassed 3,000 passing yards on the season, becoming the youngest player in NFL history to surpass the 3,000 passing yards mark.
(Opening Statement)
“Yesterday’s game, pretty simple, New Orleans’ played a lot better than we did from start to finish. We had a couple of injuries from the game: Bruce Carter, Vincent Jackson, Logan Mankins and Akeem Spence. They wouldn’t be able to practice today. The rest of the guys would’ve been able to practice on a limited basis. I had to go over the injury list. Back to yesterday’s game, offensively we didn’t turn the ball over. Besides that, never really established the run game. We had some opportunities in the passing game, didn’t capitalize on it. [Defensive] side of the football, zero takeaways, gave up big plays. Defensively we were terrible on third downs. Not much good happened to us yesterday. As far as why it happened, [I] don’t really know. [We] practiced well, thought we were ready to go. Sometimes you think you are and you’re not. Tough loss, it hurt overnight. We’re going to talk to you all and then we’re going to move on. The good part about it is we play quickly this Thursday. If we take care of business this Thursday we can be back in the same situation we were in before.”
(On if the team overlooked New Orleans)
“I think we’re going a little far with that. As far as, you say a lot of guys, I don’t know who those lot of guys would be. Whatever word we use, I think sometimes you can think you’re ready. All you can do is do everything that you think you should do to get ready to play your best game. Sometimes it doesn’t happen. I think it’s a s simple as that. Those are the words I’m using. [I’m] not going to look much deeper into it than that. I just know experience has told me that you can think you are ready to go and it doesn’t work out that way. As I look at us offensively, are we ready? First play – long pass – most of us were. We had a penalty on one guy, so the completion, I’d say we were ready. Defensively, we have a big third down play. We got them in a third-and-long situation, I think we were ready. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen and you move on.”
(On him saying he personally didn’t have a good game)
“That’s a standard answer. As we go forward that’s going to be a standard answer that I think all head coaches should give when your football team didn’t play the way you think they should have. As far as what, a lot of things. You want to go start listing the areas, that’s what it would be. For me, I didn’t do the best job that I should do as a head football coach. That’s enough for me and then I move on.”
(On running back Doug Martin getting lost in the offense)
“I think that just happens. That’s just the answer we’re going to give. First off – how many plays, time of possession – there are a lot of things instead of just Doug didn’t get the ball that many times. When you don’t convert on third downs it can stop drives. I think you have to look at the full context of it all and you end up getting the results we did.”
(On passing the ball three consecutive times after Martin converted a 24-yard run)
“We had opportunities to complete those pass-pass-passes. Yes, you can look at that. It’s so easy to second-guess afterwards, but when you are trying to win – and we completed some passes. That last touchdown that we had was a pass. You can complete passes too and we had good matchups with this defense against the pass. Today, after we lost like we did, yes easy to say.”
(On how a Thursday night game impacts a team’s weekly schedule)
“First off, you know that it’s coming up, so you have to make some plans before. Luckily we have a history. Of course we played them last year. You know it’s coming up, but then you speed everything up. We played yesterday’s game. I’m trying to remember some of the things that happened in that game, but you move on right away. Last night you start game planning days in advance, I’m talking about is what you have to do. We started preparation for them yesterday. Physically though, your body doesn’t tell you you can do that. We’re not going to do an awful lot of physical stuff this week. You can’t. Normally, we have our first practice on Wednesday. The body needs a little bit of time to recover, especially this late in the season. To answer your question you move everything up. We’ll have a more of a walk-through today. We have one practice really which will be tomorrow. Then we’ll play the game. [St. Louis] is going under the same rules we are.”
(On having a short week after losing the previous week and whether that is important)
“No, I don’t think it is a cliché. That’s exactly how you want to do it. It was disappoint yesterday. There’s no other way around it. To answer your question, it was disappointing yesterday. When you are disappointed you want to make it right and get a chance to come back. We’ve had some disappointments this year and what I’ve seen from my football team is we have bounced back. So to be able to play that game a little bit early is a good thing.”
(On losing a game with playoff implications and if it’s a part a team learning how to handle success)
“I think it is a part of our growth as a football team, but the same goals we had are still there. Nothing has been decided, so we are still talking about the same thing. We have three games left to go and the team that’s ahead of us has eight wins. You don’t get into the playoffs with eight wins. Everything that we said before we started yesterday’s game, we’re talking about the same things. In order for those things to happen though, we have to play our best football so it all goes hand-in-hand.”
(On the defense not having a takeaway in the last three games and what offenses are doing to prevent them)
“Protecting the football better. It’s as simple as that. We don’t rely on turnovers, so they’re protecting a lot better. The emphasis on how important it is hasn’t gotten through yet., As we build our program, this is what we would like to do and this is how eventually I think you have to win, but we’re not there yet. Our record says we’re not there. We’re making progress toward it, but we’re not there. On days like yesterday – you see what happened – no turnovers offensively, correct? You have to take the ball away. It’s as simple as that and we didn’t. It would have helped an awful lot in only a seven-point game.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston performance against New Orleans)
“It’s very seldom after we review the tape that we have not liked what Jameis Winston has done. The same thing yesterday. There were a couple balls that were a little off. There were a few reasons why – at least on one of them – why it happened. Jameis made good plays right up until the last pass he threw to have a chance to get us back in it. Again, I like something I’ve seen from him. He’s still growing, too. It’s fun to watch a player like that compete each week.”
(On if he plans to talk to wide receiver Mike Evans about complaining about being held)
“No we’re not going to talk to Mike about those kind of things. We talk to all the players about things they shouldn’t do, but I’m going to concentrate on more of the good things Mike does. Seems like it’s always brought up. In a game like yesterday we were all pretty frustrated. I did some things I don’t normally do. Mike realizes he has to concentrate more on doing that. But as a receiver, tell me a receiver that doesn’t complain when he gets held. Very few. No, we’re not going to concentrate on that an awful lot. A lot of us need to play better and compete hard, but I’m pleased with what Mike Evans is doing as far as that is concerned.”
(On New Orleans’ quarterback Drew Brees taking advantage of the defense)
“In passing situations – true pass, long-yardage situation – we have a coverage named after us; Tampa-2. It’s kind of built to take care of situations like that. We’ve seen all that before. We have to be able to play it better. We didn’t execute yesterday. We had a lot of third downs yesterday that we didn’t convert. We should be okay in a situation like that. We weren’t. Normally if you’re not, you can’t make plays like that. I don’t know if it’s not being ready or whatever, but I know it’s something that we have to do in order for us to take that next step.”
(On if he likes the idea of a Thursday night game)
“You asked me after yesterday’s game. I love it [in this case]. I’m not totally against it. It’s a part of it. You know early on that you are going to have to play a Thursday night game. Everybody does. In an ideal world Thursday night game you would rather play at home, not traveling an awful lot, but that’s how it goes. For us, we like playing this Thursday night game. We’re excited about the new uniforms and all of that. Again, we need to play quickly and Thursday night allows us to do that.”
(On if Thursday night games are more of a challenge for a coaching staff)
“It is, but, again, you know about. You know it’s coming up. This isn’t the first one. I like playing on holidays, I like playing on Thursday nights, Monday nights. Besides a Sunday night, I like playing on all those other nights. It’s no big deal, no issue with me and for us at all.”
(On if the loss against New Orleans can carry over to the game against St. Louis)
“[I’m] always gauging the mood. It’s not a bad thing to be upset about yesterday. If you can find somebody that wasn’t upset then we have a problem. I have no issue with that. [I have] no issue with what happened on our sideline or with how everyone reacted to that performance yesterday. That was disappointment and sometimes with disappointment the emotions come out a little bit. [I have] no issue with it at all. I really like it.”
(On if it’s good for a young team to gain the experience of playing a primetime game)
“Yes, because as we go to that next stage, which we will eventually get to, we’re going to have a lot of these primetime games. It is a big thing. We’ve been there two years, right? How many times have we been in primetime? One of them. One other. Yeah, this is a part of it. This is a big deal to us. We have an opportunity where we are the only team that is playing at the time and we want to show people we’ve improved. We’re not the same old Bucs or any of that. We’ve improved an awful lot and now we get an opportunity to show you.”

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