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23 November 2015

Buccaneers Quotes: Monday, November 23, 2015

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: On the opening drive of the third quarter, Tampa Bay drove 80 yards in 15 plays, culminating in an eight-yard touchdown pass from QB Jameis Winston to TE Cameron Brate. The drive took up 9:47 of game time, the team’s longest touchdown drive since 1994 (9/18/94 vs. New Orleans, 10:59).
(Opening Statement)
“Not much has changed since the last time we talked. We’re still excited about the win. [It’s] a big win for us. [We] did a lot of good things. Whenever you can rush the ball – I think 42 times – offensively, that’s saying some good things are happening for you on that day. Doug Martin was outstanding. Like we said yesterday, the offensive line did a great job. Jameis Winston, again, an outstanding job by him distributing the ball around. [It was] good to get Vincent Jackson back, Mike Evans showed up, all offensive guys did. Not just the offensive guys, defensively the same thing. [It was a] total team effort yesterday, taking the ball away the way we did. A lot has been said about Lavonte David. Whenever you see a linebacker getting two interceptions, one for a touchdown it’s a good day also. Things went our way yesterday. I feel like we beat a good football team that’s right in the mix for their division crown. Injury-wise, Keith Tandy went down with a concussion yesterday so he’s in the concussion protocol. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more of our players back – Ali Marpet, George Johnson, Austin Seferian-Jenkins – some of those guys. Hopefully they will get a little bit closer to returning. It’s good to get to 5-5, win two games in a row. That games seems like it was three days ago now. Of course it’s on to Indianapolis for us.”
(On his appreciation for record-setting performances like quarterback Jameis Winston passing for five touchdowns and running back Doug Martin rushing for 235 yards)
“I don’t know a whole lot about all the records, but you have to acknowledge those. I’ve been hitting Doug an awful lot. Doug Martin has been playing well throughout. I’ve been telling Doug, I say, ‘There’s been a whole lot of running backs that have rushed for 100 yards, but very few rush for over 200, and to have it in that fashion where you are breaking tackles.’ Good job by our offensive line, but to have it in that fashion is saying quite a bit. For a quarterback in general to have that type of day, you talk about the five touchdown passes, but no turnovers, just good decisions throughout. Yes, we are acknowledging what a big day that was.”
(On the defense allowing less than 18 points per game over the last four games)
“In order for us to win defensively, yes, we need to keep the points down. Our goals defensively: our number one goal defensively is to score, we did that yesterday. To take the ball away. We’re taking the ball away. Those are the things that are leading us defensively. I think we’ve gont 17 straight games or something like that with a takeaway. Those are the things that we stress quite a bit. Of course, scoring is a big part of that.”
(On if he expected to have this sort of game were all the individual progressions of the team have come together)
“I’ve seen us getting better each week and I have acknowledged that. A lot of you didn’t want to hear that, [you] just wanted to see the score like all of us. [You] wanted to see the results at the end, but you don’t see a game like that against a good football team. Again, it’s hard winning each week in the league and to be able to beat someone in that way. It takes a good football team to get up on someone 24-0 – have a 24 point lead, to see our football team learn how to finish a game that way. We didn’t see that type of game, but at the same time you see those improvements showing up on Sunday and that’s what happened yesterday.”
(On the offense’s 9:47 drive in the third quarter)
“Progress just in general. If you just talk about an offensive drive in an NFL game it doesn’t get any better than that. To have that many plays, yes to fight through adversity, to have to convert on quite a few third down, we had penalties on that drive – quite a few – to overcome that it did so much for our team to come out with the ball and get a long drive like that. When you play a fast-break offense like they have, you can get a little gassed at times. The way you can offset that a little bit is to have a long drive on the offensive side. That will be a drive that we will be talking about for a long time.”
(On if he has ever seen a rookie quarterback improve as quickly as Winston)
“I haven’t been around a lot of rookie quarterbacks, but have been around a few that have done a good job. Jameis is exceptional though. Nothing is really surprising me that he’s doing. I think you guys have pretty much gotten the same message every time I’ve talked about Jameis. We see him in more and more situations and it seems like each week he shows us something we haven’t seen. I think it’s going to be that way. [He] is just a good football player. When you are a football junkie like that and you just are constantly working on making adjustments, acknowledging what has happened, what you need to do better, you see results like that.”
(On if he regrets not picking up Martin’s fifth-year option and if keeping him is a priority)
“Is Doug Martin a priority? I can say that, yes, he definitely is. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all to go in to the fifth year. I think it has benefited Doug as much as anything. He’s in a great position now. I don’t think Doug came into the season thinking he wasn’t wanted around here. It’s the complete opposite of that and we have acknowledged everything he’s done along the way and we put him in a position to have the type of year that he is having right now. I think it’s all good. If I’m Doug Martin, I’m pretty happy I didn’t sign a contract before and like the position I’m in right now.”
(On if the team has received an official notification regarding the suspension of linebacker Kwon Alexander)
“No, we have not [received an official notification], so that’s why I’m not going to talk on anything until we get official notification, if we get official notification from the league.”
(On if the safeties have improved as much as the corners have)
“Yes, as I talk about the defense we’ve been getting better each week. The safeties are a part of that. When you make a change you kind of highlight it a little bit more with our corners, but yes, they’ve been getting better. Bradley McDougald is a good football player, Chris Conte, both our safeties have done good things throughout the year. The standard that we have for them, we still don’t feel like we’ve peaked back there or as a defense yet, but we’re getting better. As long as a coach you can talk each week about improvements that you see and that you think you can make, I think it’s a good thing.”
(On the offensive line’s performance this season)
“[It would be] bad on my part if I haven’t mentioned the offensive line enough because we should. The coaches have done a great job – Butch Barry and George Warhop both have. For our players we have had injuries across the board. We’ve had different guys step in and it seems like we are getting the same types of results. They’ve done a great job with pass protection, done a great job opening up holes. I think as an offensive line too, when you have a running back having the type of year Doug [is having], you like blocking of him. You definitely feel you are a part of what he’s doing. You can pretty much say that just about every week we have been pretty pleased with our offensive line play.”
(On Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter’s comments that he knew back in training camp that martin and the offensive line would come together and be successful
“You don’t know how quick things [will improve]. You want things to come along quicker always. I think it’s good to get an outside person coming in. Of course Dirk wasn’t here with us last year. To come in new and a guy that’s been somewhere a lot of times we assume it’s a lot better other places and you get someone with new ideas and an open mind to look at the players. He has liked all of our guys. I’m talking Doug Martin and our offensive linemen too. Little things like Dirk knowing Joe Hawley and giving us inside information on bringing him into the mix – [Gosder] Cherilus coming. A lot of those guys have come in and done their job.”
(On tight end Cameron Brate)
“Again we are talking about a lot of guys, but rightfully so. Cameron Brate too, again another undrafted guy, showed up, we kind of liked some of the things that he did. Earlier this year he was with New Orleans for a while, but we always saw him as one of our guys. We were able to bring him back and when you have injuries – with Austin [Seferian-Jenkins] going down other guys get an opportunity and he’s made the most of it. He’s not your typical in-line, Y, third-and-short blocking tight end, but we can split him out and he’s tough duty in the passing game.”
(On if he is discussing the playoffs with his team)
“We won two games in a row and we are 5-5. It’s kind of the same message each week. The message is we are in the playoff race, we have been. Our message is about that next opponent. All those other things will take care of themselves. We talked an awful lot about getting to 5-5. Now we have chance to get over .500, win three games in a row. That’s what we’re going to talk about. As much as anything, individual improvement – we didn’t play a perfect game. As you start watching the video, there are so many things to clean up. We’ll start that process again Wednesday.”
(On running back Doug Martin’s running style)
“I think he is a complete running back. I think you start with that. Yeah, his rushing yards say that, but you just look at how he has gotten them. Yes, he can get the third-and-short. He has enough power to get that. What I’ve been impressed with as much as anything that maybe he didn’t show as much last year is making guys miss in the open field. And not necessarily in the open field, sometimes there have been small holes, he knows how to get himself small to get through it. You talk about great running back, what do they have? Vision, instincts to know when to make a move. That’s what he’s been doing. We’ve seen him catch the ball, we’ve seen him run over guys and make people miss. I think he’s kind of showed us everything a great running back should show people on a weekly basis.”
(On Indianapolis’ offense and quarterback Matt Hasselback)
“Thanks for that information on backup quarterbacks that we are feasting on. We’re just kind of playing the quarterback that’s next on our list each week. Hasselback, he’s a backup that has about 10 more years of experience than Jameis Winston, so we have our work cut out for [us]. I’ve played against him as a coordinator for St. Louis, head coach in Chicago. He has a lot of good football under his belt. [We’re] not really looking at him as a backup if he is that. Whoever they have at the positon, we get ready for the quarterback position on the next opponent’s team.”
(On what he does to celebrate a victory)
“What do I do to celebrate a victory? Normally go home after the game, watch the video before I go to bed, get ready for the next opponent. Celebration for me starts right after a little bit. Celebrating still right now. We enjoy the win until about my radio show tonight then it’s on to Indianapolis. I’m pretty boring. Most of you know me. I’m not the fun coach or anything like that, but believe I’m pretty excited about where we are as a football team right now.”  

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