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06 October 2014

Buccaneers Quotes: Monday, October 6, 2014

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: At New Orleans (10/5), LB Danny Lansanah recorded his second interception return for a touchdown on the season, becoming one of only four linebackers in team history with multiple INT TDs in the same season and one of only 10 players overall in franchise history.
Below is the transcript of Head Coach Lovie Smith’s earlier media availability:
(Opening statement)
“Any time you lose, you’re pretty disappointed, which we are. We had opportunities throughout the game. We dug ourselves into a hole and dug ourselves out of it. We felt pretty good about how we matched up against them and to be able to lose it at the end – some of the things that we’re doing though have to be corrected, a lot of things, but penalties just something that hasn’t been a big part of who we are, but it has become a trend and we need to stop it. I think we had 10 in the second half and were critical penalties that kept drives going for them and stopped drives for us. These are some things that we have to clean up. I’m talking about some of the negative things though, but as football team we’re getting better if that makes sense. It seems like each week we go out we’re putting out a better product on the football field. We’re disappointed we had an 11-point lead, but you have to be a pretty good team to get an 11-point lead on the road like that, which we are. We will tighten up these things that I’ve talked about to a man and eventually we’ll start winning football games consistently. One good thing about three of our losses is that we get an opportunity to play them again and hopefully we’ll play better next time. Injury-wise, we had a couple of bumps and bruises, nothing major and we should get players back hopefully this week.”
(On if he has seen enough out of quarterback Mike Glennon to announce him as the starter for the rest of the season)
“I don’t know why we need to go there right now. This is what I’ll say about Mike, Mike has played two great games and odds are Mike will start for us this week and again he’s had two opportunities to play and he’s played well. I love that I can talk about Mike the rest of the time. I’ve been excited about everything he has done, but we go from day-to-day. Right now we need to get our football team better. The quarterback position isn’t really one that I’m concerned about though.”
(On what needs to be fixed on the defensive side of the ball)
“Well I’m disappointed with what’s going on with it. We have some players out, we missed some of those guys, but we had an 11-point lead and we lose it, on the road, at home, it didn’t really matter. You have an 11-point lead in the fourth quarter and you lose it, it’s not a good thing period and I think to a man we all realize that and we’ll keep working to get it corrected.”
(On if the defense was fatigued by the end of the game)
“I think fatigue is a part of everybody who is playing when you play that many plays, but you could’ve done something about that, you convert on third downs. We did some good things. I’ve talked to our team about turnover ratio forever and you normally win. I think we were plus two and we lost, but then you look a little bit deeper – third downs, go back to some of those penalties on third downs, in critical situations where we were getting off the football field. You still have to win that turnover situation along with some other smart play, which we didn’t make always.”
(On if he was shocked with how many penalties there were)
“Surprised? Yes, I was surprised, I talked about that earlier, disappointed in some of those. The celebrations, we can take care of that. I’m not going to kick them out of the family for celebrating though. We’ll tell them not to do it next time they score, and I think I can handle that part. Some of the penalties were – they happened, it happens and some of the others though are things that we can’t do. Some of the ticky-tack holding calls that we got and normally one team doesn’t get penalized 15 times and the other team six though. There was a lot of stuff going on.”
(On how he would grade the team’s performance defending plays in the backfield against New Orleans)
“Yeah, they had some toss plays, they had some screen plays. Most of those you look at, we didn’t tackle well. We had guys there for the most part right up until the last drive. [We] had opportunities to make tackles. That’s what I was as disappointed as anything in. We had too many missed tackles. Some of the basic fundamentals that happened – whether it’s a screen, going lateral, straight up the field – it’s all the same thing. Eventually, an offensive player is going to meet a defensive guy and you’ve got to make a play on it.”
(On if it is normal for a team to show inconsistencies in some areas through five games)
“I think when you’re 1-4, yes. It is. That’s normally what happens. But again, looking at the big picture: we had an 11-point lead. So we’re doing something. You’re bringing up all of the negative – and I am too, believe me, I’m beating them up on that. Glass being half-full, we did a lot of good things there also. Some things that we feel like are correctable [and] we can take care of. I feel like we are putting a better product on the field each week. We’re excited. We had a tough three-game road stretch there. Excited about coming home, playing in front of our home fans too. For our fans, we’ll have a better football team on the field this week when we come back home.”
(On the positive takeaways from Sunday’s loss at New Orleans)
“We had an 11-point lead in the fourth quarter against a good opponent. Starting off with that. Everybody contributed to that. How about Patrick Murray? Wanted to see our field goal kicker. Does he have a leg? How far can he kick it? He’s been pretty good. Special teams have been OK. Would like to get a little bit more from our return game. Offensive side of the football, how about Vincent Jackson? ‘A’ grade by Vincent. We haven’t had a lot of ‘A’ performances, but Vincent Jackson did everything you would want a captain, a top-money player, to do play after play. How about Louis Murphy too? Two games in a row. That’s stepping up big answering the bell. You guys, of course, have asked a lot about Mike Glennon’s play. We’d like to get a little bit better production from our running game. And on the defensive side of the football, we scored again. Danny Lansanah. I mean, how many linebackers in the league have scored two touchdowns? Three takeaways. So there’s a few things.”
(On why the running game has not been successful so far)
“Not able to run the football.”
(On why the team has been getting careless penalties)
“1-4 team. Normally, things like that, put you in that 1-4 category. These are things that I’d say we can correct. But they’re happening right now. That shouldn’t be so hard to get on the line and get lined up. [We’ve] not had some of the communication problems we’ve had, but again, we’re not there yet. We’re a – I’m not going to say a young program – we’re a program that hasn’t figured all those things out. But eventually we will.”
(On how wide receiver Robert Herron has progressed through the season and if they will rely on him to step in for injured wide receiver Mike Evans)
“Well we for sure will have to depend on him with, as you mentioned, some of the issues at the wide receiver position. It’s always good to get your first touchdown. And for him, the week before, he wasn’t active. So to get out and to be able to contribute like that is big. He’ll tell you that he had an opportunity to make another play, and next time he’ll do that. But again, it’s a process. He has good juice, good speed, quickness and should be a weapon. We’re excited about trying to find ways to get him the ball more too.”
(On if he had seen a replay of New Orleans wide receiver Marques Colston’s fourth quarter dropped pass that was not reviewed to determine if it was a fumble)
“A few times, yes.”
(On if he thought Colston fumbled the ball on that play)
“You know, I eventually get around to sending in complaints from the game. Normally, you get a ‘yes, you’re right’ or a ‘no.’ That’s kind of low on my list of things. I’ve seen that play. I think it was a fumble, like I thought it when I saw it then. But you know, each game, I disagree with some of the things. No, not some; quite a few of the calls that can go either way. And that was one of them that could’ve gone either way.”

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