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08 October 2014

Buccaneers Quotes: Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Since entering the league in 2012, LB Lavonte David has the third-most tackles (335), the second-most run stuffs (33.5) and the second-most tackles for loss (51). He is also the only player to record at least 9.0 sacks and 6.0 interceptions during that time.
Below is a brief selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Lovie Smith
Quarterbacks Coach Marcus Arroyo
Quarterback Mike Glennon
Linebacker Lavonte David
Center Evan Dietrich-Smith
Linebacker Danny Lansanah
(Opening statement)
“Johnthan Banks had some soreness with his neck from the game, and Jonathan Casillas hurt his hamstring a little bit. So both of those guys weren’t able to go. I think those are the only two new guys. Dashon Goldson – yeah also Vincent Jackson. Vincent Jackson too. Vincent Jackson has a rib injury; he was out today. Josh McCown is getting better. So we have a few players out right now, which isn’t a good thing. But you’ve just got to make due. This time of year, you start getting a little more bumps and bruises. When you play that many plays in a game, you normally have some after effects from it. But beyond that, Larry English; Mike Evans was able to practice on a limited basis today, so some guys going out and, of course, getting some guys back, as well as Mason Foster coming back. Mason was able to do a little bit last week and was able to do a lot more today. Beyond that, [we have a] bad taste in our mouth, can’t wait to play another game. We’ve been in this situation too many times where we’ve had an opportunity to win a game but we haven’t been able to close it out. Just keep working is what you do, which we’re doing. We’re trying to correct some of the mistakes and hopefully next time around we’ll get a chance to finish it out.”
(On how he thinks running back Doug Martin has played)
“I think like our football team has played. I’m not going to say – I mean we’re 1-4 right now. Doug was part of that, [and] he’ll tell you he can play better. But again, like we all can – we’re not 4-1 right now. I’d give you the same answer with just about everybody you would ask me. But Doug’s a part of that. But it’s just not a running back; [there is] a lot of things that go into play for a running back to get yards. Just how we’re playing up front, how our passing game is working at the time, so there’s a lot of things that goes into that.”
(On if he is still committed to Martin as the bell cow running back)
“I haven’t given you any lineup changes have I? So unless I do, we’re staying the course, alright? Doug has done some good things. When you’re the starting tailback, you know what goes along with that. We would like for Doug to get 200 yards every game, but we’re not there yet. But in time, he’ll break out.”
(On if the job at right guard is up for grabs right now and how he feels about guard Patrick Omameh)
“He’s the starter, so we feel real good about him or we wouldn’t have him there. [Garrett] Gilkey is our swing guy, so you could see him at center or guard. I don’t know what else to tell you besides that. We like both of the players.”
(On the performance of quarterback Mike Glennon)
“For me, I’ve seen Mike play two games and he’s made all of the throws in both of the games. Deep, short, comebacks, the passing tree – he’s thrown. He’s had to scramble out of the pocket. A knock against Mike is that he’s not supposed to be mobile. But the touch pass in the [New Orleans] game, of course, not many people can throw that. So there’s not a whole lot of negative comments I can give you on Mike’s play right now. He’s done a super job with just about everything we’ve asked him to do.”
(On the performance of linebacker Danny Lansanah and how he was able to earn a starting spot)
“You give a player some plays, a limited amount of plays, and if you do good things, you give him more. And Danny has played all three linebacker positions from time to time from the time we started our offseason program. He did enough to move into the starting lineup at the SAM position. And then from there, when you continue to make plays, we say, ‘Hey, when there’s two linebackers out on the football field, his play has warranted being out there then,’ and he continues to make big plays for us. So it’s pretty simple: if you get an opportunity for some plays and you do good things, you’re going to get more. It’s like that for every position. Danny has been solid on the run and, of course, he’s proven that he can intercept the ball. Us getting takeaways has really helped too these last few games; that has to be a part of our eventual winning formula.”
(On what might have held Lansanah back before this year)
“I have no idea. I was talking with Danny last week and he was just kind of going over the different stops [in his career]. He’s had a couple of different ZIP codes. Don’t know the reason for it. But eventually though, if you stay with it and you’re a good football player, eventually you’ll find a home, and that’s what he’s done. Again, even here, he’s played all three positions. He’s worked himself up to full time player right now. Again, I don’t know why. But he’s a good football player. How many players in the league have scored two defensive touchdowns? That’s hard to do. So hopefully he’ll continue.”
(On tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and if he thinks he is experiencing the ups and downs of a typical rookie season)
“Probably so. He dropped a ball last week; big throw. But I am pleased with his play. A rookie going in – his overall play. You’d like to have some plays back. He had a holding penalty, or a hands to the face. But that’s just kind of football. Guy shows up every day, nobody practices harder. For some players, it’s hard for them to know the difference between pain and injury. He knew the difference between them and played with pain. He continues to get better, so he’s going to help us win a lot of games around here.”
(On the addition of wide receiver Eric Page to the practice squad and if he will compete with wide receiver Solomon Patton as the return man)
“We brought back Eric. We brought him back on our practice squad. Solomon is our returner. [The signing of Page] has nothing to do with [taking Patton’s job as the returner]. He’s on the practice squad and Solomon is our returner. We had a spot [open] and we had a couple of our receivers down and we needed a practice squad receiver and that’s why we brought Eric back. To come back, you had to have done something good that we liked a little bit. I know Eric has been a returner in the past, but we’re going down that same street.”
(On the performance of safety Mark Barron against New Orleans)
“Mark played OK. Again, we, defensively, it’s hard for me to say anybody played that well. Mark is doing some good things. We’re not there yet, like our football team.”
(On why defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier made the switch from calling plays on the field to up in the booth)
“Different perspective. Sometimes, when things aren’t going exactly how you want them to, you change it up. You change the lineup or you change the look that you’re getting during the course of the game. That’s what it was. As a general rule, I think there’s something to be said about some guys being up in the booth, get away from it all. Now with this, it was a little different since we’re – that communication part is pretty important. But Leslie has been up there the last couple of weeks and we think it’s working pretty good.”
(On how important it is going forward that the offense gets more snaps and the defense faces less snaps)
“A little bit. We have to take care of that. Where you take care of it is – offensively, third down conversions; you get more plays that way. And defensively, of course, for us to not let the offense convert as much as possible, and taking the ball away. All of those things will lead to us getting more snaps. But eventually, that will come. But that kind of goes along with our overall play right now. But those categories would really help an awful lot – us playing better in [those categories].
(On how to improve the running game)
“Running game? Keeping drives going. If you could – first-and-ten, first-and-ten on down with the running game, that’s fine. But just keep the drives going. Normally, [when] you talk about drives continuing, it’s about what you do on third downs; protecting the ball and what you do on third downs. We need to be a little bit better at that.”
(On how the switch to linebacker Lavonte David calling plays is working out and if he will continue to call plays)
“Possibly. We’re 1-4; we’re looking at a lot of different combinations. I’ll probably tell you about it afterwards, not before.”
(On the status of linebacker Mason Foster’s injured shoulder and the other injured players)
“Mason Foster was a full participant today. And with his shoulder, yes, in order to do that, we felt pretty good about that. Some of the limited guys, Larry and Mike Evans, were able to do most of the work today out there. And the other players we talked about: Josh, Vincent, Dashon, Johnthan Banks and Jonathan Casillas, all of those guys were held out. But back to your Mason Foster [question], yes, he was able to do everything today. And of course that’s always a good sign whenever you can get your Mike linebacker out there. You miss your Mike linebacker; it’s like a quarterback. You miss your quarterback. A guy that defensive players have been hearing; Mason knows the defense. Communication has been a problem for us a little bit.”
(On quarterback Mike Glennon)
“He’s done a great job the last two weeks, done a really good job. Two opportunities, he’s played well. Got some things he’d obviously like to improve on, like all of us. Excited about another opportunity for him to go out and work this week, get more chemistry with guys and continue growing. He’s had two hostile environments that I think he’s done a good job with. Obviously, as an ultra-competitor, there’s always things we want back – everyone at this level [feels like that]. So we’ve got to make sure we’re not just so focused on those things as an ultra-competitor that we lose sight of the really good things that he’s done and that we’ve done as a group. So that’s exciting, to go another week and continue growing with that again. It starts with today, having another good day. One day at a time.”
(On why guard Garrett Gilkey replaced guard Patrick Omameh during parts of last Sunday’s game against New Orleans)
“I think it’s just trying to get guys into spots to get them going [and] compete at that position and continue to find which guys and chemistry work at each position, whether it’s right guard or it’s wideout or running back. He’s done a really good job. Both him and Pat.”
(On the team’s costly penalties against New Orleans)
“Those things stick out. Two weeks ago, I said the same thing in here. I said we’re lucky that we got out of there with the missed executions and things and got a win in Pittsburgh, and then this week bit us. It’s a learning part, it’s a big part of our keys to victory, and that’s not beating ourselves. I said that last week, ‘It’s Bucs beating the Bucs.’ On offense, we had too many penalties; we had nine penalties, five of them were mental and four were physical. Those things can’t happen. You end up losing over a hundred yards of offense, and a lot of the one drive that probably would’ve ended up moving the ball if we were continuing doing what we were doing, one drive would’ve ended up being a touchdown instead of a field goal, which is four points; the last [drive at] the end of the game there, we were moving the ball, we were bringing it back after a first down, we need 15 [yards] to get into field goal range potentially. Those things add up and they’ll bite you and they bit us – they bit us hard. Because it’s really disappointing that at that stage you always see them two days removed without a lot of the football already in my brain. But those things get you and you can’t beat yourself; those things will do it, especially when you give a quarterback like that and a team like that and coaches like that an opportunity to come back at their place, that was a tough one for us. But we’ve got to learn from that, we’ve got to get better. Those things can’t happen. We’ve got to find a way to fix those things and it starts with us upstairs and it starts with our guys finding out what exactly can be done and continuing to create hostile environments, because that happens on the road. You’re not going to be able to hear backed up on the five yard line – you’re just not going to be able to hear. What can we do? What can I do? What can we do? Put ourselves in position.”
(On if wide receiver Vincent Jackson has performed well in the last two games because both opponents were committed to stopping the run or because of the team’s offensive gameplan)
“I think probably a combination of both. I think it goes back all the way – I think a few weeks ago, he was asked about why those guys aren’t getting the ball [and] now they’re getting the ball and it’s magic. It’s not really that. It’s more finding ways to put guys into position to do it, teams that are presenting those opportunities to us, and us really forcing the issue. That’s our guy – we believe in those guys outside. I don’t regret any call going to Vincent Jackson, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. Because right now, we believe in him, he does things we want him to do, he’s a playmaker – along with the other guys; [I’m] just speaking specifically to your [question] – and Vincent. But he’s done some really good things and I think we’ll just continue to find ways of finding what kind of football team we are and what we can do, and he’s done a great job. He had a big game and we’ll continue to hopefully find ways to do that.”
(On running back Doug Martin)
“I like things with Doug. Doug’s creating some runs and doing some things hard. Our run game has got to improve, obviously, overall. We believe as a staff that starts with us. And I think wholeheartedly those things need to continue. We need to find out what it is exactly, get us back on track in the run game, and it’s going to be some finer points detailing those things, execution-wise. At the end of the day, it’s just about executing scheme – beating the guy in front of you. One guy doing his job and then another 10 following suit. That’s why this game is so hard: it’s 11 guys doing the same thing against another 11 or potentially 12 – 11 and 10, you know? The back maybe hasn’t missed one guy. Doug’s done a good job; one guy has had a miss too. But we need to continue to find ways to run the ball and we’re all in that, all in together because it’s got to come up.”
(On what he likes about Martin)
“I like how hard he works, I like how hard he runs, I like [that] he’s trying to find ways to get it done. He has zero flinch. He’s a team guy. I like those things.”
(On if running back Bobby Rainey will continue to get carries)
“I have no problem giving Bobby the ball as well.”
(On where the offense is compared to where he would like it to be)
“We’ve kind of probably put it in the best position we can to be successful, and I think it all depends on what is in the gameplan that we feel is going to be the most effective. There might be other times where – there’s instances in all the games in the past prior to last week. Last week was where we slowed it down a little bit and played no huddle and did some good things. The week prior to that, we did some more tempo in the second half. Week before that, we tempoed St. Louis a little bit. That really comes as it presents itself. You’d like to have a little more of it because we have the capability of doing it – and what I mean by ‘you’d like to,’ is because it’s hard. It’s hard for a defense. You get some guys that – for all the reasons that we know some of the tempo is – it can be a disadvantage if you’re not being effective as well – I know that and I’ve done that long enough with tempo to know. It’s got to be efficient to be able to do it. So that’s still going to present itself. If it does, we’ll continue to do so. And hopefully, if it becomes an advantageous situation, we can get on it and do what we think can score a touchdown on one of the spontaneous plays.”
(On how much has changed since the St. Louis game and much better prepared he feels for Sunday’s game against Baltimore)
“I’d be hard pressed to say I don’t feel – after two games of coaching your guys, whether you’re doing what I’m doing or whatever Coach [George] Warhop is doing or whatever Hardy [Nickerson] is doing – after two games, you get a better feel for what you’re doing with your guys and what you can do as your unit. I feel more comfortable, I think our guys feel more comfortable, I think they’re still a little bit – there’s that edge I talked about with the ultra-competitor – you always feel like you can do better and those little things. Moving forward, I think we’ve – since then, since your example of St. Louis, I think since then we’ve found things that have gotten better with our football and I think we’re trying to build on those things.”
(On if he has go-to plays for situations when the offense is backed up near the end zone)
“Everybody’s got their backed up plays, and all those plays a lot of times are pretty established. You’ve got a handful of plays because you’re not down there on average very often. Everyone’s got a double go, everyone’s got some sort of lead, everyone’s got some sort of outside zone, usually some sort of hard count because if you take the delay or if you get a penalty, you don’t really lose anything. The biggest component of it on the road is the stands are right there. You’ve got to be on the same page or you’re going to get a false start, you’re going to get where you can’t hear in the huddle, and we’ve got to present that because that’s something that can happen. Obviously, it didn’t happen until we had a penalty after a good run to start that series actually. We had a penalty on the first run and then we come back and we’re now in that situation. So you’d like to not be in it, you work on it every week, those few plays you get that every team – every team that I’ve been on – has. Unfortunately, it resulted in a safety for us.”
(On how you are able to account for protection schemes when backed up near the end zone and the crowd)
“The crowd itself doesn’t actually have to do with the schematics of the protection. That’s just one of those things that happens. I don’t regret putting any of our guys – whether I’m throwing the ball deep to Vincent or putting our O-line into protection for our quarterback back there to throw the ball. I don’t regret putting those guys in that situation. I believe in them wholeheartedly. It’s unfortunate that happened at that time, and you’d like for it to not happen. If I can take the situation and not have it happen again, obviously we’re going to do that. That’s not what you do. But I don’t regret trying to put the ball up to Vincent Jackson in that situation – not one second. Or putting our offensive line in position to block or Mike in position to throw it. Not one second.”
(On the performance of the offensive line)
“I think overall, we all need to find ways to execute better, and I think in their room, in their group, they’re doing the same thing. How can we execute better? They’re doing a great job in protection. I mean obviously in the last two games, we only gave up two sacks or so. We’re doing a really good job in protection. You’ve got a new group with new protections and new guys and a new quarterback. Getting that done – the last two teams that we’ve seen, [being successful] with protection is a pretty big deal. Those guys, they’ve got some [schemes] that are tough to do and they’ve done a great job. Now we need to make sure that we’re executing on all the phases, whether it’s a screen, whether it’s in the runs. And I think the finer specifics of right now, our emphasis is trying to find ways to run the ball a little better and then continue building on great protection. That’s the biggest part of what we do: protection for the quarterbacks and the pass game is key. We’ll continue to get better at that and I know, as a defense because the defense looks at that protection, that’s tough. That’s not something guys who are trying to play in blitzes and picking stuff up want to see as you pick it up and you hit it.”
(On why the team has had problems establishing the run game)
“It could be one guy, it could be two guys, it could be the quarterback – I mean all 11 guys in the run game are important. A wide receiver blocking a safety on a force play is a vital play. That guy makes a play if you don’t block him. A tight end with a tackle working on their double team, whether a quarterback in the mesh – all those things need to be executed at a high level and it’s something that we’re trying to obviously continue to get better at and really focusing on because that’s going to be what we want to do. That’s going to be the keys to victory for us. I’m optimistic we’re going to find a way. I think they’re doing a great job as far as putting themselves forward.”
(On if he has sensed any level of frustration from Martin about the run game)
“No. Zero. Zero frustration.”
(On if it was by design that most of the runs against New Orleans were between the tackles)
“I think each gameplan has what you’d call your emphasis, and if your emphasis is – not to say last week was, but I’ll give you an example – some emphasis, you have direct runs, you’re working between the tackles because the defense is allowing you to do that. Other teams will allow you to get outside on the perimeter and your emphasis might be more of a wide zone or more of a multiple outside zone type of scheme.”
(On the couple of drops made by tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins against New Orleans and if they can be attributed to rookie nerves)
“Yeah I mean the drops are something we need to get fixed up with everyone – we know that, as a group. And all those guys, we trust in throwing them the ball, we continued to throw them the ball, and we’ll do that no matter who it is. It’s one of those things, again, it beat us. We’re just trying not to beat us. Whether it’s something early in the NFL – first time doing it, I guess. Especially in a hostile environment first time, big game, you’re going to pressure catch, whether you’re going down to win the game and it’s a big ball down the pipe for a third-and-fourteen and you’re post-t-to-post and you’re going to land on the three yard line, you’re route was wrong – he’s going to make that catch. We’re going to come back and throw a touchdown to you right in the end zone and you’re going to score. Again, my hesitation after that stuff is zero because I believe our guys understand [and] they take it personal. They do take it personal, obviously, because it hurts our team. But we won’t stop working on it or putting those guys in position to make the plays because they’re who we got and we believe in them. We really go.”
(On how the tight ends are performing as a group)
“I like what the tight ends are doing. Coach [Jon] Embree is doing a great job with the tight ends and getting those guys lined up where we need to. We’re playing a lot in our two tight end sets. We’re playing a lot with Austin, playing a lot with the rest of the tight ends as well. It’s just one of those things where those guys are being multiple – we’re asking them to do a lot too. We’ve got one fullback in Jorvorskie [Lane] and he’s doing a great job too. You just can’t go the whole game with that group. You’ve got to mix it up and we’re being pretty multiple in that set and we’ve got to find the things that they do well. I’m happy with – and I think we all are – with what the tight ends are doing. And like the rest of the group, we’re all finding finer points that we can really, really hone in on to make Sunday successful.”
(On Baltimore’s defense and what the team needs to do to penetrate their red zone defense)
“Baltimore: very good. Very good, solid defense. They’re going to make you do things right. You’ve got to be able to find the seams in the run game, you’ve got to be able to block the back end because they’ll come up in run support, they’re going to fill the box up. Good run defense. On the back end, they’ve got good DBs. Jimmy Smith is a big corner, he’s going to lock you down. You’ve got to find ways to create a matchup or create a seam in this defense and you have to press it because they’re not going to be very big. They’re going to be a little hole and you’ve just got to keep staying on it. So we’ve got our hands full. They’re a good team obviously. Nothing we don’t know. And in the red zone, as we move forward this week, we’ll get a little bit more closer to that. As the week lines up, it lines up specifically to that emphasis. So Thursday, we’ll have exact details.”
(On Glennon’s ability to make throws outside of the pocket and his big completion to Vincent Jackson in the second half while scrambling to his left)
“I liken him to [Cleveland quarterback Johnny] Manziel a little bit, you know? He actually said that to me, which was funny. He did a good job. Mike does – to some surprise maybe – does a good job on the move, he really does. He moves well. He does a good job keeping his eyes downfield, He’s got good arm angles, he does things outside the pocket that you don’t see because he’s not out there very often – on tape, that’s not his deal. But when he does, he displays that he can throw the ball – he actually had another scramble where probably he could’ve had that one as well. And that’s not a throw he can’t make. I think Mike’s done a good job outside the pocket when making it. That was a big time play. That’s as tough a ball to throw as there is in any environment: going left that far at that angle with that touch, that’s a big time throw and we’re fortunate to be able to have a guy that can do that with poise.”
(On playing at home after three straight road games)
“It’s definitely good to be back. We were joking around earlier during walk-throughs on what it’s like to have cadence again because we’ve been going three weeks on the silent count and we’re finally back to a cadence. It’s going to be good to get back, it does seem like forever and then with a bye week next week, it will be a long span of just one home game. It will be great to be back in front of our fans in our home stadium and we look forward to it.”
(On how the offense has developed since their last home game)
“There have been some changes since then and as an offense – we played well against St. Louis, we ran the ball really well and we just weren’t able to come out with a win at the end, but things have changed. We feel that we’re a better group now than we were back then and we feel like we’re going to consistently get better throughout the course of the year. Like I said, it’s going to feel great to get back home and play on our turf and take on a good opponent in the Baltimore Ravens.”
(On how felt to be in a shootout against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees)
“It was pretty fun. As a quarterback, you kind of enjoy those back-and-forth games, every drive is important and you really have to capitalize on every opportunity you get when you play a guy like that. Obviously we would have hoped for a different outcome, but those shootouts can be fun and we really got things going. As an offense I think we had three straight drives with touchdowns and that’s what we want, that’s what we want to continue to build on.”
(On if he feels that he’s been unfairly portrayed as a quarterback without mobility)
“I get it, I get why, but at the same time there hasn’t been – in the NFL against some of the most elite athletes in the world, there’s been plenty of times where I’ve rolled right, rolled left and I’ve been able to get off a play. I’m not the fastest guy in the world, but I can step up in the pocket, I can roll out and make a play down the field. As far as I am concerned, that’s all you need as a quarterback. Obviously it’s a bonus when you can move around as well as some of these other guys, but as long as you can move a little and create a lane to throw, that’s the most important thing. All these comparisons to these athletic quarterbacks, but I’ll just stick to who I am.”
(On being able to keep his eyes downfield when he’s scrambles)
“I think I’ve always done a pretty good job of that. The first thing that comes to mind is the Seahawks game last year, two times the same thing I was rolling to the left and made a play. I feel that I’ve been able to do that throughout – even last year against the Bills I had a touchdown of Vincent [Jackson] rolling to the right. There’s been many instances, I don’t think it’s much different than last year, it’s probably just one of the first times I’ve done it or had the opportunity to present itself this year.”
(On quarterback Josh McCown offering advice and acting as a coach on the sideline)
“He’s still definitely a player, but he has knowledge that most players don’t. He’s much smarter than the majority of the guys, if not all of the guys on the team and he has that personality that he wants to coach guys up and he wants to make them better. He is always there right away to go over the series, talk about how things worked, talk about going forward and he is as smart as another coach, so it’s great that I can talk with him, Marcus [Arroyo] and Mike Kafka on the sidelines to go over things. They’ve all been a big help.”
(On getting the tight ends more involved in the offense)
“I think we’ve been getting to the tight ends. I think through the first couple of games Brandon Myers was our leading catcher on our team. We’re just going to go to the open guy and wherever the ball takes us. We threw to the tight ends a couple of times last game, Austin [Seferian-Jenkins] had a couple of big catches the week before. That’s what’s so good about our personnel is that we can spread it out and we can it to a variety of different guys. All guys on the field can make plays for us and when we have Mike [Evans], Vincent, [Louis] Murphy and all of those guys out there, there’s going to be a good chance that the tight ends are going to be singled up and they’re going to get their fair share of catches. It just kind of goes week-by-week depending on how they play and their strengths and weaknesses as a defense.”
(On why he believes Seferian-Jenkins will be a big time player)
“Well, he has the skill set. The first thing you noticed is how big he is, he looks like a grown man already and I think he just turned 22 years old. Just his ability to move, catch, how strong he is and he has all of the traits you want in a NFL tight end.”
(On Baltimore’s ability to rush the passer and him being able to focus downfield)
“They really do a good job of creating a muddy pocket for the quarterback. You watch on film and it doesn’t seem like the quarterback ever has a clean pocket to step up in and that’s something that we’ll work on all week. With that being said, we’ve played some pretty good defensive fronts these past few weeks and the pocket has been really good. I’m confident that my guys will do a great job and at the same time they have really talented players too. I can’t expect every snap to be clean and we will have to work on our movement and keeping our eyes downfield.”
(On fixing the pre-snap mistakes that has been hurting the offense)
“We want to eliminate all of those if possible because that’s nothing that they’re doing to us, they’re not stopping us, and we’re stopping ourselves. We hurt ourselves two third downs in a row that would have been first downs to start off on our second series of the game and those are plays that very valuable and we do take pride in that. We’re all disappointed about it as an offense and we’re going to keep working to eliminate those at all cost.”
(On how hard it is to communicate in a hostile environment)
“I don’t know exactly how to describe it because it’s probably one of those things that you have to experience, but it’s loud. At times, it’s hard to hear it in the headset, sometimes it’s muffled and then the communication within the huddle – I have to be loud, I have to be kind of with my mouth really emphasize words so that way they can maybe lip read and all that goes into it. It’s difficult, but at the same time it’s fun. There’s nothing like a loud crowd and then you throw a first down or a touchdown and it goes dead silent. I enjoy it, I think it’s fun to play on the road and not only are you going against the other team, but you’re going against their crowd as well.”
(On if he feels more comfortable in being vocal when mistakes are made)
“I think at certain times there’s going to be certain instances where it just comes out. We talked about it, we got it covered and there’s times where I can step up and be like that, there are other times where you just talk about it on the sideline in a calmer matter, but I think there’s just going to be certain instances where I have to stand up and say something.”
(On the Baltimore’s linebacker group)
“They’ve got a good group, like you said. When you think of Ravens football you think of their defense and particularly that front seven group, their defensive line and their linebackers. Historically they’ve got all of the great linebackers that have gone through there. C.J. Mosely is a first round pick, I’m sure that’s what they envision him being and he already is a good player. Not only him, but they have guys everywhere you look it seems like their whole team is made up of Pro Bowlers or first-or-second round picks. They’re a talented group and possibly the best defense we’ll face thus far.”
(On what all goes into utilizing a zone coverage)
“There’s a lot of things. With zone coverage, there’s certain zones you’ve got to protect in that defense. Certain passing routes change up the way you fill up a zone. So there’s a lot that goes into it.”
(On linebacker Danny Lansanah)
“He’s good. He’s athletic like a linebacker, he’s a big body that can move and he’s a physical guy. He’s just brings that extra asset when we’re out there on the field together.”
(On Baltimore’s defensive front seven)
“They’re a good front, stout, lot of big body guys. They got [Terrell] Suggs over there, they got Haloti [Ngata], who’s obviously a great player, [Elvis] Dumervil bring his own challenges, [Pernell] McPhee is doing a good job. There’s a lot of big guys that can be real physical over there, so for us, it’s just getting bodies on bodies in the run game and just make sure we’re stout in the passing game.”
(On the communication of the offensive line)
“We’re getting there. I think we’ve definitely been a lot better these past couple of weeks than we were when we first got in. Logan [Mankins] has definitely got the offense down a lot better, so it’s easier to communicate with him. Patrick [Omameh] is doing a good job too. So right now – I guess the nice thing is we’re playing at home. We’ve been on the road for three weeks, so that’s actually definitely helped our communication because it’s at such a premium on the road with the noise. So this is definitely going to be a little bit easier to talk to each other out there because we’ll be able to use our regular counts and those kind of things.”
(On playing multiple linebacker positions)
“Throughout, I’ve played MIKE. All the other places I’ve been, I get moved around, so I’m kind of used to it. I’ve played linebacker all my life so it pretty much went hand-in-hand adjusting to the formation.”
(On his interception returned for a touchdown against New Orleans)
“It’s kind of bittersweet. I’d rather get wins than individual accolades. It’s always a plus when you can go out there and make plays and help your team score points and things like that. It’s kind of bittersweet but hopefully we’ll pull out a win this week.”
(On if there was ever a point in his career where he felt like giving up)
“Yeah I tell the story all the time. The time I did think about quitting was when I was at about my fourth workout with a team and I had told my Dad I was done playing. I went home and he met me at the airport and made me get on that flight to my next workout, so that was a real big turning point for me to see my family and my friends pushing me to keep going. So I think that’s what prepared me.”

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