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13 November 2016

Chicago Bears Postgame Quotes (11/13/16)

(On the team’s injuries)
“An update on the injuries – Kyle Long went out, did not return with an ankle [injury]. Bobby Massie left the game in the concussion protocol. Will Sutton also with an ankle [injury]. Eddie Goldman left the game with an ankle [injury].  Jordan Howard –Achilles/ankle [injury]. We’re not sure the exact injury yet. Any questions?”
(On the results of x-rays on right guard Kyle Long)
“Nothing I can report at this point that’s concrete, but we’ll keep you guys posted.”
(On being prepared to play without Long)
“All these ankles have been at minimum high ankle sprains. But, you know, like I said, I’m not a doctor and we’ll get a little more information as we go.”
(On quarterback Jay Cutler’s consistency)
“Really our whole team was off today. I don’t like to put it on one guy. I think, we weren’t [as] consistent as we were a week ago. I didn’t see it coming. I think we had a great week of preparation. I think we had good plans really in all three phases. You know, parts of it were good. I thought our run defense was pretty solid. Our run offense was pretty solid. I thought Jordan Howard had another good day. Um, I think we created some pressure as far as rushing the passer. But all in all, obviously, whenever you lose 5-0 in the turnover margin it’s not usually a good day at least in those games I’ve been in.”
(On Cutler being a leader)
“I think that falls on all of us.”
(On if Jordan Howard’s injury occurred on his final carry)
“I can’t really answer that honestly.”
(On if there are things he wished they had done differently)
“Hindsight, everybody says it’s 20-20. So you always do fall back on that, but all we can do now – that’s over, it passed and it’s behind us – is regroup and work to get better and do our best to not let it happen again.”
(On the most disappointing aspect of the result after their win against the Minnesota Vikings)
“We didn’t play well. You know, I think we didn’t give ourselves a chance. I even thought at halftime, we hit the Hail Mary right before the half and we come back out and, they go right down and score on us. Obviously, they made plays, we came up short, but there was still a lot of football left down 17-10 at halftime.”
(On the locker room message after a loss)
“Basically we’ll hang together, and we’ll go back to the drawing board. We’ve got to get better.
(On his interception that was returned for a touchdown)
“They come off the edge, we ran a keeper back into him. I just got to put it outside Logan [Paulsen], or dirt it. I just left it inside and Chris [Conte] made a heck of a play.”
(On not playing as well as in their previous game)
“We didn’t play well, I didn’t play well, offensively. Too many turnovers, when you have that many turnovers it is going to be hard to win.”
(On if he is mystified by loss)
“Any given week you can win, you can lose, you can blow somebody out, you can get blown out. It depends on how you execute, your focus coming into it. Obviously, we didn’t get the job done today.”
(On what was missing)
“I don’t know, if we had that answer a lot of teams would want to buy it, so we have to look at the film and we just have to turn the page and get ready for next week.”
(On when the game got away from the Bears)
“When the score got away from us.”
(On Kyle Long’s injury)
“Yeah, it’s tough, it’s tough. He has had a bunch of injuries to one side of his body and now the lower half takes a hit too. Not sure of the diagnosis, if there is a chance for him to come back he’s a guy that can make it happen. If not, he’s going to be a hard guy to replace.”
(On if what he has endured help him prepare to keep people positive)
“Yeah, I think so. We have a good group of guys. I think I said it after, the Minnesota game. That doesn’t change after a loss like this. If anything, it makes us a little bit more confident because we know guys aren’t going to point fingers when they go back to work. We are going to try to fix every problem we have.”
(On if he has dealt with any personal fallout after talking about the presidential election)
“No, I am not on social media so I don’t really have to deal with it.”
(On as a leader what he has said to teammates to keep them motivated)
“[John] Fox talked after the game, he kind of does that. Next couple of days we’ll talk, we’ll have some offensive meetings and see where it ends up.”
(On John Fox’s message after the game)
“I think he challenged us. Obviously we weren’t good enough and he made that point. He just kind of challenged everyone man to man. There’s a lot of football left, we’re looking for guys that aren’t going to quit.”
(On the Hail Mary play and how it felt going into halftime)
“We felt good to get in the locker room. You hit a Hail Mary, we’re down one score, as bad as we had played. We had some turnovers, third down weren’t very good, red zone we obviously weren’t very good. So, to be down one score there at the half, we felt good about where we were at.”
(On Buccaneers defense)
“They’re always going to get credit on the other side, they get paid too. They didn’t do anything that we didn’t expect. We didn’t really force them to do much. They kind of ran their defense and then when the score got out of hand they were able to zone us out so we didn’t really force them into doing much.”
(On the first interception)
“No, I talked to Al (Alshon Jeffery) about it, we’re on the same page, I hope it doesn’t happen again.”
(On his Hail Mary catch)
“I was running down the sideline, I did a one-on-one with the corner and he came off on [wide receiver] Alshon [Jeffery], so when [the cornerback] went up with Alshon, they both kind of tipped it and I was at the right place at the right time.”
(On if Chicago practices the Hail Mary once a week)
“At least. You never know when it’s going to come up, so you always have to take advantage of the situation.”
(On why Chicago couldn’t get any momentum in the second half)
“Coming out in the second half, we really had a lot of momentum in the locker room. We just couldn’t get it going, couldn’t get the plays going like we wanted. We just have to go back to the film and see what we were missing, but we definitely had some opportunities left out there.”
(On Chicago’s performance today)
“It’s tough to say. It’s disappointing just for us as a team. We went out there with a great mindset, ready to go fight and come out with a win in this game. It’s just disappointing to not get that outcome.”
(On Chicago’s confidence)
“I think it did. Guys were confident all week in practice. We were confident in the game. We were making plays early and often. The ball just bounced in other ways that we didn’t expect. We just have to take advantage when we get the opportunities.”
(On Chicago’s confidence coming into today’s game)
"We were definitely trying to heal up, get some rest, get some guys back. You go out and perform like that and you feel like you kind of can start to make a run. It sucks.”
(On why Chicago lost its momentum)
“Turnovers. You can’t (turn the ball over) – four turnovers in the first half, I think. In key parts of the game, crucial parts of the field – can’t win that way, can’t put our defense in that situation. Even going into half time – get that prayer at the end of the half and you’re still in the game, still have hope, still want to come out and play well. We just didn’t. We were terrible all day.”
(On getting healthy and coming off a Bye Week)
“We were healthy for a half and then we had guys dropping left and right.”
(On offensive lineman Kyle Long getting injured)
“He’s been grinding. He’s tough as nails. He’s tough as they make them. (It’s) unfortunate for him to battle back and grind through something and then have – hopefully it’s not too serious, but if it is it sucks that it happened. We had a lot of guys go down today, but it’s the next man up thing. It’s what the league is about. It’s professional football.”
(On Chicago’s playoff hopes)
“I still feel like we’re not out of it. I don’t know mathematically what it is, but you never play the game feeling out of the fight. I don’t (care) if we’re 0-whatever at this moment, we’re still coming out to win with some pride – pride in yourself, pride in your team, whatever it may be. We have to rebound, we have to play better, we have to suck it up. There’s no excuses. We got out-played today. We hurt ourselves in a lot of tough situations. That’s just where it is.”
(On if it was hard to get a rhythm in the first half because of turnovers)
"Yeah, that really killed us, because we were moving the ball pretty well. Just the turnovers killed our rhythm.”
(On if Chicago came into today’s game expecting to be able to run the ball)
“We always come into the game expecting to have success on offense no matter who we’re playing, so we’re always confident.”
(On if there were certain things such as blocking schemes that Chicago thought they could take advantage of)
“We just thought we would be able to tackle them down here. We knew they were a finesse group, so we felt like we could tackle them down here.”
(On if wide receiver Cameron Meredith’s Hail Mary catch at the end of the first half gave Chicago momentum)
“It definitely gave us momentum. We needed a big pick-me-up.”
(On why the second half didn’t go how Chicago had planned)
“I really can’t tell. I feel like we just came out flat and things just didn’t go our way. We didn’t execute well.”
(On his fumble)
“Yeah, I was going down to the ground and he punched it out.”
(On why the second half went the way it did after all the momentum Chicago had coming into this week)
“I really can’t tell you. We just came into the game pretty confident, just feeling like we could beat these guys and things didn’t work out.”
(On Jameis Winston’s performance)
“It’s pretty disheartening. We just got to plaster, be on our job and try to get that sack. It’s easy.”
(On bouncing back emotionally to prepare for next week)
“We got to put it behind us, go prepare for the next Sunday. That’s just how it is. It’s week to week whether it’s a win or a loss. We have to approach the next week the exact same way.”
(On not being able to carry the momentum over from the first half)
“Like I said, it just comes down to execution. We just got to go out there, everybody got to be on their game. We got to come out and execute, know what to do and execute it. That’s all I got to say about that.”
(On feeling frustrated)
“We have to - boys have to be on their job man. That’s just what it is. Coaches could have went home at three, four o’clock after practice. [Tampa Bay] put up thirty something points on us man. All that game planning, watching film, we’ve got to go out there and do what we’ve got to do as a squad. [Coach] making some great calls out there. I get the call in my ear, I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s going to work.’ Boys have to go out there and execute. To a man, everybody has to go out there and do their thing. It’s just what it is.”
(On not being able to carry the momentum over from the win against the Vikings)
“Just execution man. That’s really all I got.”
(On Jameis Winston extending the play)
“It’s big. Once we got an opportunity, we got to get off the field on third down. We’ve just got to go make it happen. You know there’s going to be some 50-50 balls. We’ve got to get him down and do what we have to do to get off that field.”
(On not being able to capitalize off momentum created at the end of the first half)
“Yeah it definitely was. We probably should have come out during the second half, played a bit better execution wise. Going to look at the film tomorrow and get ready for New York Sunday.”
(On the momentum following the Bye Week not transferring over on the field today)
“Just got to do a better job of execution. That’s all it comes down to. Going to come in tomorrow, look at the film, go over corrections and move on to the next team.”
(On his thoughts following the game today)
“The better team won today. We just have to do whatever we can to win.”

(On Jameis Winston being able to extend the play with his feet)
“Those plays, we have to do everything in our power to get that guy on the ground. We were in hot pursuit and he was able to elude the rush. That’s just a heck of a play by him. Other than that, I feel like we were where we needed to be for the most part, just a matter of getting him on the ground. It’s tough when the quarterback scrambles, extending the play with his feet. It’s tough in coverage, guys start running freely, so it’s imperative that we get that guy on the ground.”
(On how the offense allowing five turnovers had an effect on the defense)
“We are trained to play defense and anytime we are on the field, it’s another opportunity for us to go out there make some plays, make a statement. That’s how I look at it and that’s the message I try to get off as far as my vibe. Never getting mad, never getting upset about a turnover, or interception, or offside or a pass interference. You’ve got to move on. This is the NFL. You can’t be distracted by that stuff. You can’t dwell on the past. It’s all about how you handle adversity.”

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