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17 September 2017

Chicago Bears Postgame Quotes (9/17/17)

“It was basically not a good day at the office. Any time you go out and you have four giveaways in the first half, it’s not good news. We were down 26-0 at halftime. I thought the guys hung in there in the second half, really in all three phases. Unfortunately, we dug ourselves too big a hole against a really good football team at their place. No matter what formula, everybody wants to blame somebody, but it was a team defeat and we all have our hands in that.”
(On the possibility of starting rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky next week)
“No. I don’t think anybody, without even seeing the tape yet that you can pin that on the quarterback. Like I said earlier, everybody had their hand in that.”
(On the argument for keeping quarterback Mike Glennon as the starter moving forward)
“We have to get better as a football team. That wasn’t the Mike Glennon’s Bears, that was the Chicago Bears. It was our whole team. I haven’t looked at all the stats and all the exacts, but there’s a lot of people that had their hand in it and we’ll leave it at that.”
(On how he makes the decision for starting quarterback)
“Well, if you go to the turnovers, you can call it an interception, but it was basically a sack-fumble caught in the air. I’m not sure we ran a real clean route on the out cut. I think one of them was a special teams turnover. Mike wasn’t even on the field then. I didn’t think our ability to run the ball very effectively in the first half was very good. So,I think there’s a lot to it and we’ll look at it, we’ll evaluate it and move forward.”
(On whether there was a conversation during the game to put in Trubisky)
“Not really. I think we got down there and moved the ball right down the field a couple of times in the hurry-up situation and I thought it was good experience for everybody. We had a little bit of a makeshift line in there and Mike commands that pretty well in a hurry-up situation. We at least did that.”
(On breakdown of cornerback Robert McClain’s pick-six)
“Well, until we look at the tape, I don’t want to get too much into it. Like I said, it’s not a one-man game.”
(On signs of progress from the team since last year’s matchup against Tampa Bay)
“I think anytime you play giveaway and our defense had their hand in it. There was three times we got them off the field on third down and we were sloppy with our technique and got called for holding.”
(On if running back Jordan Howard’s shoulder affected his performance)
“I can’t really say that yet until I talk to the player. I’m sure a lot of the guys out there were dealing with a lot.”
(On seriousness of linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski’s injury)
“I don’t know yet, exactly. I won’t know that until we do tests.”
(On status of OL Josh Sitton’s ribs)
“No. Basically what we have is what was reported.”
(On his explanation of the sloppy performance by his team in the first half)
“You have to give full credit to our opponent. I think there was some poor decisions made and we paid the price. Any time you play in the NFL and you turn the ball over four times in the first half, that’s not what it looks like.”
(On what he liked from Glennon’s performance today)
“I thought he made some good throws. I thought he hung in there and got hit enough. I don’t think that loss was all about the quarterback.”
(On how he would sum up the game)
“Obviously, not what I envisioned or hoped. Ultimately, it shows how precious taking care of the football is. Four turnovers in the first half is not going to win many football games. Three of those fall on me. Ultimately, I have to do a better job taking care of the football and giving us a chance to win.”
(On his two interceptions)
“The first one was just kind of a quick-game concept that we run a good amount and Kwon [Alexander] just broke on the play. Second one, the receiver kind of turned around the nickel a little bit so I thought that when he broke off that he was going to win. Obviously, not the case, I needed to move on in my progression and avoid those situations.”
(On what he needs to see on the play that was intercepted for a touchdown)
“I think if I am not 100% sure he is going to win then just move on. The second read in the progression was open and if he is not winning right away then I need to get off of him and move on with the progression.”
(On what the second read was on that play)
“It was just a guy coming on a little shallow cross.” 
(On if any lack of experience with Chicago’s receivers affected the game)
“That is no excuse at all. That was… Josh Bellamy, a guy that I’ve gotten a lot of work with. That is not an excuse at all.”
(On how frustrated he may have been during the game)
“Like I said, obviously not what I envisioned but it wasn’t a revenge game at all for me. It wasn’t like I pressed at all, it was just three bad plays that were costly. Other than that, we moved the ball well, we just didn’t put ourselves in a situation where we could compete in the game and that falls on me.”
(On if he felt at any point that Head Coach John Fox would make a change at quarterback)
(On what his teammates’ message was to him during the game)
“Just keep fighting. Next play, it starts with one completion and we will go from there. So, it was good to fight all the way until the end. I didn’t think our guys gave up, our offensive line did a really good job in that situation – when they know we’re passing on every play, they’re not going to give up any sacks so our guys fought and it was good to see.” 
(On the sack-fumble)
“Yeah, I was in the middle of trying to throw it. I’ll see it on film and see if I could’ve moved in the pocket a little differently, maybe gotten the ball out of my hands a little quicker. I’m not sure, I was trying to move around and get the ball out of my hands.”
(On if he is worried the team could make a quarterback change)
 “No, there’s been no communication of that so there is no reason to worry.”
(On the difficulty factor without the starting guards)
“Like I said, I think those guys did a really good job stepping in with Hroniss [Grasu] and Bradley [Sowell]. The one positive I guess you can take from the second half is that we didn’t give up. Our receivers were battling, offensive line was battling. Like I said, that is a tough situation for an offensive line to be. Bradley’s first time, I think, ever playing guard, and the defense knows you’re passing on every play so I am proud of those guys and I appreciate everything they did.”
(On more attention being on Tarik Cohen due to performance the prior week)
“I think so, I think they notice him. There was one time where there was a nickel matched up on him, where last week it might have been a linebacker. There was even one play where Brent Grimes was on him. We will see how teams handle him going forward.”
(On if Cohen was able to be used in a variety of ways)
“I think we were, it’s just that we got ourselves into a situation where we were down so much and we had to go to our two-minute offense, that’s not really what we do. We just have to get ourselves to be in the game and give us a chance to run our full offense.”
(On how to prepare for Week 3)
“I think we just have to regroup and move on to Pittsburgh. There is nothing we can do to change this game now, all we can do is learn from our mistakes, build on what we did good then get ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers coming to Chicago.”
(On if what John Fox said about Bears being a “good team” still applies)
“We had four turnovers, we had a turnover on their five-yard line or so, we had a pick-six and another – we just didn’t put our team in good situations to succeed and that falls on me.”
(On Tanner Gentry’s performance)
“I thought that was good. Tanner [Gentry] stepped up and made a couple catches there at the end and it was good to see right off the bench, hopped in, kind of in the two-minute drill and made a couple platys against a Pro Bowl corner so that was good to see.”
(On his muffed punt)
”At first I thought it was going out of bounds. Then it was bouncing inbounds so I was trying to stop the bleeding of the ball. Give credit to the gunners. They saw as soon as I attacked the ball, they attacked me. They got the ball out. I got to do better. Just let it bleed sometimes and make better decisions back there.”
(On if his muffed punt being about making a play or having good field position)
“It was really trying to make a play. Trying to save more yardage, that’s a play in mind, in my mind, stopping the bleeding of the ball. Like I said, I just got to be more decisive and take my loss.”
(On returning to bench after Tampa Bay scored following the muffed punt)
“I’m thinking I have to make a play now, I got to step up. I feel like I can’t put my defense in that situation. So I took that upon myself to go out there and try to make a play to get that back.”
(On playing more receiver opposed to week 1)
“It was just more of a sharpening in practice. They saw me in the slot the first game and they liked what they saw. I was brushing up on my routes, brushing up on the concepts and things of that nature.”
(On today’s unexpected performance)
“You never except to go into a game and not be as competitive as you want to. It was a tough loss. It wasn’t the expectation. Simple as that.”
(On defensive penalties when Tampa is on third down)
“Those are going to be costly, those are going to be costly. Coach Fox said those are just as good a turnover. You have a change to get a guy off the field and you get a tough call. That’s what we have to deal with.”
(On defense having to be on the field for a long duration of the game)
“You can’t point fingers. The first finger you point better be at yourself. Just because the ball was in their hands [Tampa Bay] doesn’t mean that they have to score. So I think collectively we can do a little bit better.”
(On self-inflicted wounds carrying over from last year)
“For me, truthfully, it’s a little bit different this year compared to last year. I would say these are things that can be fixed. These are things that can be changed and done better. There is no comparison in my mind from last year to this year.”
(On the injuries that Chicago keeps experiencing)
“That’s football. Unfortunately, it happens, but sometimes we’ve just got to overcome. Do our best to overcome it.”
(On regrouping after two straight losses and facing Pittsburgh next week)
“It starts right now. Forget about this game. Watch this game today, then you turn on the film tonight. I already have it loaded up. It’s already loaded up on my [Surface]. I’m going to study. Whenever I get that opportunity, we’ve just got to make the best of it.”
(On forcing a fumble)
“I was just trying to make a play for my team. An opportunity presented itself and I made it. I tried to give us some momentum. It was just a good football play.”
(On how the team finds the motivation to play hard when they are down big at halftime)
“It’s just the will to fight. Keep fighting, just keep pushing. It’s the reason we are here. There’s no other way. It’s a test. We just have to find a way to get through that – get over the hump.”
(On how he keeps confidence in quarterback Mike Glennon moving forward)
“Mike is doing a great job, man. Everything is not going to be perfect. We’ll just lean on him, correct the mistakes and be ready for Pittsburgh next week.”
(On what Glennon says to the team on the sidelines to keep them motivated)
“Just keep fighting, keep pushing, just play until the end of the game. You never know what can happen.”
(On the passing game)
“I’m not sure without looking at the tape. Obviously, we have to protect a little better for Mike [Glennon] so he can get through his progressions. We’ll get back to the drawing board and we’ll correct this.”
(On a sluggish offensive performance in the first half)
“It’s not obviously what we expected. Obviously we expected to come out, run the ball and that did not happen today.”
(On Mike Glennon’s attitude after his turnovers)
“Mike is very positive. Just keep up, keep it up. Like I said we got to protect him better and give him a little bit more time.”
(On the offensive line getting ready for Pittsburgh next week)
“It’s going to be tough. I know our offensive line will stick together and hopefully we can get these guys healthy and get ready for next week.”
(On moving spots because of injuries to the offensive line)
“It’s just a next guy up mentality, I guess. Obviously I kind of knew if anybody were to go down that I would possible have to bump to guard. It’s just something I have to continue to work on.”
(On how the team moves past last year’s disappointing season)
“Forget about it, man. The league doesn’t change. Football is one-on-one. It doesn’t change. Beat your man, beat the man across from me, so that’s the same. It’s the same exact scenario right now. At this very moment, we’ve got time to figure if we’re going to get this thing turned around or not. We’ve got time right now, but it’s going to be a challenge for us, so we’ll see how it works out. I really think dealing with adverse situations – like we dealt with today – we haven’t dealt with this situation since we’ve been together as a team. We lost a close one last week. I think being able to bounce back, showing some resiliency throughout the course of this team is going to say a lot about who we are as a team, as an organization and what we’ll be capable of doing in the future.”
(On if he thinks this team is prepared to bounce back from two straight losses)
“Heck yeah, man. We’ve got everything we need right here. We’ve got everything we need. It’s just a matter of finding the right formula and sticking to the process and just keep chipping away at it.”   

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