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16 August 2014


(On the Tampa Bay touchdown)
“That’s exactly how you want to draw it out. It’s about taking the ball away, and after you take it away it’s about getting a touchdown and we were able to do that.”
(On the offense)
“Once you do get a takeaway, then you have to get the ball in the end zone. You can’t settle for field goals right there. Good protection and of course a good throw by Josh [McCown].”
(On the first-team offense tonight)
“It was better. It was more of what we need to start looking like. We’re still not there yet, obviously. We’ll take a look at the tape and clean some things up for sure, but it’s a good feeling to finish with a touchdown. It was Buc football. That’s what we want it to be. Coach Smith and I were talking about that. Takeaways and touchdowns, that’s what we have to do. We were glad that the defense got [the ball] for us, gave us some field position and we were able to punch it in.”
(On his touchdown pass to wide receiver Vincent Jackson)
“It was something that we did at [Night Practice]. Our defense played similar coverage and it was the first time we had seen it. It’s kind of a new play, so it was a throwaway on Night Practice, but that’s what cool about practices: you see things and you learn things. [Miami] played it the same way, so Vincent and I had talked about it, ‘Hey man, just keep coming to the back of the end zone if we get that,’ It’s not necessarily the ideal coverage for the play, but you can keep it alive. That’s what we learned at Night Practice and it was cool to see it manifest out here tonight.”
(On the first-team offense tonight)
“The defense did a great job getting us the ball in scoring position. We had a couple big plays running the ball, softening the defense up a little bit, and then we got some one-on-one matchups out there, and when we get out there, we have some guys who can go out and win those matchups.”
(On his touchdown reception)
“Josh did a great job sitting in the pocket, holding on to the ball as long as he could and letting me work in the back of the end zone, and he delivered me a great ball.”
(On the defense tonight)
“We did alright. Miami came out doing some things, getting the ball out a little quicker than usual, and they were able to move it a little bit, but we just stayed focused and kept trying to contain and play hard. When you just continue to play hard, good things will happen, and, as you could see, we were able to get the turnover. Gerald made a great play and we were all locked in and hustling and were able to get the ball back for the offense, which led to a big score. That’s what Coach Smith stresses to us – getting turnovers and takeaways. We were able to do that tonight and hopefully we will get some more.”
(On his fumble recovery)
“My teammates are going to give me some grief about it because I didn’t score, but I’m just glad I was able to secure the ball for our team. That’s the main goal. We want to get the ball back and score. We were able to get it back and the offense was able to get it in, so it was a good confidence builder for both sides of the ball.”
(On the performance of the front four)
“The thing about the Tampa 2 defense, historically, on a pass is that the guys in the back end were so good because the guys on the line were really good. We’re just trying to bring that back and make it easy on the guys behind us, actually let them be able to scrape free over the top in the run and then not have to cover for that long in passing [situations].”
(On his sack-fumble play)
“He overset me. He’d been oversetting me all night. I’ve been beating him inside, but they were brining help, bringing the center over to help him. This time they gave me a one-on-one and he overset me. Our job is to get the ball out; that is what Coach has been preaching, so that’s what happened.”
(On the defense creating turnovers)
“It makes it so much easier on the offense. You put them on a short field. The offense and defense are supposed to complement each other. Our offense does a long drive to give us a break, and puts us in a great position to keep them backed up. And if they’re backed up, the defense has to keep them back so the offense has a short field. They go hand in hand. We’re just trying to work together.”

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