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17 August 2014


(Opening statement)
“It’s never easy to win football games on the road. I thought the guys came out and we had a really good drive with the end of the first half and they came out and had a good stop on defense in the second half and another good drive. We kind of took a little control of the game, and then we got a takeaway on defense. I thought we did some things better in the second half, thought we tackled better in the second half, looked more like a football team. It’s good to get a win.”
(On the performance from the offense)
“I thought we threw the ball well. I thought we had some guys open, I thought the quarterbacks threw the ball well. But I think we all agree we had way too many negative yardage plays in the running game. That really wasn’t fixed the way I had hoped it would have been.”
(On how the Buccaneers defensive front stopped the running game)
“Penetration. Lot of penetration. They had guys in the backfield, we didn’t establish an edge They established an edge on us, got upfield on us a couple times. Penetration and they got in our backfield way too much.”
(On taking running back Daniel Thomas out of the game)
“That’s always the plan. We were going to roll guys through there. Wasn’t anything related to how he was playing. We have a lot of respect for No. 93 [Gerald McCoy]. He’s an excellent football player. And we’ll take a look at the tape. There were a couple of plays that he has to block better on for sure.”
(On if he is still considering offensive guard Shelley Smith for a starting job)
“We’d consider him anywhere. We haven’t ruled anyone out. We haven’t named the starting offensive line yet. Everything is wide open.”
(On if he thinks the team is where it needs to be)
“We’re going to have to watch the film. I think I’ve stated that in a perfect world, we would love to. But I’m not sure we’re there yet. So we’ll watch some tape, we’ll look at it closely, we’ll see what’s the best combination and we’ll go to work from there.”
(On the performance from the defense)
“I didn’t think our tackling was very good in the first half. I really didn’t. Especially in the secondary. I thought we had some opportunities there to tackle guys and get them on the ground and we didn’t. I thought we’d tackle better. I thought we came out in the second half and I thought we played good defensive football. Again, they got in the endzone twice - once with fifteen seconds left, and then offensively we set them up at the 30 yard line, I can’t remember the exact yard line where we gave them the ball, but we gave them the football in great field position and they took advantage of it to their credit. But they also almost got in another time there in the second quarter.”
(On if he thinks his team performed how he expected them to in the second preseason game)
“I like to reserve comment until I watch it a little bit in more detail. But I thought we’d have more production in our run game. I know it’s a very good front [for the Buccaneers]. This is a well-coached defense. Leslie Frazier does a great job. I thought we’d be better.”
(On quarterback Brady Quinn’s performance)
“I think for just the short time he’s [been] here, real bright guy, really engaged in the offense, really spends a lot of extra time with our staff learning things. We felt very good about what he knew going into the game. It all depended on what type of game we were in to see how much we were going to throw at him and have him throw. The type of game we were in was up by 13 points - didn’t make a lot of sense to start chucking it a whole lot.”
(On quarterback Matt Moore’s performance)
“He played well. I thought he threw the ball well. We’ll watch the tape and I thought he had a good game.”
(On if there were any significant injuries)
“Not any that I know of at this moment.”
(On the younger, untested guys getting a chance to play)
“That was the way we planned. I think I said that after evaluating the four days of practice, that was going to kind of be our starting point. Again, we still have two more preseason games and a lot of snaps to give those guys and we’ll get that in the next couple of weeks.”
(On his overall evaluation of the game)
“I didn’t feel like it was our best game. We did some things well, we moved the ball. I don’t think we ran the ball effectively enough. We put ourselves in a lot of third-and-long situations, which you don’t want to be in consistently.”
(On the performance of the offensive line)
“Part of it was (Gerald) McCoy, he’s a good player. You are not going to face a guy like that every week. We didn’t really game plan specifically for him, this being a preseason game, but that’s not an excuse. We just have to do a better job up front of moving the ball and getting the running back some room downhill.”
(On the competition between the guards for a starting position)
“I think that those guys are battling, I don’t know, I’m not the decision maker. Those guys are battling, I see them rotating in practice, and both guys competing at the left guard spot and Dallas (Thomas) at the right guard spot. It’s not my decision or anything to do with me, but I feel comfortable with whoever they go with.”
(On what he has improved on over the offseason)
“I don’t know what it is in particular but I feel comfortable, I really like the system, the combinations of routes we use downfield, the quick passing game, as well as downfield routes. Coach has made it clear: if the downfield route isn’t there we are more than happy to check it down and get our six yards.”
(On his chemistry with the wide receivers)
“The more reps I get the more comfortable I get. It helps when you have guys on the outside, like today, making plays. The tipped pass (to) Rishard (Matthews) got tipped, probably should have been picked but Rishard makes a great adjustment and somehow comes down with it. I had a pass that was tipped at the line and it ended up being behind Brandon Gibson. He made a great catch and got the first down. Just all around, all across the board, guys are making plays for me downfield and that is a huge impact as well.”
(On tonight’s game)
“We just went out there and executed what we’ve been practicing all week and biggest thing is that we showed that we’ve improved from last week and came out with a “w”.”
(On why he’s effective in the offense)
“Just being able to back up positions, go out there and wherever the coach puts me to make a play, be there.”
(On what he expected in the NFL)
“Yeah it’s exciting. It’s one of the things this organization drafted me for. Tonight it was an overall team victory and that’s what I’m more excited about.”
(On his catch)
“Just one of those things we’ve been working on all week, one of those things that complements this offense so well about play-action fakes, and our run game and zone schemes.  Having an opportunity to get behind the backers.  Tannehill threw a great ball and I was able to get to the second level real fast and made a quick pick play.”
(On what he offers to offense)
“Wherever I’m needed, wherever I’m called, whether it be come in on third down, whatever, and block.  That’s what I’m going to do and that’s what I thrive on.”
(On how he played tonight)
“I did alright.  I gave up the touchdown and that’s never good but I was right there.  It was a bang-bang play, good throw, better quarterback, good catch by Vincent Jackson.  Other than that I did okay.  You know it’s the preseason you can look at the film and improve upon it.”
(On his forced fumble)
“It was weird because I thought he was getting tackled so I stopped and then I had to start again but I felt like I could catch him and then I saw he had the ball in the other hand, pushed at the ball and tried to push him out and it came out.  It was a huge play for us.  We went down and scored on that drive so that was a game-changing play.”
(On the offense being sharp tonight)
“It just felt good. We got into a little bit of rhythm, guys were in the right spots making big plays and [offensive coordinator Bill Lazor] was calling a great game. We just hit some plays that we needed and it was good.”
(On if he needed to prove that he has a strong arm)
“I was just going out and playing the best I could. I think every time you step on the field that’s your reputation, so you obviously want to go out and play well every time, but I was just going out and trying to execute the plays that were called.”
(On the touchdown throw)
“We got a good look, [wide receiver] Rishard [Matthews] did a nice job of beating his guy to the corner of the end zone there, I put it up in a good spot and he got his feet in. It was a good job.”
(On finishing the two-minute drill with a touchdown)
“Coach Philbin dedicates a lot of practice time to the two-minute drill, I think guys understand that and everybody was in tune with the situation. It was good to hit some balls, move the ball and really score at the end of the half, it was a big deal. It was a good job of everybody on the field there.”
(On being able to get playing time after coming back after an injury)
“Anytime you can get out there and gain more experience it’s good. It’s the first time playing under Coach Lazor and this offense, it’s always good to get your feet wet and execute. There’s going to be things to learn from and you love to get as much time as possible.”
(On playing better this week compared to last week)
“I definitely think we had a chip on our shoulder, we had something to prove and we held grudges. We told each other in practice, we play defensive football and I don’t think we got that accomplished last weekend. We had a mindset to come out this week and get that done.”
(On cornerback Brent Grimes forcing a touchdown saving fumble)
“As a secondary we’re happy. To see one of my teammates hustle like that and then give us another chance to get back on the field or give us another chance to score. It’s great.”
(On what this week does for the team’s confidence)
“Obviously it boosts our confidence and it allows us to know that we have the capability, we have the energy and we have the drive to win. As long as we put our minds to it, it gives us confidence.”

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