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12 November 2017

New York Jets Postgame Quotes (11/12/17)

(On lack of offense)
“Well, you have to give them credit first of all. They did a good job playingin our backfield. When the penalties didn’t hurt us, they were in the backfield hurting us. We didn’t play well overall on offense, defense, or special teams. Nor did we coach well.”
(On offensive line)
“They didn’t play well. I mean that’s one of the areas that didn’t play well, but all areas didn’t play well. They played in our backfield all day long. We missed blocks or got penalties. It was just a cluster, and we didn’t do well.”
(On offense playing so well against the Buffalo Bills and doing nothing)
“You don’t explain. It’s week by week. You have to show up every week in this league or you get it handed to you. We didn’t show up today.”
(On if something threw off Josh McCown’s rhythm)
“Not really, he got hit quite a bit today. Tampa did a good job of getting to him, and doing certain things that got to him. We have to look at the film and see what, but we didn’t play well today in all phases.”
(On if they were emotionally ready to play)
“We were ready to play.”
(On Mike Smith’s defensive strategy)
“I don’t know, they just got after it. We knew what they were doing. They knew what we were doing. They got after it. We played hard. They played hard. We lost a unanimous decision in a 12-round fight.”
(On how much they missed Morris Claiborne second half)
“We played without him last week. Other guys have to step up and make plays. That’s what they’re in there for.”
(On how critical the third-down pass interference on Darryl Roberts and the 21-yard run on third down surrendered to Charles Sims were)
“Oh, it was big. It was big. You know, the penalty was big, obviously. They were big all day. And then the third down and twenty-something run, it can’t happen. We have to make that tackle. We have to get more guys to the ball.”
(On if Mo Claiborne aggravated an injury)
(On if he came back too soon)
“I don’t know. He was fine during the week, and he was fine in the pregame stretch. I don’t know where he tweaked it or whatever. I have to find out.”
(On how discouraged he was about the penalties)
“It was big starting the ball game. I think we had about three out of the four first four plays [they] might have happened. I think we finished with eight. Felt like it was more than that. They keep setting us back, and we have to find a way to fix it.”
(On if the team was feeling too good about themselves after Buffalo)
“No. We were 4-5. They were ready to play. They played hard. Didn’t play smart.”
(On expecting inconsistencies in a young team)
“No, it’s week to week. You can’t hold on to last week, and we didn’t hold on to last week. We prepared well, we came down here well. They executed better than we did.”
(On if the team was prepared properly)
“The team was prepared. When you lose, it’s everybody. It’s coaches and it’s players. It’s not just players. It’s coaches too, and it starts with me. Then it starts with the rest of the staff. Then it starts with the players.”
(On what went into the decision to play Brian Winters and if his injury impacted his play)
“No, we never use injuries as an excuse if a guy is out there on the field. I have to watch the film to see how he played. Figuring the times that McCown got hit. I’m pretty sure none of us played well upfront, but none of us played well all the way around.”
(On what went into the decision to play Winters)
“He practiced during the week.”
(On if the Buccaneers did anything different defensively in terms of getting to the quarterback)
“No, not really.”
(On the Buccaneers negating Austin Seferian-Jenkins until the last drive)
“They did a good job. You have to give them credit. They have fast linebackers. They had a heck of a game plan. We have to go back and study the film.”
(On what the message was after the game )
“The only good thing is that we lost the game in all phases. Coaching-wise, offense, defense and special. We all gave up plays and we are all responsible and accountable. We have to look in the mirror. We have two weeks, and we have to get back to work”
(On why rushing offense was so unproductive)
“They did a good job on defense. Without looking at the film, I’m going to tell you they did a good job on defense, and I give them credit.”
(On Lavonte David)
“He’s a good player to begin with. I wasn’t watching him individually. I think all of them made plays at certain points in the game We just have to play better.”
(On if it Morris Claiborne’s injury could be long term)
“I am not sure yet.”
(On what did not click for the team)
“First of all, give credit to them, their scheme and the way they played, they played hard and had a good plan for us. We didn’t execute, especially on first and second down. We got ourselves behind the sticks early and we put ourselves in third and long and it is hard to convert at a high rate when you’re in third and long a lot. So we’ve got to be better on first and second down.”
(On if today was frustrating after a great performance last week)
“Very, but we understand it’s the National Football League. You have to bring your “A” game every week and it felt like we were ready to go, we had a great week of work. Coach Bowles had us ready to go and we just didn’t come out and play at the level that we are capable of and again, I give credit to them, they did a good job, especially on our [offensive] end, defensively against our offense. Our offense against their defense, we just didn’t execute and they did a good job scheme-wise of taking some things away.”
(On how frustrating the penalty problem is)
“It’s very [frustrating], we have to find a way to be better because, exactly that, you get set back, you’re behind the sticks, you’re fighting your way back in, and defensively, you think we’re off the field and we think we have an interception – I understand it is us collectively as a group, Coach Bowles is doing everything he can to old us accountable in different ways at practice and we have to make up our mind as a group. A few weeks ago we kind of did that and it got a little bit better but, you know, it is still popping up and we have to nip it in the bud if we want to be the team that I think we can be.”
(On how frustrating three and outs are)
“It is very frustrating. Defense is playing their tail off and working hard and getting stops and as an offense you want to go put drives together. Like I said, we just weren’t executing and sputtering out. Even when we get to a third and short, we don’t convert that, we have to find a way to be better.”
(If a hurry-up might have sparked things)
“Those are all options, those things we talk about, but we felt like, for us at least, as far as what is being called, we have to execute it and execute better and that’s the key and those certain things, as we take stock in this game and look back at it, I certainly think that will probably be discussed and then moving forward what we can do different. We have to find a way to give ourselves a spark and keep going.”
(On if the Buccaneers playing a similar offense in New Orleans last helped them against the Jets)
“That’s a good point, they played them last week and obviously New Orleans was able to move the ball on them and put up points. I do think that they see them a couple times a year so it gives them, I guess, a leg up in preparation, but at the same time each week is different and we have good coaches that put together good game plans and, like I said, more than anything, we have to execute better and the key is just staying in manageable downs. I think that is what took everything away more than anything.”
(On if the inconsistency is symptomatic of having a young team)
“I think so, you don’t like to say that, but those are parts of it and myself and the other veterans have to pull these guys along and help us find consistency and be better because every unit, at some point this year, has played and shown that they can play with the best in the league, but we have to do that for four quarters and week in and week out too and we didn’t do that today. We have to take these next two weeks to get healthy and to look in the mirror and figure out ways to do that and be better so we can make a run down the stretch.”
(On if having the bye week is good or frustrating)
“Well, yeah, it is always frustrating, you wish you can get back on the field and play again but when it comes, you understand too, with your body and how long the season is that once we put this one to bed after Monday afternoon or whatever and we take some time off I think it will be good for us and then we can refocus and then come back and get ready to roll in two weeks.”
(On the front-seven quickness from Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David)
“Well those two guys are good players. I talked about it Wednesday during the week, Gerald [McCoy], he can disrupt a game, he is as good as anybody in the league, in my opinion, at that position and when he’s rolling he can take over a game and he certainly made it tough on us. Lavonte [David], he was playing accordingly. They do a good job playing off each other and having been with those guys, we understand the character and type of people they are, regardless of their record, I knew they were going to come play hard and they were both, obviously, difference makers today.”
(On if today was a subpar performance)
“No, I thought, for the most part, executed what we wanted to do. I always look at it and feel like I can be better, but as far as throwing the ball and locating it against what they were doing and what they were bringing, it wasn’t bad but certainly could be better. Took a shot to Robby [Anderson] on the deep ball and Brent [Grimes] made a good play. I felt like we fought back and we hung in there, we just have to be better.”
(On how frustrating this game was after playing well against Buffalo last week)
“It’s frustrating. It’s not what we were hoping to do. It’s not what we’ve been working for all week. We have to take the [loss] and grow from it.”
(On why the offense couldn’t get it going today)
“It didn’t happen fast. We didn’t come out fast. We didn’t come out executing like we normally do. When we started getting a rhythm, there was something stopping us. We stopped ourselves.”
(On playing poorly on offense this week after playing well against Buffalo)
“It’s nothing that we are going to be excited about, nothing we will be happy about. We have to look at the film and get better.”
(On what wasn’t clicking offensively at the beginning of the game)
“Just no rhythm – three-and-out. Just missed execution.”
(On continuing to have problems with penalties)
“It’s tough. It’s just us hurting ourselves. A lot of our mistakes and stuff is not really like blown coverage or them stopping us. It’s just us stopping ourselves. We got to cross that bridge and we got to solve that issue.”
(On him not being 100 percent from the start of the game)
“Yeah, that’s fair, but I felt better than I did. I really wasn’t trying to miss anything. I wanted to give it a shot to see where was it, see if I could make it through the game. But, I also didn’t want to go out there and put no bad film out or go get beat where we lose the game.”
(On if aggravating his foot could have made the injury worse)
“I don’t feel like it has gotten any worse. I feel like it definitely got better from the first time I hurt it to that Thursday game and it got better. This week [it has] gotten a lot better. Like I said, coming into this game, I already knew where it was. I knew how it felt – stuff like that. Like I said, I didn’t really want to miss too much, so I wanted to give it another shot.”
(On how important the Bye Week is for his recovery)
“It’s definitely big. I’m really counting on this week. Like I said, it’s been an everyday thing. It’s gotten better and better and better. It felt better that I felt like I could at least go out and play today. Like I said, I didn’t want to hurt myself or hurt my team.”
(On explaining playing poorly today compared to playing well last week against Buffalo)
“It’s not hard at all. The fact of the matter is we didn’t perform well. We didn’t play well on special teams, we didn’t play well on offense, we didn’t play well on defense. We just sat down. We just didn’t play well. That’s easy to say. We just didn’t play well.”
(On what surprised him about not playing well)
“I don’t know, man. We just play hard. We just didn’t land as many blows as they did. They won the unanimous decision. They landed more punches than we did.”
(On if the loss was a letdown in all phases of the game or if there were specific things that went wrong.)
“That’s how it was. There were a couple plays to be made in each phase and frankly, we just didn’t make the play in each of those situations. I’m probably going to see more on film, but it’s just one or two plays that we could’ve made in each phase. We just didn’t make them. They capitalized on them.”
(On the offense not being able to capitalize on strong defense) 
“It’s tough, but we feed off each other. Our job is to give them the ball back as many times as we can. Their job is to keep pushing the offense. We did a pretty good job of communicating, but we just got to put it all together.”
(On penalties continuing to be a problem for the team)
“It’s tough. I mean I feel like now we have that on us, so we just have to find a way to get it off. We’re playing aggressive, but we just got to play clean and keep the penalties off us.”
(On regrouping during upcoming Bye Week)
“We’ve got time to sit back and reflect and think and put a plan to move forward. We have all the pieces we need, so we’ve just got to keep working and put it together.”
(On remaining optimistic for rest of the season)
“It’s big, I mean if anybody is in this locker room doubting us then they shouldn’t be here. We’re going to stick together, keep playing, we’re going to keep fighting. I don’t think we have any quitters on our team. We’ll be ready the next time we step out.”
(On his thoughts on today’s game)
“First things first, I’ve got to make sure that I make the necessary corrections for myself. We’re still a team, we still got to continue to play together, we still got to continue to come to work we still have to do the little things. Those little things are like playing fast, playing hard and playing smart. Just got to do some better things.”
(On if team was overconfident coming off Thursday night win against Buffalo)
“No, I don’t think we were overconfident. I just think they came out and they threw more punches than we did and they finished. At the end of the day they finished. It seemed like they wanted it more than we did. I’m not saying that our team didn’t come out and fight. We did, we did fight, but did we play smart? That’s one of our biggest things. We have to continue to play smart. We have to remember we’re in this thing together. We still have six games left, we get to go into a bye, get a lot of guys rested up, get healthy and come back for this six-game stretch.”
(On if Tampa wanted to win more)
“Their back was against the wall. They needed a win, they got it. Our back was against the wall and we didn’t finish. That’s the biggest thing. At the end of the day we have to finish.”
(On if they started the game sluggish)
“No, I just feel like they were making plays and we didn’t. That’s the biggest thing, they were making plays and we didn’t. The first series we came out stomped them off the field. The second series they drove down and only got three. We kept them to field goals for most of the game. That’s what you want to do as a defense. We pretty much stopped the run game, we hit the quarterback. We’ve just got to play smart. That’s the biggest thing, got to play smarter.”
(On why penalties are an issue for team)
“We’re a physical team and you have to understand somethings are going to come with that. You have to learn to play a little bit smarter. That’s all of us. Just got to continue to play smart. Stay physical, but learn to play within the rules. Everybody knows that we’re a highly-penalized team and the referee is going to be looking at that, but we still have to play smart. We still have to finish the game – [it’s] sixty minutes at the end of the day. They won we lost, get back in the lab on Monday and make the necessary corrections and move forward.”

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