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30 October 2016

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Postgame Quotes (10/30/16)

(Opening statement)
“Hard-fought game. We weren’t quite good enough today. The Raiders have a good football team. Our guys played hard, but we weren’t good enough today. Those kind of hurt. We had our chances and couldn’t capitalize. Our defense was on the field way too long. We couldn’t do enough offensively to keep them off the field. That hurt us. We can’t put our defense out there that long. Offensively, we couldn’t get our run game going. We were inconsistent in our pass game. I am proud of our guys. We got the lead. We gave up a lead. We came back and got the lead again. Like I said, we had our chances and congratulations to Oakland – they’ve got a good team.”
(On if the team is running out of pieces)
“No sir. We’re not.”
(On the severity of the injury to running back Jacquizz Rodgers)
“I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s probably good, but I don’t know for sure. It’s something to do with his ankle.”
(On how the team moved the ball and the play of quarterback Jameis Winston)
“We didn’t really move it much all day, other than a couple of times when we got in a little bit of rhythm but we didn’t really move it well all day. I’ve got to help him. I’ve got to call it better. I’ve got to find a way to get us in. I’ve got to do better.”
(On if there were times when Winston locked in on wide receiver Mike Evans too much)
“I’m not sure. Shoot, I’ve got the worst seat in the house. I think the stats have Mike for 11 targets and four receptions. I mean, we’ve got to get Mike the ball more than four times. There were some balls that were close. I can’t really see from where I am how close we were on some of those. I can’t tell.”
(On running the ball at the end of the first half)
“They had two timeouts, too, and if I’m not mistaken we were on the 11-yard line. We hadn’t exactly been grinding it up and we had the lead. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so I’ve got to take that.”
(On if Tampa Bay’s overtime possession starting at the 42-yard line was their best chance for the win)
“Oh yeah, that was one of several opportunities. Holding them on fourth down when we were still ahead and overtime, holding them on fourth down and having that holding penalty. Shoot – that could’ve been ballgame right there. When our defense held them and we had it on the minus-42-[yard line], we had kind of been saving that double-move shot play to Mike [Evans]. We had a shot at it. Jameis threw it up there, the wind got it a little bit. Again, I couldn’t really see. It looked like a little traffic jam there. I couldn’t really see what happened. We still had two other downs. You can’t be afraid to take your shots, otherwise you’d never take any shots. When you take your shots and you don’t hit them, on second and third down you’ve got to come back and move the chains. We couldn’t do that today. I said, I’ve got to help him [Winston].”
(On Oakland passing for more than 500 yards, and if Oakland’s 200 penalty yards helped Tampa Bay but they just couldn’t take advantage of it)
“I don’t know if they helped us. I thought our ‘D’ was out on the field too long, No. 1. And then No. 2, we played some bend but don’t break. Those are two really good wide receivers. We said all week, a quarterback who gets the ball out [fast]. We couldn’t get enough pressure. He finds those guys and they do a good job catching it. I thought [cornerback] Brent Grimes was in position several times and [cornerback] Vernon [Hargreaves III], they were working it over there. I’m still real confident in both of our corners. Coverage’s best friend is a good pass rush. That’s some weird numbers, 500 and 200. I’ve never heard of that one.”
(On giving up big plays)
“I’m not sure exactly what the numbers are. In the passing game, it all starts with the pass rush. Again, our defense, it starts with them being on the field too long. Anything else I say is going to be an excuse. We had our chances. We were right there at the end of regulation. Our ‘D’ held them in the red zone. We only had six penalties on the day. That was a costly one [on fourth down on cornerback Jude Adjei-Barimah]. We’re all going to look for reasons why. We’ve got to get our guys back and turn it around and be back here in four days for a division game. I think we’ve got to focus on the fact that we were right there against a good team. We got an early lead and let it slip, got the lead back. There’s plenty we’ve got to fix. We’re going to start focusing on Atlanta. Coaches are heading back to the office right now – we’ve got to get ready. Our players are coming in tomorrow. We’ve got a short week and that’s what we’ve got to be thinking about. We’re a long way from being done. I’m hurting right now. Those guys are hurting, but we’re not even to the halfway point. I’m disappointed we lost but I’m proud of how we competed. The fans were awesome today. Hat’s off to them. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. We’ve got to do our part. I’ve got to do better.”
(On how the team bounces back and plays a game on Thursday)
“We’re going to find out. We’re about to find out on Thursday.”
(On the team’s missed extra point)
“Oh yeah, you’ve got to make them. Inside the 50 [yard line], you’ve got to make them. We were able to overcome it with the 2-point [conversion]. That’s one play. Stuff’s going on out there all the time. They’re all not perfect. That’s what a team game is. You fight to overcome it. I thought we had it when we came back and got the lead. Thought we were in good shape. We weren’t able to hold it. Give the Raiders some credit. We just weren’t quite good enough.”
(On Oakland quarterback Derek Carr)
“I thought he was outstanding, I thought he was outstanding. Ball on the money. That was a tough wind out there today. He spins it tight. He played lights out.”
(On if wind was a factor in his inaccuracy)
“No, I just wasn’t precise enough.”
(On missing deep passes)
“I just wasn’t precise enough. I’ve got to give guys a chance.”
(On if the overtime possession where Tampa Bay started at their 42-yard line was the team’s best opportunity to score)
“Any time I step on the field, I feel like we’ve got a good chance. I just don’t think I was precise enough.”
(On the injury to running back Jacquizz Rodgers)
“The way we’ve handled injuries this year has been outstanding. It was another guy’s opportunity to step up. We miss ‘Quizz.’ I didn’t even know he was injured until about the third series and I said, ‘Where’s Quiz?’’ But, man, that’s a tough one. We’ve got to bounce back. We’ve got a quick turnaround. That’s lucky for us. We’ve got a quick turnaround, another division game. Oakland’s a great team. We fought hard out there. I just have to be better to help the offense out.”
(On if he prefers quick turnarounds)
“Yeah, especially when you lose.”
(On why he wasn’t as precise as he would have liked to be)
“I’ve got to go see. There’s too many open people. I’ve just got to get better. It was tough. Long drives by their offense. Their offense played really good. Our defense was holding them, holding them, holding them. I’ve just got to stay prepared and play. I’m a professional quarterback. I’ve got to play.”
(On losing at home)
“It’s tough, but I appreciate the fans sticking around. We were so close. I felt that the team fought hard. If you’re going to lose, lose like that. Me personally, the quarterback play wasn’t good enough. But that team effort was outstanding. Hopefully the fans respect that.
(On if his receivers are getting open)
“Yeah. I just wasn’t precise enough. Sometimes I throw the ball and other guys are open. Someone is always open. I have to get through my progressions and find ways to get guys the ball. That’s all, really. Of course I’m going to target Mike 11 times. He’s our guy. It’s Mike Evans.”
(On if Oakland’s defense did anything differently in the second half)
“No, nothing was different. They just played well. That’s a good defense. They lead the NFL in road wins. They squeezed one out. That was one of our ‘Must’s.’ We’ve got to out-finish those guys. They have a great offense. They played well. I feel like we played well. We played a great team game. We just came up short. Think about the score changes we had in this game. We could’ve just given up. Nobody gave up. We just kept fighting. We kept fighting and led the thing to overtime.”
(On throwing deep towards wide receiver Mike Evans in overtime)
“When you’ve got a chance to take a shot – when they’re giving you a shot to one of our best receivers, you need to take that shot. It wasn’t the coverage. It wasn’t even a double move. It was a straight over route. The ball was in the air. Sometimes, players can put their hands on our guys before the ball is caught. I felt that happened.”
(On wide receiver Russell Shepard making plays)
“It just goes back to our guys getting open. Guys are stepping up. We have some injuries. That’s just the adversity that we face. Russell has taken advantage of that. He’s a guy who works hard. Russell ended up getting hurt towards the end of the game. He’s one of our guys.”
(On how he bounces back from a tough game)
“Just keep playing. There’s a lot of games this year where I’ve played good. As long as you don’t have back-to-back games like that, as long as you keep playing and keep fighting – I’m a professional for a reason. I’m excited, now we get a chance to play Atlanta at home on another big stage. We did good with big stages this year. I’m excited.
(On recovering from today’s game on a short week)
“This game is over. That’s just a week-to-week thing. The game is over and you’ve got to move on. Luckily for us, we get another chance to be in front of the home stands and play a division game and shoot for a win.”
(On the pass interference call in the end zone on Oakland’s final drive in regulation)
“Yeah, obviously the referee saw a penalty, so he threw a flag.”
(On if he knew that a penalty was going to be called)
“No, I had no idea.”
(On what happened in overtime)
“We came up short. We didn’t make enough plays to win the game.”
(On the final play of the game)
“Yeah, like I said, we didn’t make enough plays today to win the game.”
(On if he is surprised the team lost with the number of penalties committed by Oakland)
“Absolutely. Ideally, that’s not how you want things to go, but hats off to them. They played a hell of a game and we’ve got to move on to Atlanta.”
(On the frustration of Oakland winning the game in overtime)
“Yeah, we’ve just got to get better. We’re going to move on to Thursday and we’re going to get better.”
(On if he was surprised how efficiently Oakland quarterback Derek Carr threw the ball)
“We just didn’t do what we were supposed to, we’ve got to get better. Like I said, we’ve got to get ready for another and now we’re moving past this.”
(On the up-and-down nature of the game)
“Well, we’d get a positive play and then a negative play. Then at the end, I had two opportunities to get big third-down conversions and I didn’t make those plays and I let my team down.”
(On if he had ever been part of a game with so many penalties before)
“They still got the win. It’s crazy. They’re a really good team – if they stop the penalties, they can be great.”
(On if Oakland showed any coverages he wasn’t expecting)
“They doubled me a lot – I was expecting it, but not in the field, more in the red zone. But they were doubling me a lot.”
(On if something changed between the first half and the second half)
“They just played really good. They doubled me, and then we would get a big play and then we would get a negative play again.”
(On not having a lot of time to think about the result of this game with the short week leading up to Atlanta)
“Yeah. Absolutely, we are going to take our 12 hours and then move on to Atlanta and we’re real familiar with Atlanta, big-time game on Thursday night.”
(On how he would describe the disappointment in the locker room to a regular fan)
“I can’t. I mean, I hate losing, my teammates hate losing and it was that close. We thought we had it won and they snuck it from us. Great game by them, but it hurts really, really bad. That’s the only thing I can say.”
(On what he meant when he said he was doubled)
“The safeties to my side every time.”
(On the crowd today)
“It was a great crowd. I’m so upset that we let our fans down. We haven’t won here a lot in the past few years and hopefully we can turn that around and hopefully we’ll get a big turnout Thursday night.”
(On going three-and-out on the final three possessions of the game)
“Two of them was my fault. [Quarterback] Jameis [Winston] threw me great balls on third down and I didn’t make the play that I could make easily and I didn’t make those, so that’s on me.”
(On Oakland winning the game despite having over 200 penalty yards)
“They had the ball a lot too, though. They had the ball for a long time. They have a really great offense and we did our defense a disservice for all the three-and-outs that we had.”
(On how tough it is to lose the way they did)
“It sucks, but good thing we get to do something about it Thursday.”
(On the impact that running back Jacquizz Rodgers leaving the game with an injury had on the offense)
“He went out at the end, like really late. I think we had like one more possession without him, but he’s a big part of our offense the past few weeks and I hope it’s not too bad.”
(On whether he believed the game was over when the Raiders had an incomplete pass on fourth down at the end of regulation)
“Of course, definitely did. But obviously, there was a penalty on the play, so we have to keep playing. We have to finish the game.”
(On Oakland wide receiver Amari Cooper’s success on the field)
“Yep, we have to do a better job of stopping a guy of his caliber. At the end of the day, he kind of got off on us today, but we’re on to next week. We have a short week.”
(On the amount of time Oakland quarterback Derek Carr had in the pocket resulting in over 500 passing yards)
“Yeah, if he passes for over 500, it’s a mixture of both. We have to cover better. We have to rush better.”
(On if he believes Oakland wide receiver Amari Cooper got the best of him today)
“Definitely. I mean, look at his numbers.”
(On what area he believes hurt the team the most)
“I don’t know about one area, I just know that we didn’t capitalize on opportunities. There’s not really more than that that I can think of.”
(On Oakland’s record of 200 yards in penalties)
“I was sitting on the sideline like, ‘I don’t know how this happened. A team gets penalized that much and still win?’ Here’s the thing; they made the plays, we didn’t, simple as that.”
(On believing the game was going to end in overtime when they were able to make the stops to give the offense the ball)
“Absolutely. We gave our offense a chance. We always think that they’re going to finish the game off, but it doesn’t matter how many times we have to stop them, we need to stop them and we didn’t. We needed one more stop and we didn’t make it.”
(On what went through his mind when the penalty was called after stopping Oakland on fourth down)
“Can’t have it happen. Penalties will kill you at crucial times during the game. Definitely can’t have penalties and we did. That was a crucial moment, that one penalty regardless of all the penalties they had. That one we had changed the game.”
(On his mentality leading in to the short week to Atlanta)
“I’ll tell you what I’m about to do; usually I would go home, I’m going straight to the facility to start recovering, getting in the cryo tanks, doing some treatment, probably get a massage tomorrow morning. It’s a quick turnaround, so [head] Coach [Dirk] Koetter will take care of the physical part, but we have to mentally be prepared, but we have to take care of ourselves. We can’t go – as hungry as I am right now, I have to watch what I eat because it’s such a quick turnaround. You can’t go just eat a bunch of mess, so I have to watch what I eat and I’m going straight to the facility from here to start recovering.”
(On the difference he could feel with having defensive end Robert Ayers, Jr. back)
“It’s always great to have a vet like Rob back and his presence was felt. It’s not just his skillset, but his knowledge, not having to worry about whether he’s going to do his job or not, so it’s always great to have a guy like him back.”
(On if it is easier to move on from this loss because of the quick turnaround to get ready for Atlanta)
“We just get back on the field when we’re called to and we’re called to get back to the field on Thursday, so we’re going to make it happen.”
(On the pass interference call in the end zone on Oakland’s final drive in regulation)
“They had some tough calls. They gave us some calls as well, so we don’t control the calls we get. It’s very unfortunate, but we had a chance in overtime to make plays and win the game as well, so we can’t put it all on that one call.”
(On the defense not applying much pressure to Oakland quarterback Derek Carr)
“Yeah, man. We definitely up front, we wanted to get more pressure, get in his face, but the way they protected – six-man, a lot of seven-man made it hard on us. We had a lot of double-doubles inside and some of the outside guys had doubles as well, so we’ve just got to find a way.”
(On if he thought he would ever lose a game where the opposing team had over 200 penalty yards, as Oakland had today)
“Definitely in my head, I would have never thought we would have lost that game the way they just kept committing penalties. I would have never thought we lost. But, they found a way at the end, they found a way.”
(On how tired the defense was at the end of the game)
“I felt like we did a great job, but we just ran out of the gas at the end. Just needed one more play, needed one more stop and we’ve got to able to find it. Even if we’re tired or even if we’re dead, we’ve just got to find a way to make a play.”

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