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04 November 2016

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Postgame Quotes (11/3/16)


(On the defense)
“We really struggled in the second half. That third quarter, we just couldn’t get off the field. [Mike Smith] tried a lot of different defenses, we just couldn’t get a stop. That was definitely a critical play, a six-point game on the third down [and five] when we challenged that play. Holy cow. That was a big turning point. But we didn’t stop them the whole second half. I’m not sure exactly why. We’ll have to check it out tomorrow. We definitely couldn’t stop them in the second half.’’
(On the injuries)
“I’m not sure on any of the injuries. Jameis [Winston] told me he was fine. I was told Mike Evans was in protocol for a concussion but that’s all I really know right now. We got a few guys banged up, but I don’t really know all the status.’’
(On if fatigue was a factor playing on a Thursday following an overtime game on Sunday)
“I’m sure that didn’t help us. Atlanta, other than the overtime, Atlanta had the same thing. We can’t make excuses for that. We can’t make excuses, we are what we are. We got to figure out a way to get better.’’
(On penalties)
“We definitely hurt ourselves with penalties. Penalties were an issue in that first half, offensively. Every time we got something going, we got a 15-yarder. That’s really what stopped us in the first half. I didn’t feel like we got stopped other than stopping ourselves with penalties. Yet we were only down six points at half.’’
(On the decision to decline a 15-yard penalty at 13:42 of the second quarter)
“We talked about it. It would have pushed them back right to the edge of [Matt] Bryant’s range and they would have had another down so we thought it was probably going to end up about the same way and possible worse. So we figured we’d just take our chances right there.”
(On struggling at home)
“Trust me, whatever frustration anybody else has, you can multiply that by about 200,000 for me. We’ve got to do better. The crowd was ready to roll. They were ready to play their role. They did early. We got off to a good start. Even at halftime, I felt like we were where we needed to be. We just couldn’t get that stop.’’
(On lack of pass rush)
“Definitely pass rush and coverage go hand in hand. We’re not getting the pass rush and we’re not covering very well either.’’
(On the team’s intensity)
“I think the intensity is a lot better than you think. Now it got away from us a little bit at the end. Leave your tape recorder and come on down on the field. That hitting is real, that hitting is real.’’
(On where the team is right now)
“We’re 3-5, that’s where we’re at. We’re 3-5 at the halfway point and that’s what we’ve earned. That’s what we talked about in the locker room. We’ve got half the season left. I’ve got to figure out a way to make this team play up to their potential. Because I don’t feel like we are right now. That’s 100 percent on me.’’
(On Mike Evans)
“Mike played the best game I’ve seen him play in my time here. Mike was fantastic tonight.’’
(On the running backs)
“We were going to play all three guys. They all three played. They gave us what they had.’’
(On how this team is different from the end of last season)
“At the end of last season, we were 6-10. Right now, we’re 3-5 with a half of a season to go.’’
(On the hit he took on the two-point conversion attempt in the fourth quarter and how he feels)
“I take a lot of shots every week. I feel great.”
(On coming out of the game)
“I feel great.”
(On the reason he came out of the game)
“Because Coach took me out.”
(On the play of wide receiver Mike Evans)
“Mike is our superstar. Last week we were talking about throwing him the ball and missed targets. You see when we connect what type of nights he has.”
(On why the team has trouble winning at home)
“It’s just a mentality. We’ve just got to win. We’ve got to want to win at home. I have to play better at home, personally, and I’m going to fix that. I think that’s the main thing – the quarterback has to play good at home. I can’t have two turnovers.”
(On if he sensed any fatigue from Sunday’s overtime loss to Oakland)
“No. We can’t make [any] excuses. Atlanta came out to play, Atlanta’s a great team. You know, we started off hot, we’ve just got to finish. Like I said, I fumbled that ball and the defense got a good stop for us and I fumbled again. So two turnovers can’t help us.”
(On where the team is at 3-5)
“I think we’re a great team, I think we’ve just got to get over that hump. It’s the difference between being a 3-5 team with a positive mentality and there’s a difference with being a 5-3 team with the mentality that we’re big. God just keeps putting us in situations that we have to humble ourselves and get better every single week. Every time we face adversity, we can’t doubt ourselves. We’ve just got to keep playing.”
(On how much injuries are hurting the team)
“That’s football. We play a challenging sport so knick-knack injuries are going to be here and there. Our job, as a team, is to have our brothers’ back and overcome all that.”
(On if he feels like they stopped themselves with penalties tonight)
“Absolutely, absolutely. Absolutely, and it starts with me just being able to communicate, being able to get this offense in a rhythm and move the ball down the field.”
(On if he had the chance to talk to any of the Buccaneers Legends in attendance for John Lynch’s Ring of Honor ceremony)
“I didn’t.”
(On how much he wanted to try to score at the end of the first half when Tampa Bay sacked Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan with 32 seconds left and the clock ran out)
“Thirty seconds with a punt means we get the ball with about 15 seconds left.”


(On giving up so many yards)
“Yeah, that’s not good enough. We’ve got to be better than that.”
(On how to bounce back from this loss)
“We’ve got to take these three days off and evaluate ourselves, do some soul searching individually. It’s not about pointing fingers and saying, ‘It’s this or it’s that.’ Everybody has to look at themselves and see what they can do better to bring to this team, so the next few days really need to be a break. We don’t need to rest. We need to reload. We’ve just got to uh – something has to give, something has to change.”
(On what he thinks the answer is to turn things around)
“I don’t know. If I knew, we would do it. I don’t know.”
(On mistakes piling up as the game progressed)
“Yeah, we uh – in the third quarter, it got out of hand. We let it get away from us. We can’t have those moments. We’ve got to learn to finish games. We finished off the first half off well and then let them score the first drive second half and then it just kind of got out of hand from there. We’ve got to start the second half better and then finish it.”
(On what he’s thinking after tonight’s loss)
“It’s another tough loss. You first give credit to Atlanta, they played a great football game and they were the better team today. I don’t think we did as good as I thought we were going to do. We just didn’t bring it. I don’t think that we fought hard enough, I don’t think that we did what it takes to win. Atlanta did. I don’t know if they’re a better football tea, but tonight they were.”
(On if there was any concern with quarterback Jameis Winston’s injury)
“I didn’t even know he went down, I just thought Coach took him out because the game was over it and he’s a guy that’s going to keep fighting until the end and trying to keep him from getting hurt, so I don’t didn’t even know he went down with an injury.”
(On what needs to change in order for the team to win at home)
“I wish I knew. I don’t think anybody knows, I think if we knew, we’ll fix it. Obviously, that’s an individual thing form every guy in this locker room, starting from our staff to the players, so I don’t know. I don’t know an answer, other than more hard work and focus and dedication, but I don’t know it’s a solution that I know. If I knew it, I’d get it.”
(On how he gets ready for the next game against Chicago after this loss)
“I don’t think you have [any] choice, that’s our job, is to prepare all week and play on Sunday. So, you can’t get down because you lost another game. That’s what we get paid to do, so like it or not, we’ve got to come back to work.”
(On what happened tonight)
“I felt like we played well the first half, got some stops, got some snaps, pressured [Atlanta quarterback] Matt Ryan pretty good the first half. The second half, I think pretty much after that call didn’t go our way after that challenge, the game kind of got away from us. They started tossing the ball around all over the field and we just weren’t getting enough pressure like we were in the first half and it just kind of got away from us.”
(On if fatigue played a factor tonight)
“No, fatigue wasn’t a problem. Coach made sure we got enough rest, I felt great tonight and I talked to some of the guys, they felt great as well. We didn’t make enough plays tonight, Atlanta made more plays, especially in the second half.”
(On two quarterbacks throwing for almost 900 combined yards against them the last two weeks)
“It’s tough to explain, but they’re very elite quarterbacks and they have some elite receivers. These aren’t just receivers coming out of college, it’s Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, they’re very good players. So, we’ve just got to be better on defense. Us up front, we’ve got to be better and we can’t pressure the quarterback for just one half, we’ve got to do it for the whole game.”
(On if injuries are starting to take a toll on the team)
“Injuries are not taking a toll, it’s a ‘next man up’ mentality. I feel like we had a lot of guys rotate in and out on the D-line in the first and second half, so we’ve got guys that can play good ball, we’ve just got to get a couple key pieces back on offense and defense. I feel like we’ll be fine, there’s a of football left – we’ve still got eight games and it’s November, so it’s time to start playing good ball. We’ve got a couple days off, get some guys healed up.”
(On not being able to keep the consistency on offense after a strong start)
“One of our goals is to get off to a fast start and we did that. Moving the ball down the field and getting some points, it was good to see that, but just penalties putting us in bad situations and just second half not really getting too much, so it’s disappointing.”
(On if he knew the offense was going to have to put up a lot points, going up against Atlanta’s high-scoring offense)
“Yeah, we knew they have a very explosive offense. Matt Ryan is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and Julio is probably one of the best receivers in the league, so we knew we’d have to put up some points, obviously. But we control what we control on offense and whatever was going on with the defense, we know every time we’re out there, we’re going to try and score.”
(On how he gets ready for the next game against Chicago after this loss)
“I don’t think it’s tough to get up for a game. Obviously, you only get 16 of them, so you’ve got to be excited to play football every time you step on the field. One thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to win at home – we haven’t done that yet, so that’s something we’ve got to take into account and come out here ready to play.”
(On if he surprised where the team is at right now)
“Obviously, we feel like we’re better than 3-5, but we have to own that right now. That’s our record, so we just have to own it and I think every guy in this locker room knows we’re capable of being better than that, but right now we just have to take what we’ve got and try to improve on that.”

(On what the Atlanta offense did to pull away)
“They just played their game, coached their game. Matt Ryan threw great passes and Julio did his thing. I give my tops off to those guys.”
(On what the mentality of the team is right now)
“We’ve still got to change. The mentality is that everybody needs to have the same mentality as themselves, that nobody can stop them. If you have that mentality, then nobody can stop you. I don’t think people really have that mentality right now that we can stop anybody we hit.”

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