Tampa Bay Buccaneers Postgame Quotes - Sunday, October 11, 2015

(Opening statement)
“[I] waited a long time to come up and talk to you after a win at Raymond James [Stadium]. Losing two games this year isn’t a lot of fun at home. Guys have been a lot of good things behind the scenes. [I] talked last week about how much better we are getting, but you need to see it on the football field. Where do I start? Offensively, offensive line first. Logan Mankins didn’t play. We have three guys that we thought were starters at the early part of the season not playing. Kevin Pamphile, our young guys really stepped up and gave our running backs a chance, whether it was Doug [Martin], of course, who was outstanding, or Charles Sims. They did a great job. Passing game-wise, Jameis Winston, just offense as a whole, running the ball, good balance, of course running and passing and we protected the football. That’s normally the case when you win the turnover ratio. Defensively, they played hard throughout. You have to give Jacksonville a lot of credit. [Blake Bortles] played well. It was a hard-fought game, but when we needed to take the ball away and every takeaway that we got, of course, was huge. Guys played hard throughout. Our rush was good at times. Special teams, Bobby Rainey really gave us a boost. Connor Barth coming in, being solid with his kickoffs and of course with the field goals and extra points. [It was] definitely a team win. We talked a lot about the second quarter [of the season]. We’re 1-0 in this second quarter with some momentum going into the bye week.”
(On winning a game at home)
“It’s not a whole lot of fun losing two games at home this season. I know everybody was been grouping a lot. We’re disappointed in what’s happened this year for us. This 2015 team. Disappointed more because we feel like we’re a good football team. That team out there, at times, is pretty good that can play with anybody around. So that part is disappointing. Of course for our fans, they were outstanding today. They’ve been outstanding every home game we’ve had around here and it’s good for them to be able to go home and be able to celebrate.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston and having zero turnovers)
“Good game plan. Of course Jameis is an outstanding player. We realize this past week that you can’t win football games unless you protect the ball. It’s about ball security on the offensive side. Jameis and the rest of our crew did that. Good job by the offensive coaches, but even better job with the execution by our team.”
(On defensive end George Johnson and his forced fumble)
“I think during the course of a year your role can change from week to week. You can’t mope around about it. You have to just keep working and realize that you are going to get another chance. Whether you starting or not, if we are dressing you odds are you’re going to get a chance to play. We needed that play. They had momentum. Defensively, we needed to make a big stand there. Of course George led it. It just wasn’t that play. He played throughout the day. That’s the type of play we expect from him every down, every game.”
(On the running game)
“Doug Martin, I’ve talked about how well Doug Martin has played every game this year, through the offseason, training camp. He’s supposed to be having success right now. He ran hard. That move in the open field where he made the guy miss, it’s just not in between the tackles that we’ve seen him excel. It’s out in space too. Just an outstanding job by him.”
(On Charles Sims receiving ability)
“We like that combination. We brought Charles here because we thought he could catch the ball out of the backfield, split him out, whatever it might be. I liked the way he ran the ball also. That’s a good one-two punch we have going with our running backs. We dressed three running backs today. I’m putting Bobby Rainey in there too, when he got his hands on the ball. We got a lot of production from them.”
(On blitzing and his linebacker group)
“The key is getting in situations where we can blitz. We were able to do that and the blitzes did come home. Kwon Alexander, Lavonte [David], there’s a period of time there where he really upped his game – our entire front. Blitzing has always been a big part of what we do. Everybody assumes we play cover-2, 50-play game we play cover-2 every snap. [It’s] a little bit different than that. Blitzes did come home a few times today.”
(On defensive end Howard Jones)
“How about Howard? You’re first true action. You move [from the practice squad]. Howard has a lot of ability. I’m talking about he’s as fast as some of the receivers – great speed. I know he was really excited about the opportunity. When you get that opportunity you have to take advantage of it. We’re talking about him right now, which is a good thing your first time out. [You] can’t have too many good rushers.”
(On facing a stout rushing defense like Jacksonville)
“We feel like we can run the ball each week and we feel we have to run the ball each week. It doesn’t matter how good a team is. That’s what we do. We want balance. You have to keep running the ball and we had some early success and then we had it throughout. They’re stats say that they are a good run defense. Today was our day.”
(On running out the clock at the end of the first half)
“We felt like we were in pretty good shape. Yeah, we could of [tried to score]. We didn’t want anything bad to happen then. We were okay coming back out and playing ball from there.”
(On if it showed him something that his young team continued to fight even after losing the lead)
“First off, it’s hard winning games in the NFL. During the course of a game you are going to have to fight through some adversity – momentum was here and different emotions that we had. [Jacksonville] got the momentum on their side and our guys stood up. Once that happened, the crowd helped the guys out. Defensively we got a couple stops, which led to the win.”
(On matching win total from last season and continuing to show progress)
“I have to think about that for a while. Two wins and we’ve matched the total. Talking about this year, the bye week is coming up. We need to heal up because we are a banged up team too. Offensively, today, we didn’t have a healthy scratch except for our [third] quarterback. We need this time to heal up a little bit and get ready. We are 1-0 in the second quarter. That’s how we are looking at it with another opportunity. That was a big win against Washington last year. That will be a big game for us.”
(On how long Kevin Pamphile been practicing at guard)
“Last week we put him there. He’s been working a little bit here and there. He’s been primarily at tackle, but when you dress you need to be able to do both. We normally dress seven [offensive linemen]. Around Wednesday we put him in there more full-time. He hadn’t gotten a whole lot of reps there, which is says a lot more just from that. Great job by him today.”
(On being eager to play after last week’s loss)
“I was very eager and it paid off.”
(On running back Doug Martin’s performance)
“I can just talk about our whole team, as a whole. Those guys played their tail off and Doug – he does what he [does], he’s great. He’s a great asset to this team and I believe the way that he and Chuck – Charles Sims, how they helped each other out, is special.”
(On how the success of the backfield made him produce better)
“It makes everyone’s jobs easier. But a game plan is a game plan, you know, so I’m just happy that we got this win.”
(On the importance of not turning the ball over today)
“It’s very important because winning the turnover ratio – if we didn’t win the turnover ratio, you never know what would happen. But having a goose egg in that turnover column is definitely a good sign.”
(On winning at home and how the struggles at home have been well documented)
“Well, now they are going to have to put those documents behind because now we are 1-0 in Raymond James.”
(On the game plan that offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter put together)
“Well, like I say week after week, Coach Koetter is one of the best offensive coordinators. He always puts this team in a great situation, and it’s my job to take care of the ball. I made a lot of very simple decisions today and the running game was amazing, so when I’m making the right decision and not turning the ball over you see how productive our offense can be.”
(On the 56-yard conversion to Charles Sims in the third quarter)
“That’s another great call by coach. Third-and-fifteen, you never think we just want to flip the field, but Chuck [Sims] made an amazing play with his legs and Coach Koetter did it again.”
(On seeing his own game progress after today)
“Anytime you get a victory and don’t turn the ball over it’s a big positive, but it’s just one game, again. Obviously, this is big for us to go into the bye week and I still have to get better. We have to still get better as a team but definitely getting a win before our bye week was big for us.”
(On if there were moments when he was hesitant to throw a pass)
“No, I was just playing. You know, I was just making the simple decisions. I had at least three passes under five yards this game and that’s how our offense is made. Coach Koetter is going to call a great game every single time, but he trusts me to make the right decisions. Our running backs and offensive lineman are going to do their jobs; you know, I just have to make the right decision.”
(On if the short completions today were his first reads)
“Not at all, not at all. Like I said, I’m getting better every week. I took the initiative, like I said on Tuesday, I took the initiative not to turn the ball over this game and that worked out well.”
(On the first play of the game being a completion to the tight end)
“Just another great call by Coach Koetter. You know, I don’t think we started off [a game] this season with a pass, yet, and that’s just him. Coach Koetter is going to call a great game plan, it’s my job to take care of the football.”
(On the explosiveness of the offense and putting a lot of points on the scoreboard)
“It is. Our defense played amazing as well, so you can’t not talk about those guys. Those guys played their tail off, but you just think about the chemistry of this offense, you see everything just coming together. Doug Martin having another huge game, Chuck [Sims] having another game with rushing and catching the ball out of the backfield. You think about our offensive line, how much we had to overcome the past two weeks. We’re losing [center] Evan [Smith] and [guard] Logan [Mankins], and Kevin [Pamphile] and Joe [Hawley] stepping up again. That’s what’s important to me. We got a win and that’s important because as a team, when you see how things are coming together, how you are starting to gel – that’s what makes you happy.”
(On if he thinks the team as a whole is getting better)
“Do you think this team as a whole is getting better? It was a big win for us and that’s our goal, that’s my goal individually is to get better every week. If I hold myself to that standard I expect everyone else to hold their self to that standard – the goal to get better every single week. The more we play together, the better and better we get together as a team.”
(On how important it was to get momentum going into the bye week)
“It’s very important because the guys get to rest their body. Those guys, they don’t take [any] plays off. They are out there working their tail off busting their butts and now they get a free week to lay low. Some of us are going to be hitting it even harder because every week we’ve got to get better and better. This is just not a week that we just fall off and relax. We’ve got to keep our foot on that gas and try to start rolling.”
(On what it’s like to hand the ball off to Doug Martin)
“Man, it’s a blessing. Like I say, he’s a tremendous asset to this team. But if Doug was up here right now I know he would say it would be a blessing to be behind that offensive line who block their tails off for him. This was just smash mouth football. We lined up in two-tight end formations, two-running back formations, and pounded that football. And you know, when you are able to force your will upon somebody else and you got a running back that’s taking beatings and beatings and just getting four to five yards, then popping one for 20, that’s great football. That’s how the foundation of this game was made.”
(On the team’s composure to come back after losing the lead)
“Well, we’ve been there before, but it shows how we persevere. We wanted to get a victory not only for us but for this city, man. We haven’t won here in 11 games? It was important for us to just have some confidence about ourselves like, ‘Hey guys, let’s go out there and get this win.’ And we get Monday off, so that’s another big positive.” (laughs)
(Opening statement)
“It was an amazing game, it was a team effort. It was something that the fans had a long time coming. I’m glad we could get a win at home for the fans. Like I said, it was a team effort. Special teams done made it, defense pulled in in the end, and offense stayed consistent throughout the whole game.”
(On offensive line changes)
“I got to tip my hat off and give a lot of credit to the offensive line. A lot of guys [were] down so that’s not our original starting linemen, but a lot of guys are stepping up. Kevin Pamphile stepped up in a big way today. I owe them dinner this week. I know we will continue to do that, be just as good as we were today throughout.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston having success throwing checkdowns)
“When that big play isn’t there, he did a good job checking it down to us running backs. As you can see, he’s progressing and he’s learning. And it worked – it definitely did.”
(On reestablishing self as a dominant running back)
“I never doubted myself. Like I said, it’s 11 guys. 11 guys won the game today. Personally, I just want to stay consistent throughout the season and hopefully get more wins.”
(On being having success against Jacksonville’s run defense)
“When I saw that – Coach Dirk [Koetter] pulled up the statistic that I guess they are No. 4 in [run] defense. When I see that and when our room sees that, we think of that as a challenge. Today we were challenging them and I feel like we were very successful in that area.”
(On if he got a sense he was going to have a big game)
“When I go into a game, I just think about if I do my job and play hard, then everything else will fall into place. I find a way to do my job and just keep on punching and something eventually is going to pop. That was my mentality going into the game.”
(On feeling of winning in front of fans at home)
“It felt awesome. We haven’t won a home game in so long, so it was good to get this win for the fans. They deserved it and I know we will continue to get these home wins.”
(On if he feels stronger with each carry)
“As a running back, you want to have a flow with the game. There was an inside zone play where I think he saw me make the cut and I bounced it outside. That’s because I was having a flow.”
(On having a lot of playing time in the second half)
“It felt good. We have great guys in our room. Bobby (Rainey) did awesome with special teams and Charles (Sims) did a good job today as well. Our room did great, and again I got to tip my hat off to the O-Line because without them we couldn’t get anything.”
(On his thoughts on his big game today)
“It was good. It set the offense up on good field position and we capitalized on both big returns so it was a good day for me. It was a good day for our punt return team.”
(On being a big part of the Bucs win that snapped an 11-game home losing streak)
“Yeah, I heard about that. That’s great. Sad, but great. So it was an all-around good effort on all three phases – offense, defense, and special teams.”
(On going into the bye week, how he feels physically and what he thinks the team needs to work on)
“First off, just rest. Rest and getting the body back and after that, getting back to work, really – focus on the things we’re not doing so well.”
(On him having the longest punt return for the Buccaneers in six years)
“It just my punt return team, they did a good job of blocking. So credit goes to them. Those guys getting the gunners stopped, getting the inside guys stopped and me basically just running the ball doing what I do. Like I said, credit goes to those guys who blocking up front.”
(On the play where he forced a fumble and that led to Jacquies Smith returning it for a touchdown)
“I basically [saw] the play, [saw] the toss, and I just got up there, really nothing to it. I’m just trying to play hard and just trying to make a play. We said coming off the sideline, ‘we need a big play.’ And it just happened to come when I got up field.”
(On how important that play was as a momentum changer in the game)
“Oh you see what happened, changed the whole game. You know, 14-point swing. You know, we go out there, we score on defense. That’s our main goal is to try to score on defense and we actually did that. And our offense came out and scored their next drive so that 14-point swing actually helped us out.”
(On being able to put away a game that gave this team a home win)
“Oh yeah. It feels good to finally get a home win. You know, we haven’t had one in so long. We said it before the game, we’re going to start a new tradition and start winning games at home, and that’s what we did.”
(On if it was on the team’s mind going into the game that it had lost 11 straight home games)
“Of course, I’m a part of team. We know we needed to win this game. We needed to get a home win. Coach [Smith] was preaching this for a long time. The last two home games he said we needed to get a home win and this is big for us to get it.”
(On getting a bye after this win)
“Oh yeah. It comes perfect, because now you get that momentum going into the bye, get your body rested up, and get ready for Washington.”
(On how defense was able to put pressure on Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles)
“Effort, man. Guys feeding off each other. We had the young guy step in today and he just did what he was supposed to do. Linebackers were filling the lanes, and the guys just - I always say lanes are interchangeable and that’s all they did. Guys just trying to get there, and we got there.”
(On the importance of today’s victory)
“Huge. We haven’t won [at home] since 2013 and it’s dang near 2016 right now, and we’re going into a bye. You think about last year, we played Baltimore right before the bye and that was not the way you want to go into the bye week. Going into a bye week with a win and the way we won, it feels good.”
(On throttling up after Jacksonville’s comeback)
“Yeah, we had to. That’s what comes with being a team, you have each other’s back. When we weren’t playing well, the offense did what they were supposed to do. When we had to get a stop, we did. I’m going to tell you right now, the play of the game, in my eyes, was the forced fumble by George [Johnson]. That’s huge. That changed the game right there.”
(On defensive end George Johnson coming through with a big player after not starting)
“That’s the NFL, man. That comes with not being selfish and just doing what the coaches ask you to do and what the team needs from you at that time. Obviously you want to be a starter, but he hasn’t complained, hasn’t come into work with his head down. When he gets his reps, he’s working to get better. He got in there today and made some big plays for us.”
(On running back Doug Martin’s performance)
“Doug ain’t no joke, man. I tried to tell you all, but you all weren’t trying to hear me, but I tried to tell you all what I saw in the offseason and camp. I mean this is the fifth game - I remember what happened in 2012 when he started to get rolling.”
(On the job Kevin Pamphile did filling in)
“I don’t think he ever played guard before, it was impressive he went out there and did what he did. The way we run the ball, it takes all five guys, and the tight ends, and the running backs. The way he stepped in there was very huge for us.”
(On getting the first win at home this season)
“Yeah man, it’s like a monkey off our back. In the NFL you get these streaks going and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of it. When you start losing games, it’s really hard to get out of that slump – find the spark to get. It started with one win, hopefully we can get the streak going the other way and rip off some wins going forward.”
(On the play of Jameis Winston and the game plan going in)
“I think the game plan was really good, the way we put it together. We attack them on the ground and we really didn’t rely on [Jameis Winston] right away – we developed a run game, we got some play action going, some screen game going. We really didn’t put so much pressure on him. We let him feel the game out and I think that gave him some confidence.”
(On the first home game win)
“It just shows us all, and gives us confidence that we can finish – we can all do it and keep doing it.”
(On his performance during the game)
“Coach Joe [Cullen] told me what to do and I went out there and did it.”
(On his comfort-level within the defensive scheme)
“All week and the past few weeks they made it difficult to get the plays and all that. But, making it hard made it easy out there, so that was pretty cool.”
(On getting two sacks in the first half)
“It felt good to be able to work with the guys and everyone else rushing.”
(On what was working for him)
“Just speed and working stunts with the other guys – the other guys picking people, I’m picking people, so just speed and being able to rush as a unit with everyone.”
(On having a break out game)
“I was just able to go out there and rush with [the defensive line] and I know they are very good at rushing. I just wanted to fit in and do my job.”
(On his performance today)
“Seeing everyone excited, it’s just awesome. I’m just excited to be back and it’s an opportunity to come out and do my job and that’s what it comes down to.”
(On having a drama-free day)
“You always want that. You never want to have a miss [a field goal]. We had a good week of practice, Andrew [DePaola] and Jake [Schum] make it easy on me. Andrew is a great snapper and Jake is a good holder and operation is good and when that is good, it makes it easy on me. Like I said, it was a team win. Jacksonville has a great rush team and the guys blocked so well up front and it’s just a great team win and it’s always good to make kicks.”
(On his kicks being the difference maker)
“In the NFL, every kick is a pressure kick, it is what it is. On any given day any team can win. Points are points and you got to make them when you are called on and I’m just happy I was able to come through today.”
(On if he was nervous kicking field goals)
“I made a lot of kicks in this stadium so it is what it is. You just trust in what you worked on in practice. We had a good week in practice and that always makes it better on Sundays. We always preach one kick at a time and I really, really try to focus on the one kick I had at hand and I’m happy that I kicked off, that was the main thing. I haven’t kicked off like that – I don’t know if I ever have. That was fun. It was a great team win, I’m just happy to be a part of it.”