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28 July 2018

Training Camp Quotes: Saturday, July 28, 2018

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability. Full video of press conferences can be found on
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
(On what he has seen from defensive end Jason Pierre Paul)
“Just a real impressive veteran player that’s willing to share with the younger guys. His ability to work in the heat - sometimes those veteran players don’t want to come out and work as hard as we ask them to in training camp, but he’s been out front all the way. Real impressive so far.”
(On Jason Pierre-Paul being a pass rusher)
“When we played them last year, just from our standpoint, we probably feared him more in the running game than we did in the pass game. That’s not a threat. That’s not a downgrade to him because we see good pass rushers every week, but a lot of those speed rushers can’t play the run. I mean, he’s 280 pounds.”
(On what Pierre-Paul does well against the run)
“He anchors, he sets the edge, his length, he’s hard to get into his body. He’s got those long arms, and then he’s so powerful. I was just watching a clip today on a big play where the tight end slices back accross the line, they were playing the [Los Angeles] Rams last year. He just picked the tight end up and walked him right back into the ball carrier. Greg [Auman of The Tampa Bay Times] will probably check and see if he can find that play later today.”
(On how smart Pierre-Paul is as a player)
“Real smart, about what he’s got to know. I don’t think he could play quarterback, but he’s doing good at what he knows.”
(On how well rookie running back Shaun Wilson is playing)
“We practiced three times. He doesn’t get a ton of reps, but he made one real nice run today. I’m anxious to see Shaun as camp goes on. He’s done nothing but impress so far, but we’ll see. We’re a long ways away.”
(On defensive end Noah Spence and sacks during practice)
“Some of those are hard to tell if they’re sacks or not. He was on the ground right by the quarterback’s feet on that last one so I blew it. We had very high hopes for Noah both in this first two seasons and out of his control he got injured in both seasons. That defensive line group is pretty deep right now, so they can pick their spots and get him in there as a rusher. We’ll see how it sorts out.”
(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves sitting out practice)
“Not too bad, he got a spike right on the shin. Similar to what [cornerback Brent] Grimes did last year. They had to stitch it up. He’s going to miss a few days. Nothing that’s going to keep him out long term.”
(On what players have surprised him so far)
“I don’t know. I don’t have a good answer for you.”
(On if he likes the team’s athleticism more than he did a year ago)
“It’s probably too early to say that. Those three rookie draft picks that we added, let’s give them a little time and see. They’re still in learning mode. Let’s see how they do.”
(On the running game)
“Yesterday we talked about balance is the hardest thing to defend, and we’d like to be 50/50 in running situations. In a game plan, we’d like to be 50/50 run-pass. Efficiency comes into play there, so sometimes you have to abandon that – time and score comes into play – but we need to be a more efficient running team, and if you’re a more efficient running team, you’re going to run the ball more.”
(On the team’s success in passing on first down)
“You’ve got play actions in there. For the season, first of all, we don’t just group all first downs together. We group some other down and distances in there. And for the season we were pretty close to 50/50 on run downs. We were pretty close to our goal if you look at it the way we look at it. Your number and my numbers don’t match, so we’re going to have to disagree on that.
(On how important it is to establish a rushing game)
“Five-out-of-six teams in the league last year that rushed for over 2,000 yards made the playoffs. There was only one team that rushed for over 2,000 in the season and didn’t make the playoffs. That was the [Dallas] Cowboys. Two-thousand yards in a season averages out to 125 yards a game. That’s where you’d like to be. Teams that do that are going to win games. They’re going to average a little over 10 wins and they’re going to get in the playoffs.”
(On the biggest difference between the run game in 2015 and the last two seasons)
“In 2015, we had a lot of explosive runs. Look at that Philly [Philadelphia Eagles] game for example. We were right up there. We were still an explosive team last year. We were seventh in the league in explosives, but we were second to last in run explosives, something like that. Explosives still, behind turnovers are the thing that contribute the most to helping you win. You’d like to get some explosive runs in there and some touchdown runs. I think our longest touchdown run was like nine yards or something.”
(On if he has a number of touches in mind for rookie running back Ronald Jones II getting touches)
“It’s way too early for that. We’ll see. We’ve got plenty of time to work that out. Let’s at least see how the guy does in pads and how he does in preseason. We’ll figure it out.”
(On how well the linebacker Adarius Taylor has stepped in)
“Really well. The year I was coordinator a few years ago Adarius came. We got him during the season as a scout team linebacker and I used to be screaming at him every day because he wasn’t giving the look I wanted. He was trying to tell me he came from Carolina and he was trying to tell me, ‘Coach, that’s not how Carolina plays it.’ Well that’s how I want you to play it. The evolution of Adarius now, he’s one of our best special teams players. He can play all three linebacker spots. Right now he’s working with the first unit as a SAM linebacker. He’s the backup - he’s the first guy in everything else. Just a real enjoyable guy and a tough, versatile football player. Versatility at any position helps, and he’s got it.”
Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul
(On how important it is to him to be more than a pass-rusher)
“Well it’s very important. I want everybody to know that I’m still capable of playing the run. They already know I can play the pass but if you can stop the run, there is no pass rush. So, to me I take honor in that, and I’ve got to keep discipline in what I do. So, that’s what I do.”
(On how it’s been playing with Vinny Curry and Noah Spence
“It’s been great. We just keep creating chemistry out there. Everybody pass rushes differently; everybody plays the run different. As veterans on the team, we’re teaching the young guys how to come up and how to do things correctly. We were all once in their position, so we are having great chemistry together. That’s a great start for us.”
(On the perspective that defensive line coach Brentson Buckner brings to the team)
“He knows what it’s like to be on that D-line and you’ve got to stay consistent. Playing D-line is tough. Every day you are constantly hitting each other, you’re hitting the offensive line, playing the run. It’s tough to play D-line and Coach Buck does a very great job at teaching the fundamentals and what to do at what point.”
(On the picture he posted on social media about his hand)
“It happened to me. I’m trying to prevent it from happening to other people and it doesn’t work. There’ still been people playing with fireworks and losing their hand. I’ve gotten a couple of DM’s in my DM’s. There’s not much I can say if I put a picture out there, and you see what happens. I’m just blessed to be playing the game of football and still doing what I love. I try to prevent people from doing it but it seems to happen. Hopefully, one day it will stop.”

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