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16 November 2016

Transcript: Kansas City Chiefs Conference Call with Tampa Bay Media (11/16/16)

(On their successful turnover margin this season)
“I think everyone probably works on it, but the ball seems to kind of, gone our way. But we’ve had years where it hasn’t gone our way. We work the same amount, so I don’t know. Sometimes these things go in cycles.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston’s progress)
“Well, I did follow him and then I was with him at the Pro Bowl, so I had a chance to talk to him a little bit over there. Obviously, I think he is coming along great. I’m partial to the guy that coaches him, so he’s got good coaching going on there and he works hard. I think he really enjoys playing the game and he wants to be the best and so, that was the feeling I got just talking to him in Hawaii. And so, that’s normally a pretty good combination. I think he’s a smart kid who loves to play, has a lot of talent.”
(On if he believes Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith deserves more respect from the public than he receives)
“Yeah, again, I’m partial to all my – I’ve sure enjoyed coaching him. I’ve been lucky to be around some good quarterbacks and he is one of them. The things we ask him to do, we ask him to do a ton of things at the line of scrimmage, he’s great at it. I think if you just look at the win-loss part of things, you see that he sure has been on teams that have won a lot of games and he’s been the quarterback of those teams and that’s a tribute to him.”
(On his memories progressing in his career alongside Coach Koetter)
“It started off at San Francisco State selling hotdogs, so we’ve come a long way. Now we are eating the hotdogs we were selling, so it’s a pretty good thing. I love the guy, we’re friends. Our families, our wives are good friends, so I think the world of him. I think he’s a great football coach. He comes from great stock. His dad might be the best coach I’ve ever been around, so it’s that type of thing.”
(On his challenging predicament at the running back position this season)
“They do a great job. We’re lucky here that we’ve got some guys that are pretty good running backs. [Chiefs General Manager] John Dorsey’s done a nice job of bringing the guys in, as Jason [Licht] has there and we’re sitting here with [Kansas City running back, Spencer] Ware, [Charcandrick] West and [Knile] Davis. That’s a pretty good group. We brought [Kansas City running back Bishop] Sankey in. He’s a good running back. So, we’ve got guys that can play and enjoy doing it.”
(On his opinion on the team Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht has put together)
“Yeah, they’re tough. They’re tough and they’re talented, so that’s Jason. He’s going to bring in tough kids that love to play.”
(On his opinions on his former player safety Bradley McDougald)
“Exactly what I just said. That’s typical Jason Licht thing too. He’s tough and that kid loves to play. He’s a tough kid now.”
(On Kansas City safety Eric Berry’s story)
“Yeah, you’d love him, to be around him. He’s one of those guys who loves to play the game. He’s overcome quite a little bit no -; the cancer - so he appreciates every day that he’s healthy and has this opportunity to play in the National Football League and you feel that. You feel it as a coach. You feel it as a player. When you’re around him, you just get this certain energy from him and that’s how he goes about his business.”

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