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16 March 2018

Transcript: Kicker Chandler Catanzaro Media Availability

(Opening Statement)
“I’m extremely excited to be here. I’m so pumped we finally have the contract signed. We’re ready to go and I’m just ready to get to work. I’m excited to be a Buccaneer.”
(On the special teams struggles the Bucs have faced the past few seasons)
“I’m pretty aware [of the Bucs struggles]. Being a kicker, we’re in a pretty tight knit, close almost fraternity. So we’re definitely aware but I wasn’t here during that time so I’m kind of looking forward to doing my thing this season. I’m really excited for the opportunity and very thankful.”
(On not missing an extra point last season)
“The extra points, that was a big thing for me last year. I think repping it more in practice and treating it like a 33-yard field goal instead of having that label as an extra point, I think that was big for me. I went 29-for-29. I’m definitely happy with the way that went. I’m excited to keep that going here.”
(On if signing a multi-year contract gives him confidence to stay with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers long-term)
“It definitely does. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunity and really doing what I have the last four years. I think I’ve proven that I belong and I think that my career stats say that. Coach Kaczor and I have talked and I’m even looking forward to proving. I’m never complacent and I’m always looking to get better. There’s definitely some things I could get better with and I’m looking forward to establishing that here and having a home. You know, being in Tampa and back in the Southeast; my wife is from Charleston, South Carolina and I’m from Greenville, right down the road driving distance. So, we’re really pumped about the opportunity and so thankful.”
(On kicking conditions at the stadiums of his former teams)
“There’s definitely a difference. Indoor at University of Phoenix stadium [has] friendly conditions. There’s no wind you have to worry about. The footing was great. The grass was really nice in there. Going to MetLife [Stadium], great turf and the wind could swirl a little bit in there. It got cold pretty fast and it’s a pretty tough division to kick in as well, the AFC East. I think we had one indoor game. It’s definitely different going from having eight or nine games indoor to one. But I learned a lot, I learned a lot about myself. The practice fields up there in Jersey were pretty windy as well so it definitely made me a better kicker. I’ve learned from both my successes and failures because I’ve had both. I’m looking forward to, like I said, just getting better. I’m never complacent, I’m always looking to get better. There’s always certain things I can improve on. I’m looking forward to continuing that here.”
(On kicking conditions at Raymond James Stadium)
“I’ve only kicked here once, to be honest. My wife and I and my family came down for the Clemson national championship so that’s the only [other] time [I’ve been to the stadium]. I’ve seen the stadium but I did get to kick in it last year and kicked well, warmed up well. I had one of the best warm-ups all year. You know it does get a little windy, there’s two open ends, both end zones are open. You have the pirate ship right there which is pretty cool. The biggest thing for me is having targets to pick out. I like to pick as small of a target as possible. Here, it’s pretty open, like I said, so there’s not much to look at. So last year in warm ups and during the game I picked a small piece of the net, as small of a square as I could see. I picked a spot in the net. Whether the wind was right to left, I’d pick a spot. That’s big with me, just picking targets. Familiarizing myself with Raymond James will be important. Coach Kaczor and I talked and I think we’re going to, during OTAs, go over to the stadium which is right here which is nice. [I will] kind of familiarize myself with the winds and with the targets and all of that stuff.”
(On his ability to perform kickoffs)
“I’m definitely excited to bring that here, bring that part of my game here. To be honest, during college I had a pretty solid kickoff guy in front of me, Bradley Pinion, who’s in San Francisco. I was always practicing on the side and out of college, that was kind of my “knock” coming out. People said that I couldn’t kick off. So I’ve always had that chip on my shoulder and it seems that each year I’ve gotten better and better at my touchback percentage, my hang times, my distances. Last year was my best year even with the wind and cold, touchback percentage-wise, and in return spot, return yardage. My kickoff coverage team in New York with the Jets did a great job, phenomenal job for me. That’s the biggest thing. I’ve talked with Coach Kaczor and talked about scheme. Deep kicks, mortar kicks, I’ve kind of got all the tools I need in the bag. The biggest thing is putting my kickoff coverage team, giving them the best chance to succeed. I’m excited to doing that here.”
(On training for kickoffs)
“A little bit of it is mechanical. Coming out of college, I started working with a guy, Dan Orner, that helped me out big time with the technique aspects of kickoffs. I think just getting more and more confident with it really [helps] and just cutting it loose. Physically. last year I felt fresher throughout the season and that’s big because the season is long. I didn’t hit a lot of kickoffs in preseason. I kind of saved my leg for the season and I kind of learned, I’ve been in this thing four years now, going on five, and I’ve kind of learned how my body works and what keeps me fresher longer. Whether it’s lessening the kicks during the game week or whatever it is, I’ve kind of learned how my body works and how to get to that peak performance level throughout the season. So I think a big thing for me was training my body in a way that was conducive to hitting those big balls and [increasing] hang time and distance. Like I said, also being able to mortar. So I’m really excited to bring that aspect to my game here.”
(On his ability to perform mortar kicks)
“In college at Clemson they had me work on it as well, in practice. I’ve always kind of practiced those kicks. To me, that’s kind of fun. I like to be creative with my kicking, with onside kicks. I have pretty much everything in the bag. I’m a soccer guy, so I’m really excited to bring that here. I’ve worked on it since college and I’m looking forward to it. Coach Kaczor and I have already watched some films and I know what he expects of me and so I’m excited, like I said, to bring all of that here. I’m pretty creative with my kicking style.”
(On his relationship with Buccaneers defensive line coach Brentson Buckner)
“I love ‘Buck.’ Obviously he’s a Clemson legend. He’s in the Hall of Fame there, so we always looked up to him. He came to practices while I was in college. I met him at some point there. At Arizona, I’d see him in the building and say, ‘What’s up? Go Tigers.’ So we were always walking by [saying], ‘Go Tigers.’ He seems like a really really great guy. I don’t know him too well but I’m looking forward to getting to know him here.”
(On friendship with former Clemson teammate and Buccaneers wide receiver Adam Humphries)
“’Hump’ is a really good buddy of mine. I’ll have a golfing buddy down here too, which is nice. There’s a lot of good golfing down here. Me and him, we’ve had some battles. Hump’s a good player, he has a really good swing. So we’ll see what happens when we get on the course here soon. Hump is a great guy. Obviously a heck of an athlete. I think he’s one of the guys I really respect. He’s a freaky athlete. He’s got great feet, great balance. As a punt returner I think he’s done some great things here too, special teams-wise. He’s done some great things at receiver too. Hump’s a great guy and I’m looking forward to being his teammate again.”
(On his long-range ability)
“I think that [long-range kicking] comes with confidence and experience. I think 2016 was really a time where in practice with Coach Arians and the Cardinals, we’d have situations where the offense would stall out in a two-minute situation at the 40 [yard-line] and I’d be chomping at the bit saying, ‘Coach, give me a shot at this.’ At first he laughed at me, was like, ‘come on, stay over there, stay to yourself.’ But I really wanted the shot in a two-minute situation or whatever and he gave me a couple of shots and I think his confidence in me grew with long range. Preseason I hit a 59-yarder, preseason game four against Denver. That kind of leapfrogged me in that long range. It gave me a lot of confidence. The guys were really pumped and a few weeks later I hit a 60-yarder in Buffalo. From there I have kind of gotten more comfortable from that long range. The weather is good here, it’s pretty warm, so it should be conducive to pretty long kicks. We’ll see. Bottom line is, whenever a coach sends me out there, I expect to score. I hold myself to a very high standard. Whenever I get on the field, I’m expecting myself to score points for the team and help.”
(On if he feels pressure coming to a team that has struggled in its kicking game the past few seasons)
“I kind of alluded to the pressure I put on myself. I promise you, it’s hard to believe, I put more pressure on myself than anybody ever can or will, to succeed and to kick well and to do my best and to reach my potential. I hold myself to a very high standard, higher than anybody has ever or will ever hold me too. So that’s enough for me. I’m just focused on doing my best in my process and my routine. I rely on my routine so outside circumstances don’t really affect me as much. I’m very reliant on my process, routine, preparation. I work very hard at what I do. I watch a lot of film. I work hard in the weight room. So I’m focused on more of those things and we’ll let the results take care of themselves.”
(On his recent wedding and receiving free agency calls on his honeymoon)
“We got married March 3. Not much was going on at that point, but that was an amazing day. We had a day afterwards on that Sunday where we kind of just relaxed in Charleston and then we headed out to St. Lucia, which is awesome. We had a great time. I was hearing some things from my agent during that time. It’s been a whirlwind, I don’t even know what day it is today. But during the honeymoon, during the later part of the honeymoon, we got back Tuesday night, I started hearing things from Tampa. I got really excited. It’s the Southeast, it’s a great place to kick, a great organization that’s on the rise. It’s really on the cusp of greatness. We have a lot of talent here. We’re a young team with guys I’m really familiar with, like ‘Hump’ [Adam Humphries] and those guys. So I was pumped to hear from them. Then the day we got back, Wednesday, they arranged the flight here. We’ve been traveling, we’re a little tired. I’m a little mentally fatigued right now. But we’re excited about everything, some big steps. We’re very blessed. We joked about it. These are the only pair of clean jeans I have. I packed my whole closet for the honeymoon and whatever was left in my closet, we came down here with that. We’re really excited to be here, couldn’t be more excited. Like I said, we’re just very blessed and that’s all I can say.”

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