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27 April 2018

Transcript: Running Back Ronald Jones Conference Call

(On his draft process with the Bucs)
“Man, it was great. Ever since they came to my first pro day and at the Combine, I thought all of those visits went well. When I took that visit, it felt like it did when I went to USC. It just felt like home. I’m glad I got the call. It still hasn’t hit me yet, but it’s crazy, man. I’m a Buccaneer.”
(On his catching ability)
“My hands are really good. I just didn’t get that many opportunities at USC but catching out of the backfield is something that I do. I feel like it comes naturally, it’s my second sense.”
(On if he considers himself a three-down back)
“Most definitely I consider myself a three-down back. Obviously there are areas for improvement technique-wise and getting back to the fundamentals. I’m eager to get to work. Let’s get it.”
(On the inspiration he pulls from his late father)
“I think about him every day. I have him tattooed on my arm. I looked at his picture right before I walked in and got the call. I’m just trying to carry on the legacy and take the Bucs to the Super Bowl. That’s the goal I’ve had ever since I was a little boy playing this game, to make it to the NFL. I have one [goal] down so I have to get the other one for my dad and for myself and my organization.”
(On the greatest piece of advice his father gave him)
“He told me that everything that glitters is not gold and to never forget who I am. He always said to, ‘Stay true to yourself.’ I also have that tattooed on me. So those words from my father, I’ll never forget. They’re always echoing in my mind and this moment is just so thrilling and I’m just so blessed to have this opportunity.”
(On running backs in the NFL that remind him of himself)
“I would say Jamal [Lewis], Chris Johnson back when he was playing. I try to embody a little bit LeSean McCoy. I love his game. Todd Gurley, I like his game too. So, those are my top guys I watch.”
(On his big play potential)
“I think I bring it. [Since first grade], I could score from anywhere on the field. I’ve always been that home run [threat] and I look forward to that transition in the NFL.”
(On the status of his hamstring)
“I’m pretty much 100%. With rookie minicamp starting I’ve been rehabbing and getting healthy. I’m ready to go now.”
(On if he will have limitations when rookie minicamp starts)
“No ma’am, I’m not expecting any. It’s full throttle now.”
(On his power as a runner)
“I’m really tough, gritty. [I had] 25, 30+ carry games back at USC. Obviously it’s a different level but once I can get my stripes and earn my reps, I’ll be able to carry the load for the team if they need me to.”
(On if takes him a lot of carries to get momentum)
“I split carries, back in my early days in high school and even at USC my first two years. I can score on five, eight touches so it just depends on how the coach wants to use me. But I also, if they keep giving it to me, I’m going to score again. That’s just kind of how that goes.”
(On if he’s spent time in Florida)
“That visit was my first time going to. I played in the All-American game in Orlando. I don’t know how far that is [from Tampa]. But, I haven’t spent much time in Florida. I was born in Georgia if that counts. I trained out there too, in Atlanta. So, pretty close by.”

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