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21 October 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (10/21/16)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Since 2013, CB Brent Grimes is tied for fourth in the NFL in interceptions (14) and is tied for second among cornerbacks. Grimes had an interception against Carolina (10/10) in Week 5.
Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On defensive lineman William Gholston)
“Will’s been really solid, especially the last two weeks. He’s played his two best games when we needed him the most. With [defensive linemen] Gerald [McCoy] and Robert [Ayers] down, they were joking – Will and [defensive tackle] Akeem Spence were – they [are] the vets now. Yeah, we need you to play like it and they did, so hats off to those guys, doing a good job.”
(On San Francisco’s spread option offense)
“Well they run a whole bunch of different reads and they’re going to leave somebody unblocked. Sometimes it’s the end, sometimes it’s the tackle, sometimes it’s the linebacker. That’s the beauty of that system and I’m not an expert on that system, but when you just sit back and watch it, like our scout team against our defense, it’s pretty cool and it’s the same thing Carolina was doing. That’s not in my wheelhouse, I don’t run that offense, but when you watch it and they have the right guy doing it, it’s definitely a dangerous offense.”
(On who the would play the nickel cornerback position if Jude Adjei-Barimah, who was listed on the injury report, couldn’t play)
“Probably [Vernon] Hargreaves. He’s played there most of the year. We have good depth in the secondary. Don’t read too much into that, Jude’s fine.”
(On if cornerback Ryan Smith is still the kick returner)
“Yup. It’s interesting, some teams like us are trying to kick it out [of the end zone] and other teams are committing more to the mortar. San Francisco does both, they actually use two different guys. Sometimes they use their punter and then other times they use their kicker, they kind of mix it. That’s one thing we haven’t got a lot of work at, it’s just the way it’s rolled, we’ve only had a couple opportunities. But we’re actually anxious to see what our kickoff return team can do.”
(On where wide receiver Donteea Dye Jr. is at right now, in terms of football-playing shape)
“Not ready, that’s what I’d say. And I don’t mean any disrespect, I’d say he’s not quite ready.”
(On how tight end Alan Cross has looked)
“Good, Alan’s doing a nice job. Hopefully we get Luke [Stocker] back and we can be at full strength at tight end.”
(On why he prefers touchbacks more than mortar kicks on kickoffs)
“It depends sometimes on where you’re playing – indoors, outdoors – and who their returner is and how good we think their return team is. There’s so much discussion over that, the way this thing has shaken out is really not the intent of what they were trying to do at all. It’s really changed a whole bunch of strategy with kickoff and kickoff return and that wasn’t the intent.”
(On if Dye isn’t ready because of conditioning or unfamiliarity with the offense)
“Rust. He’s familiar, he knows what he’s doing. Guys that missed four weeks, six weeks, whatever, they can train all they want to, but it’s just always different running with the trainers, running on your own. It’s just different when you get out here and there’s 21 other guys on the field with you. A guy can look great in a workout and we do workouts every week – you guys I’m sure get those reports on who we’re bringing in – and it’s just different when you’ve got other guys on the field. Again, I can’t really explain why, but it is. That’s just a long time to take off and you’ve got to remember now, ‘DD,’ he was rehabbing an injury while he was out, he wasn’t just at home lying on his couch.”
(On how comfortable he is playing running back Antone Smith)
“Good to go, extremely comfortable.”
(On how hard it is for players who were brought in mid-season to have success)
“I think that’s more of an individual thing. I think there’s both sides of the fence on that. Again, we were talking about this the other day in other room there, I think that’s where a coach or a coaching staff’s familiarity with a player or players, you kind of know what kind of guy they are and how they are. And then you have players at different maturity levels. Now the part you can’t judge is, are they in game shape? We just talked about that as well. And that’s what you have to see out here in three practices, so that’s where that stands.”
(On if there could be more moves at wide receiver)
“Yup, there could.”
(On if he would do anything different on this West Coast trip than their last)
“No, we’re going to go, similar situation. Fly out today, walkthrough tomorrow, meetings in the morning, more meetings at night, so similar schedule. Hopefully we play better.”

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