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26 October 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (10/26/16)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: WR Mike Evans has six touchdown receptions this season, the most ever by a Buccaneers player through six games.
Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach Todd Monken
Quarterback Jameis Winston
Wide Receiver Mike Evans
Wide Receiver Russell Shepard
(On defensive end Robert Ayers Jr. returning to practice today)
“Yeah, it was good to have him out there.”
(On whether there was a setback with wide receiver Louis Murphy’s last week)
“There was a setback, yeah, there was a setback - different injury than his knee.”
(On whether running back Doug Martin will start over Jacquizz Rodgers when he returns)
“No, Doug’s about to be fifth string when he comes back [laughs]. No, Doug’s coming back. When he comes back, he’ll be in there. Doug will be in there when he gets back”
(On how good Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack is and if they must account for him on each play)
“Absolutely, really good. One of the top players in this league, game-wrecker player. If you don’t know where he’s at – fifteen sacks a year ago. Very active, fast, long, powerful, explosive – really good football player.”
(On whether Murphy’s setback is significant)
“I don’t know. I don’t know what is significant and what is not, but not able to practice right now.”
(On if it is becoming harder to coach with a 53-man roster due to injuries and if he believes the roster should be expanded)
“Interesting question, but not the time and the place for me to answer that, not my department. We coach them the way the rules are right now. That’s how you do it. I’ve said many times, ‘Injuries are the worst part of this whole deal.’ There’s a lot of great parts, but injuries are unfortunate. You hate to see guys that are out there busting their tail go down with injuries.”
(On how proud he is of the fact that guys have stepped up when others have gone down with injuries this season)
“I don’t know if you ever pass the depth test completely. That’s a little bit of a juggling act every week. We say many times, ‘If you’re on the 53, even if you’re on the practice squad.’ We’ve had it multiple times this year where a guy started out the week on practice squad, [wide receiver] Freddie [Martino] last week and ended up playing. So, every team in the league is going through that and it’s not like they’re going to cancel the game or anything like that. You’re going to play the game, so you’ve just got to figure it out and really happy with countless guys that have stepped up for us: the D-linemen, Freddie at wide receiver last week, [wide receiver] Russell Shepard into a whole different role, [running back] Jacquizz [Rodgers] off the street, [running back] Antone [Smith] off the street, got a bunch of them.”
(On what he has learned through players having to step up after injuries)
“What I think we were trying to learn is that it’s a team game and there’s a lot of superstars in this league and every team is going to try to take away the other team’s superstars. They are going to try to limit the other team’s best players, but there’s a lot of plays in a game and you never know which ones are going to be the biggest ones or who’s going to make them. Look at us last week with [wide receiver] Russell Shepard and [running back] Jacquizz Rodgers. Between those two guys, quick Idaho State math, it’s 260-something yards of offense between those two guys and who would’ve thought that and one of those guys wasn’t even on our team [at the start of the season]. So, it’s a team game. You’ve got to keep playing. You get off to a bad start like we did, keep playing and you never know how it’s going to turn out.”
(On advantages of learning strengths of backup players for the long-term if more injuries happen in the future)
“I think your coaching staff - you folks don’t get to stay out there at practice, but I think your coaching staff has a pretty good feel for what your strengths and weaknesses are. And then you try to game plan as we say all the time, to enhance our strengths and protect us in areas that we’re not as strong. You can’t time and score dictate. You can’t do it all the time. Sometimes you’ve just got to let it all hang out. Yeah, I think that’s a fair statement that practice tape and game tape are not the same thing.”
(On the offensive line responding after injuries on offense)
“You know, I’ve always - since I came here over a year ago - I’ve always said, ‘Our O-line gets beat up way more than they deserve.’ There’s plenty of teams that have O-line issues and we feel like we have pretty decent depth on our O-line all the way down - knock on wood - all the way down into our practice squad. We feel good about the guys we’ve got and they’re playing well together. I give credit to [run game coordinator/offensive line] George [Warhop], [assistant offensive line] Butch [Barry] who work with them every day, but I give credit to those guys. We’ve got good leadership in the room, those guys are playing hard. I know there’s the critics out there that have their own grading scale, the mysterious grading scale. We look at our own grading scale. We’re going to grade them how - because we know what they are supposed to be doing every play. Other people that grade them, how do you grade someone when you don’t know what they are supposed to do? But, I think - I’ve always thought - our O-line, they play hard, they play together. They’re not perfect, but I’ll take them on my team any day.”
(On what he learned from being a part of Oakland Head Coach Jack Del Rio’s staff in Jacksonville)
“I learned a ton from Jack and I think the best thing that helped me with Jack is that Jack being a former player in the NFL, the thing I learned from him was about, you’ve got to get the players to the game as healthy as you can. And I never played in the NFL – not even close to being good enough. When you played football in high school or whatever, you go out there and you play as hard as you can every day. But in the NFL, you can’t do that, these guys – their bodies wouldn’t hold up. I thought Jack really did a great job of, quote onquote, ‘taking care of the players.’ Getting them to Sunday healthy, getting them to the first game healthy. Both Jack and [Defensive Coordinator] Mike Smith came out of the [former Baltimore Ravens Head Coach] Brian Billick tree when they won the Super Bowl up in Baltimore and just organization. I was a pretty organized guy when I was a college coach, but NFL-style, I learned a lot about that from Jack. I was fortunate to come out of college and get with a guy like that.”
(On if he will get caught up in mind games on Sunday, knowing how well Del Rio knows him and Smith)
“No because I know from time to time – [Oakland Defensive Coordinator] Ken Norton’s calling the defense to the best of my knowledge. Ken came from Seattle, it looks like they’ve kind of meshed what Jack does and what Seattle does. No, not at all.”
(On if wide receiver Russell Shepard is the most versatile player on the team)
“Yeah, I’d say that’s a strong case. He does a lot for us, he wears a lot of hats and if he had his way, he’s be wearing more hats. He’s asking for everything. He’d like to throw it, catch it, run with it, tackle it, kick it. But no, he’s a versatile guy. High school quarterback went to LSU there and ‘Shep’ brings a certain presence to our locker room. He’s very vocal and guys that are vocal and can back it up with good play are always welcome in your locker room.”
(On who is more passionate, between Winston and Shepard)
“That’s a good question. Both, they’re both very passionate. We should put that to a vote in the locker room sometime, that would be a good one.”
(On what has changed from last year to this year in regards to not panicking and acting as ‘business as usual’ when getting behind early in games)
“Business as usual probably because we’ve been down 14-0 too many times [laughs]. I don’t know, most teams aren’t going to come back from [down 14-0], I don’t know how many times we are. But we did last week and you’ve got to start with one, right? To make anything happen, you’ve got to get the first one, so proud of what we did. I think that even though they went down and scored [on the first possession], I had a feeling our defense would settle in. And then that first drive, even though we didn’t get it on fourth down, we ran the ball really good up to that point. So, we thought we could probably still run the ball.”
(On how important it is to have players like Shepard, who accept their role no matter what it is)
“That’s real important and every week when I’m talking to the guys in one meeting or another, we’re talking about playing your role and then that your role is always changing. Roles change all the time, Russell Shepard’s role changed last week. He went from a six play a game guy on offense to a 30 play a game guy on offense. I don’t think people appreciate role players, the [tight end] Luke Stockers of the world, the Russell Shepards of the world, the O-linemen are always under the radar, [cornerback] Jude [Adjei-Barimah], your nickel back, your pass rush guy, a guy that comes in and rushes the passer. Guys like [Channing] Ward and [DaVonte] Lambert on the D-line, who are supposed to be guys that provide depth, but all of a sudden they went from playing six plays to 40 plays.”
(On the challenges that Oakland quarterback Derek Carr and wide receiver Amari Cooper present)
“And then you throw [wide receiver] Michael Crabtree in there, who’s been a good player for a long time in this league. I told [Oakland’s] media today that, that threesome right there reminds me a little bit – and again, none of these are perfect comparisons – but it reminds me a little bit to when I first went to Atlanta and we had [wide receivers] Julio [Jones] and Roddy [White] with [quarterback] Matt Ryan. Thankfully they don’t have [tight end] Tony Gonzalez also [laughter].”
(On if having a good offensive line and running attack has made Carr better)
“I’m not sure about that because I’m not around him every day. What I see on tape though is a guy that’s got really good arm talent and a – you just watch back-to-back throws, what a release that kid has, man can he get it out of his hand fast. And that keeps him from getting sacked and then they do have a huge offensive line, biggest in the league I believe.”
(On how much better cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III is to go against a top receiver than he was earlier in the season)
“Well Vernon Hargreaves and [cornerback] Brent Grimes, I’ve been beating their drum all season. I think we’ve got two good corners and I’m pretty sure Oakland has two good wide receivers, so based on how much Smitty is going to match them up man-to-man versus helping them with a safety and zoning in and that sort of thing, but that’s going to be – that’ll be a fun one to watch for all those Bucs fans that are going to fill up Ray Jay on Sunday, that’ll be a good matchup to watch.”
(On if Adjei-Barimah is ‘coming into his own’ at the nickel cornerback position)
“He really played a good game in San Francisco, that sack-fumble was huge. That was actually an audible, Smitty had a little audible on right there and the defense checked to it, [linebacker] Kwon [Alexander] checked to it and a beautiful play. Sack-fumble, man that’s one of the coolest plays in football.” 
(On if he has seen improvement from the offensive line in the running game)
“I think so, I think that’s fair. I think those guys have had really good practices leading up to the games and we’ve committed ourselves early in the game to running it. I think it has a lot to do with them and it has a lot to do with [running back] Jacquizz [Rodgers], the style of runner that he is – downhill, one-cut guy – that I think lends itself. [Running back] Doug [Martin] is that way, Doug’s got a little bit better feet and can hit it, hit the long one, but they’re similar in that way.”
(On the success of several backups, like Rodgers, stepping up in place of injured starters)
“Jacquizz has been around this league for a while and has had success. Again, we lose sight of – coaches, I’m talking about – that the guys in that room, the men in that room are talented. Sometimes we pigeon-hole them and say, ‘Hey, this is what they’re capable of doing,’ and probably, they’re capable of more. If you believe in them and you develop a plan that maximizes their measurable skill set, which is what we’re paid to do. So, I thought we did a nice job of that Sunday.”
(On who surprised him the most against San Francisco)
“I don’t know if anybody’s really surprised me. You’re happy for those guys, the work they’ve put in. It’s a long journey and so I’m happy for all those guys and for the room in general.”
(On if the offense the last two games symbolizes the kind of identity they want to have on offense)
“We talked about that a few weeks ago of what the – if you looked at the optimal game plan and being balanced – balanced is not only run-pass, it’s multiple players being involved, touching the football, making a defense defend the whole field. From receivers to tight ends to your backs, any one of them can touch it and make plays. I said this a few weeks ago about those games where we were down and the numbers are going to be skewed. Just as if you’re winning the game by a bunch late, your rushing numbers are going to be skewed. So certainly there’s balance in run-pass and in skill players touching the ball.”
(On if wide receiver Russell Shepard is one of the more underrated players on the team)
“I don’t know about underrated. This week I know he had a tremendous game for us and I’m happy for him, he’s worked awfully hard, he’s earned everything in this league. So for him to come up big with a number of plays, I’m happy for him – what that meant to him, what it meant to our team. So, we’ll continue to go down that road with him and [wide receivers] Cecil [Shorts III] and ‘Hump’ [Adam Humphries] and some other guys trying to fit them in the roles that best suit them. He’s earned his way, as I’ve said before, he’s been a special teams player and a role player offensively and because of what happened to [injured wide receiver] Vincent [Jackson] – “
(On if there will continue to be a rotation at receiver, trying to fill Jackson’s spot)
“I think so. And I think with any player – let’s say ‘Shep’ continues to play the way we hope he can play. Then obviously that role expands, it’s the same with Jacquizz, it’s whoever it is – the better they play, the more comfortable they feel, the more confidence they have, the bigger their role will become.”
(On what he has seen behind the scenes with Shepard being a vocal leader)
“I think that’s exactly right, Shep’s fun to be around. He brings great energy, attitude, body language, he’s got a certain edge to him. So, he’s definitely one of our vocal leaders in our locker room. And he brings it every day. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to do it and he does it every day.”
(On if he views wide receiver Mike Evans lining up at different wide receiver spots an ‘evolution in his game’)
“I don’t know, evolution is probably a strong word. I just know Mike – same thing we were talking about earlier with Shep is – I think the better a player gets and more comfortable he gets with the position he’s playing, it allows you the opportunity to move a guy around and utilize where you think his strengths and his weaknesses are and give us the best chance to move it. So, we’re going to do whatever we think we need to be able to move the football and if that’s playing Mike to the left or the right or inside, that’s what we’ll do.”
(On what area offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile has improved the most from last year)
“Well first of all, you’d probably have to ask [Head] Coach Koetter and [Offensive Line/Run Game Coordinator George Warhop]. I wasn’t here last year, so what I’ve seen from what I’ve been here is a really good football player and a guy that – same way I talked about Shep – smile on his face every day, comes to work every day, wants to be a good football player. Sometimes that role being changed boosts a young man’s confidence. You would think that every player in our room, being in the NFL, they all have confidence, right? They all believe they’re starters, but sometimes we need to remind them, hey, that they have talent and that they’re here for a reason and they’re one of the best in the world and that the team is going to count on them no matter who’s playing that position is the expectation of how they come out and play. So, I’m just happy for him when guys get opportunities and take advantage of those and thank goodness for us, he has taken advantage of it.”
(On how well the ‘jumbo’ package has worked)
“It’s been fine. Some of it is all of what you said, it started a few weeks ago with a necessity, with [tight end] Luke [Stocker] being out. The bottom line is, if you say you want to be able to run the football, then you’re going to try to be creative in how you do that and how you give yourself the best chance to move it and to put yourself in a position to where you can put the defense at a run-pass conflict and I think that allows us to. And again, like anything, the more you have success with it, the more you’re still running the football, the more you’re going to go to it.”
(On the offensive line)
“It starts with them and it’s all about them. That’s why, as a position player, we should give all the props to the offensive line because without them, nothing is possible. But those guys work hard and it starts with their coach. Coach [George] Warhop is a mean and demanding coach and those guys, they respect that and they’ve got grit. They’re out there working their tails off.”
(On how proud he is of the team’s depth after many backups have had to play due to injuries)
“Proud is the right word because these guys are just taking advantage of their opportunities. Everybody has the dream of being an NFL player and when a man goes down, someone else has to step up and we’ve done very well at that.”
(On if wide receiver Russell Shepard is one of the players that has stepped up)
“I don’t think Russell Shepard should be put in that category because he does so much for this team that people don’t see, like he’s our top special teams guy. He even gets catches with the wide receiver all the time. He’s one of our main guys, period. But a lot of people, like ‘Quizz’ [running back Jacquizz Rodgers] – Quizz has stepped up tremendously. And that’s just the player he is, he’s a top of the line player who’s helped us out a lot.”
(On having to rely on players that joined the team midseason, like Rodgers)
“It’s just their job. My main thing is to do my job. I can’t control anything around me, I can’t control my circumstances. All I can do is control where the ball goes and how it goes there. But when you put the ball in those guys’ hands, they make plays. That’s kudos to them, they’re balling out and it’s exciting to see it. It just shows how this team has so much pride and perseverance with anything that they try to give us.”
(On trying to get the first home win of the season this Sunday against Oakland)
“We played more games away than at home I believe, so I’m looking forward to getting a win at Ray Jay. It’s going to be important for the fans – we were pretty close, but close doesn’t mean anything.”
(On what makes George Warhop a ‘demanding coach’)
“He’s a perfectionist. And when you have a coach like my coach – like all of our coaches really – they’re perfectionists. And Coach Warhop, he’s just so respected. When something comes out of his mouth, you’ve got to grasp it and take it in and hold onto it.”
(On what makes Shepard an important part of the team)
“What makes ‘Shep’ so special is, he’s different. And when you’re different, you stand out. He’s different. You can ask, ‘How is he different?’ He’s a different person. The way that he thinks, the way that he works, the way that he applies his technique. He’s a hard worker, he has tremendous heart, he has tremendous passion and that’s one thing that you can say about Shep. He’s different and when you’re different, that makes you successful. He’s just a great player for us, he’s one of our main guys. You all probably just asked me about him because he scored a touchdown, this weekend was a big game [for him], but if you look at film week in and week out, he’s going to show up and he’s going to be one of our key players.”
(On if he is surprised that Shepard has not had more opportunities as a receiver)
“No because he’s really our best all-around guy. He does so many different things. This is football, but we can’t kill our players. We’ve got to make sure he’s rested and he’s in there a lot. I’m not a coach, I’m just a player – I know he’s one of our best players and I know he has tremendous heart, but Shep is over there dying half of the time. He’s different. He can run down, sprint full speed down there to cover a kick, then come out there and catch a touchdown. That’s different. Guys don’t do that, guys will say, ‘I’m winded,’ guys will say, ‘Give me one,’ and he’s not that guy.”
(On if he ever watched Shepard as a quarterback in high school)
“’Shep’ was one of my favorite players. I used to watch one of his videos where he had his hat backwards, he was doing some footwork drills. Russell Shepard, he was the number one dual threat quarterback coming out of high school, so I looked up to Shep.”
(On if this Sunday’s game is a benchmark to see where the team is at)
“No, we just keep doing what we’re doing. We can’t start thinking too much about games and what they mean and stuff. Every game week in and week out is our most important game, so we’ve just got to keep doing what we’re doing. Obviously we’re doing something right because we’re getting wins. So, stick to that formula and try to stack up some more [wins].”
(On the pass he threw with a left hand against San Francisco)
“I’ve been working on that all offseason. Be on the lookout for that, for real. I really have. It may sound funny, but I’ve really been working my left hand a lot.”
(On why he is working on his left hand)
“Just balance. Being able to use both hands. One day I’m going to be able to do both and you all will not laugh at me.”
(On if he ever tried ambidextrous pitching when he played baseball)
“I never tried that, but I’m going to throw in a left handed ball here and there.”
(On if it is now his goal to complete a pass left handed every game)
“No, my goal is to keep doing what we’re doing, keep finding ways to win and keep this good feeling in the locker room. It’s an amazing feeling and that’s my goal, my number one goal.”
(On what was said between him and the official when he received a penalty on Sunday against San Francisco for arguing for a first down)
“Not many words were exchanged. I just said, ‘I think that’s a bad call.’ I probably didn’t say it that way, but I said I thought it was a bad spot. I apologized to him because the action was me looking at him and he thought that was – it was standing him up. So I just can’t do that, can’t let that affect our play because that’s a critical play that could’ve gotten us a touchdown earlier.”
(On if still think the play he was arguing was a first down after looking at the tape)
“I believe it was a first down, but that’s my mentality. I always want that extra inch, this game is won by inches. We needed that inch.”
(On what he likes about wide receiver Mike Evans)
“What do you not like about Mike Evans? He’s an amazing player for us, he’s continued to produce for us week in and week out and anyway that we can give him the ball, I know we’re going to try to.”
(On if he feels that extending plays is a part of his game that is improving)
“I just think that part of the game sometimes gets put behind the rug sometimes. Because those guys up front – they’re blocking for three to six seconds a play. Running backs going out there, trying to make a play, wide receivers trying to find a way to get open. All the quarterback’s got to do is find a way to get them the ball. So much comes through an offensive play and you’ve got to be able to make plays with your feet, got to be able to extend plays to win in this league.”
(On the connection he had with quarterback Jameis Winston against San Francisco)
“We had a good week of practice. We really put in the work in the offseason, that’s documented. It’s paying off and hopefully it will continue to.”
(On Tampa Bay’s receiver depth and unheralded players stepping up at San Francisco)
“[It was] huge. Russell Shepard played great. Cecil Shorts played great [in] the run game – his stats didn’t show it, but he played great for us. ‘Hump’ [Adam Humphries] did everything he was supposed to do. We have a lot of capable receivers. People don’t know that, but if they watch us play, they’ll see.”
(On lining up at different places in the formation and if that helps to get him open)
“It helps a lot. Teams key on the ‘X’ [receiver] most of the time, but if I’m switched around, they can’t key on me as much. It worked out for us.”
(On having a limited route tree in college and his growth since entering the NFL)
“I wanted to [run more routes] in college, just our offense – we ran no-huddle, fast-paced so it didn’t call for it. But I knew that was going to be able to turn that knock into a positive and I did that. It’s a testament to my coaches. Coach ‘Monk’ [Todd Monken] has been doing a great job. And my teammates have been pushing me to be the best player that I can be.”
(On what he has seen from the Raiders on tape)
“Well, we’ve only seen a little bit of tape because we had Victory Monday, so we had to catch up late. But I played against [David] Amerson a couple of years ago. He’s a good, quick corner. They’ve got, opposite side. [Sean] Smith – he’s a big, physical corner, about 6’3”, he can run really well. Much better when he’s pressed.”
(On him improvements in run blocking)
“I made it an emphasis to be better in the run game. I wasn’t as good as I’ve been in my past two seasons, early on, but I made it a point and I sprung one. Jacquizz [Rodgers], he’s running hard and got to the second level. Hopefully I can continue to be great in the run game.”
(On Jameis Winston saying he was the best all-around athlete on the team)
"First of all, thank you, Jameis. I don't know if I'm the best athlete on the team. This is a pretty talented team. I take pride in doing the dirty work. I take pride in doing the things that most receivers don't usually do, or have to do. When you can do things like that and help the team…I've had a few different teammates throughout the years, a few different staffs, and they really like receivers that can get in there and do a little bit of the dirty work. You start adding in passes and things like that, that's when you kind of get the 'blowing-up' thing. I’m definitely grateful for the compliments, but it was one week. I took advantage of the opportunities. We've got a lot of things we've got to build off that week."
(On being a player who has an "edge" and motivates others)
"I try not to be. I try to sit back and just do my job, but it's just in me. I played with a lot of great football players in college, a lot of natural-born leaders. This game is only played its best when you play with passion and play with emotion. It just naturally comes out and my teammates accept it. As long as they keep accepting and it's genuine from my behalf, I'm going to keep doing it."
(On getting a chance to play more at receiver)
"It's just amazing. Any time you can step up for your team, regardless of what is going on outside or inside, it's a great opportunity. Any time I can come in, whether it's blocking a nine-technique on the line, or running a deep route to clear it out for Mike Evans, or if it's me myself being the primary target on a pass play, I'm willing to do it. I'm the ultimate team guy. I love to win football games – it's kind of the biggest thing that drives my motivation. It's the kind of thing that got me on the field throughout college, being on a talented roster at that point in time at LSU, being able to do multiple things. Right now in my career this is really helping me out. I'm being able to really develop from a receiving standpoint and take advantage of these opportunities."
(On having a connection with QB Jameis Winston)
"We had a great offseason. I think everybody on the offensive side, they really put a lot of extra in this offseason. We worked with each other, me and Mike Evans worked with each other in Tampa and Houston. Everybody kind of put their own work in and I just think the hard work from the offseason, the OTAs and things of that nature, are paying off. Coach [Todd] Monken has been an amazing addition to the staff, kind of getting us to buy into putting the extra work in before and after practice. I think we're just growing. It's the second year for everybody in this offense, and the offense is really coming together. Our quarterback is growing. The one thing about Jameis, as much as the good things have happened to him, as far as accomplishments and achievements, he hasn't had a lot of negative things when it comes to playing the game. I think the things he's going through this season are going to make him a lot better, make him a better quarterback, and we're going to benefit off that. One thing about this game: You're guaranteed the negative play, you're not guaranteed the positive play. When you can work through the negative play and become better from that, it just does nothing but help everybody around you."
(On if the team is hitting its stride)
"You don't know. You hope so. This game is a tricky game. I would think with us being able to win on the road like we have, we've got young guys stepping and playing a big part and contributing, I think we're going to be a pretty good team. I think that teams are aware of us, they understand what we've got going here. But we've got to build off it. We've got to learn how to win at home. We've got to make that an advantage and do better in that department."
(On if Oakland is a dangerous team coming to town)
"Yeah, I've got a lot of respect for that team. That team has a very young and talented roster, as well. I played with Perry Riley, he's their starting Mike linebacker over there. Derek Carr – me and him played high school football together in the city of Houston before he went back to California his senior season. I've got a lot of history with that team, a lot of guys that I've seen develop and do great things. DJ Hayden – that's somebody me and Charles Sims have known since we were little kids. This is a talented roster and they're doing a great job. They're winning on the road. You've just got to take advantage of the things that they give us and don't play hurt-me football, with penalties and things of that nature, turning the ball over."

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