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16 December 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (12/16/16)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Since the start of Week 5, Tampa Bay leads the NFL in takeaways, with 23, while posting a +15 turnover differential during that time, the best mark in the league.
Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On his unwavering support of his defensive coaches that they were going to turn around the early season struggles)
“That’s what football is, that’s what coaching is, is figuring it out. You ask anyone who knows me, loyalty’s my number one thing. As an assistant coach, as a head coach – I mean, I’m the son of a coach, so I learned about all that loyalty stuff. Your staff, that’s your guys, that’s your generals and your captains. So, they’re carrying the message to the soldiers, the men in the trenches and whether I’m the head coach or I’m the assistant, we always try to work – you’re going to have differences throughout the year and you’ve got to work them out and then have a united front when you go to the players. That was never in question, about if I was going to be loyal and I hope it’s the same way from them to me.”
(On if that is the NFL, if there is a problem then somebody has to fix it)
“Yeah, in my opinion, that’s exactly what it is. The way we say it to the players is, the cavalry not coming. So, whatever the exact word is that we dug ourselves in, it’s up to us to get ourselves out.”
(On if he ever been a part of a team that has made the type of turnaround that this team has)
“See, I didn’t ever doubt that we were going to win games when we were 3-5. Now, the way it’s worked out, the turnaround from going minus-nine in turnovers to this incredible run that we’re on from a turnover standpoint, no one can foresee that coming. But I just know that we had a more talented team than we were showing. Everyone’s acting like in those two games that we just totally got [it handled to us]. I mean, we had Oakland beat, a penalty in the end zone [or else we would’ve won]. And Oakland was a hot team and so was Atlanta. We ran into two red-hot quarterbacks and if one thing that everyone should know about the NFL is it’s streaky. [Oakland quarterback] Derek Carr could not have been more hot when we played him that time and he could not have looked more cold when he played their game last week. His numbers last week, you wouldn’t even think it was the same guy. But that happens in the NFL, it’s going to happen to us, at some point. There’s going to be a game when we cool off and I hope it’s about 2021 [laughter].”
(On linebacker Lavonte David’s injury status)
“He’s going to be on the injury report and we’re just have to wait until game time, but he’s going to be questionable, is how it’s going to come out on the injury report. Lavonte knows his body well, but the most important thing always is player health. And these guys, especially veteran players, they know if they can go or not, but it doesn’t do us any good to push these guys too hard on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.”

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