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30 December 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (12/30/16)

Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On the contribution of the team’s rookies this season)
“Yeah, I was just looking at that this morning. I think we have 13 rookies maybe on the active [roster], plus one that’s been with us all year on the practice squad that we’re excited about. I really believe that [General Manager] Jason [Licht’s] had two back-to-back really strong drafts. There’s always the talk about, do rookies fade at the end of the season? And I don’t think our guys have. I think they’ve hung in there and that’s how really good teams build, is through their young players. They hit on their draft choices, they get a good, young nucleus and they build around them. And if you look at the young guys that we have in three or four years or less in this league, we have a strong nucleus to move forward with.”
(On kicker Roberto Aguayo improving throughout the season)
“Yeah, he’s been on a little hot streak. We’ve had faith that Roberto would come out of this thing on the back end and be a really solid kicker for a lot of years.”
(On if he expects Aguayo to extend his field goal range in the future)
“Yeah, absolutely. I mean, he made a 58-[yard field goal] in practice yesterday and he’s made over this last month – that’s usually where we stop him, is somewhere around 58. He’s definitely got the leg to do it.”
(On defense end William Gholston’s status)
“Yeah, he’s here. He’s nursing that elbow and he’s still dealing with some service arrangements for his father. So, Will’s around, he just hasn’t been out on the field.”
(On the players swapping jerseys at practice today)
“Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the jersey swap [laughter]. But I told [defensive end] Robert Ayers on that one pass rush, he looked a lot faster wearing 21 [laughter].”
(On if the jersey swaps brought team morale up)
“Maybe to them, not to me. That kind of stuff, these guys – they’re still young guys, they’re having fun. It’s no big deal either way. I’m not a fan, but it’s not like we’re going to do it every day, they did it today.”

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