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12 August 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (8/12/16)

Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On how the team looked after looking at the tape)
“Like any game, especially [because] we played 84 people in the game, so that’s never going to happen again; you got one chance a year to play that many guys and we did it. So there’s things that show up better than you expected and things that show up not so good. So the players are in with the coaches right now going over that stuff.”
(On something that went better than expected)
“When you look at our defensive goal chart, our defensive drive chart, our defense nailed it. [Held] the team to under 200 yards on offense, [gave] up 17 points in an NFL game. Under 200 yards and 17 points, you’re going to win most of those games. We were just so poor on turnovers on the other side of the ball and put them in such horrendous field position that we put our defense in. But you look at the drive chart on the game and you’d take that every week.”
(On if any player stepped up in the wide receiver competition)
“Yeah I would say that, first off just in the receiving game in general and this would incorporate running backs and tight ends, we had seven drops last night. We can’t drop the ball seven times. You’re just not going to win games like that. That’s a little bit further down than four turnovers, but it still happened. As far as the wide receivers in particular, I thought two guys stepped up and showed that they’re in the mix and that’s Russell Shepard and Donteea Dye. Those two guys made plays. DD made three really nice plays on special teams, he had that explosive pass that got called back for an OPI. There’s just a lot of close calls and officials I think do a fantastic job, but it was just hard to find much fault with ‘DD’ on that play. He made a nice catch, ran a nice route, spun out, had a good run. Now bottom line, it got called back for a penalty on him. But those two guys I thought showed up okay. Now I’m sure everyone is going to be crushing Kenny Bell. Kenny Bell, as far as offense goes, Kenny Bell beat his man multiple times and just didn’t get the ball thrown to him. On the very last drive, he ran a little double-move and was open, we overthrew him. There’s probably five plays in the game where Kenny did his job and got open. Sometimes he’s not the primary, but he did all he can do, he just didn’t get the ball thrown to him. Now unfortunately, we fumbled the opening kickoff and he had another penalty that hurt us on special teams on another play. But it’s one preseason game, we’ve had 11 other practices. In the next two weeks, we’re going to go six times, six days in the next two weeks against other teams. So there’s still plenty of evaluation to go.”
(On how Dye looks this year compared to last year)
“Donteea played a lot of football for us last year and I don’t think it’s fair for any players for me to compare last year to this year, I just don’t think that’s the way to go. We’re worried about this year and I think that there’s been a little more urgency the last few days in practice and I it showed up in the game with DD’s play. And for all those receivers that are competing for spots, I’d say urgency is a good thing to have right now.”
(On the ineffectiveness of the run game last night)
“Again, I think you can disagree all you want, but we’ve been pretty good at running the football. I think we have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to run the ball. We have two really good backs, one of which didn’t play last night. Take this for what it’s worth: To be a successful run team you need to repeat runs and you need to keep feeding your ball carrier the football and we did neither of those last night because we’re rotating too many guys. The ones played 16 plays and [running back] Doug [Martin] had not many carries. We’re wanting to run certain plays to work on certain schemes, but you’re not repeating them. If a run’s going, we might call the same run four or five times in a game. I don’t think we called any runs last night more than twice in the game. We weren’t productive, the other thing is Philly played a lot of eight-man box on us and when you really look at the tape, on the interior of the line we blocked them okay and in an eight-man spacing defense they force you to cut it back to the unblocked player. And their unblocked player made the tackle almost every time. Again I would say that if we had Doug and [running back] Chuck [Charles Sims] in there every time, Doug and Chuck have shown that they’re either going to break that tackle or make that guy miss. But Philly did a nice job, they were challenging us more to throw the ball. And there’s tricks where we can run the ball more efficiently against an eight-man front, but those weren’t things that we were going to work on last night.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston saying this team has to get to a point where it hates losing)
“Before you start winning games, you’ve got to stop losing them. And in two of the three phases last night we beat ourselves. And that’s taking nothing away from Philly, they did what they did, I’m coaching this team not that team. Defensively, [we] played good enough to win. [The] other two phases, we beat ourselves. It starts off with turnovers - five turnovers, four on offense, one on special teams - and penalties and lack of execution, lack of precision and detail more than anything else on offense. And I know we have it in us because I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it in practice. We had a little flash of it in that third drive, but that’s pretty much it.”
(On if it difficult for him to change the culture of losing)
“As a team, and right now our team is 90 guys, eventually it’s going to be 53 guys, bottom line is we have to get better, we have to practice winning. And that’s what that whole compete theme is all about, our guys have been doing a pretty good job. Right now in that game last night our defense did a lot better job than the rest of our team.”
(On kicker Roberto Aguayo’s missed extra point)
“Again, take it for what it’s worth but we knew there was going to be a huge outcry whenever he missed his first kick, so he actually missed that on purpose so we could just get it over with [laughter].”
(On Aguayo)
“I think this guy’s a tough-minded guy. I think he’s showed up well in practice every day, that’s what you go by. I think all of our rookies, it was first time playing an NFL game, it was an NFL stadium. He’s played in big games, in big stadiums before, I don’t know if he was nervous or not. He missed it, and I didn’t think he kicked off particularly well either. It was a little windier on the field than maybe it appeared, but I’m still glad he’s our kicker.”
(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves and defensive end Noah Spence)
“Noah Spence went in there on the second play, the second play of the game on our starting nickel package. Vernon and [cornerback] Jude [Adjei-Barimah] were alternating all night at nickel and also played some corner. Both those guys I think, in my mind from where I sit, it’s evident that both those guys like to play football, they’re passionate about playing football, they can play fast. Noah, like our entire D-line, affected the quarterback all night. We sacked the quarterback, we hit the quarterback, if there’s one thing that really stood out in a positive, I would say it would be out D-line play and that we affected the quarterback. Four sacks we would take every week and we hit the guy a lot more than that.”
(On the play of the secondary)
“I think we did a good job covering. I thought [Defensive Coordinator] ‘Smitty’ [Mike Smith] mixed up the coverages really well. We played man, we played fire zone, we played two-deep, we played quarters, we played three-deep. I thought they mixed it up, and other than one play with the twos when they hit the tight end down the seam, it really wasn’t like they had guys wide open. I thought we were in position to make plays. We contested the ball, we were a little over-aggressive at times, but I thought we were in position for the most part. You folks in here have said forever, the best pass defense is a good pass rush and we had that last night.”
(On if he was surprised that Winston had a fumble last night)
“Yeah, we had two of those last night where the quarterbacks stepped up and they knocked the ball out, that’s a good play by them number one. That’s what D-lineman are taught to do when the quarterback steps up. I don’t think that’s a long-term issue in Jameis’ case. He’s pretty good at that and when you really look at that play, if he would have stepped up a little bit sooner to avoid that first guy, we had another guy beat so he would’ve just stepped into another problem. Still have to protect the football. Bottom line, he’s got to protect the football.
(On whether the team will carry two or three quarterbacks)
“That’s going to be ongoing, that’s going to be a lot of [General Manager] Jason [Licht’s] shoulders, hopefully he has me have some input. But I like our quarterbacks at two and three. I don’t think Mike Glennon had his best night that he’s ever had last night. I think Ryan Griffin did a pretty good job. I wish he wouldn’t have forced that ball at the very end, but he also made some good plays to get us down there. I think he showed that he can run the no-huddle. He was playing with the third group, so there’s some guys out there that are a little iffy, assignment-wise. I thought he directed them. He’s an accurate passer, he really throws with good touch. He processes fast; that’s one of the hardest things for a quarterback to do is process information. And then to get directly to your question, of course we have the issue at hand that Mike Glennon’s in the final year of his contract, so that’s one of our big things we need to find out in this preseason, is Ryan Griffin good enough to be an eventual two for us. We like the guy, I like him so far.”
(On tight end Brandon Myers’ injury last night)
“We have a few guys that are banged up. I don’t think there’s anybody that’s going to be too long-term. Of course we’re going to practice tomorrow, players have a day off on Sunday. Getting back late last night, everybody’s tired today. I think we’ll know a lot more on our guys that are banged up on Monday, but I don’t think there’s anything long-term, including Brandon.”
(On guard J.R. Sweezy’s injury)
“I think there will be something forthcoming on that within the next couple of days. It’s on the way.”
(On if there’s a big difference between being a head coach and being an offensive coordinator on game day)
“It’s different, it’s definitely different. There’s a lot to think about. The most difficult thing is when you should challenge, when shouldn’t you challenge. The officials do a good job of helping you [with] what’s a challengeable play, what’s not, it’s more complicated than I think it needs to be. The timeout thing, managing the clock, that’s much more difficult in the fourth quarter than it is in the second quarter. And I think we’ll be okay on that, but there’s tricky situations that always come up. It’s going to be a learning curve, I’ve got plenty to learn on that and that’ll be a work in progress.”
(On if he seeks advice from Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith, a former head coach)
“I seek his advice on a lot of things, but during the game he’s busy. But a good head coach, in my opinion, is talking to all of his staff, especially his coordinators, during the game and I was doing that last night. I was trying not to interrupt Smitty but when he was done with his call I asked him a couple of things about situations that were coming up and he’s awesome on that. But we have other guys on our staff, we have a full-time guy that’s working on that and that was our first time working on communication between him and myself and I thought that went okay.”
(On if any third string players showed him something last night)
“Yeah, there definitely were, on both sides of the ball. There [were] guys that you’re going, ‘Can they hang on when that guy get in there?’ Again, 84 guys, so guys that played better than we thought they would and there’s a couple guys that didn’t play as good.”
(On if there were any particular guys that stood out)
“I’d be doing a disservice to some guys if I singled any out, but you’ll see next week when we play. Now next week, traditionally that second game we’ll play the starters a little bit longer anyway.”

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