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17 August 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (8/17/16)

Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On what he liked about Wednesday's joint practice with the Jaguars)
"Well, I thought operationally it went smooth. The weather, it was warm, good work for us that way. I mean, first time with two practices going on at once, I didn't get to see very play. So until we watch the tape I really don't know about how the defense did, but we got good work against different people. I thought offensively we were a little bit sluggish, but maybe that's due to Jacksonville playing good on defense. I'll know when I watch the tape."
(On why he didn't like the offense's performance)
"I just didn't think we had much juice today on offense. It happens."
(On if there was a reason behind the offense lacking juice)
"Well, anything I say on that would be like we're making excuses. The bottom line is, I just didn't think we were on crisp on offense as we have been in our own practices. But, again, it's a different environment so it was a good experience for us."
(On coordinating the practice with Jacksonville Head Coach Gus Bradley)
"The Jags have been outstanding as far as a group to work with. We had a plan that we've used in the past and both staffs, we tweaked that plan a little bit. From what I could tell, it went pretty smooth today."
(On the absence of fighting between the teams)
"Yeah, I didn't see everything but I thought both coaching staffs did a good job. I thought as far as Jacksonville's defense on the field I was on, they did a good job of pulling off the quarterbacks multiple times. I thought it was a pretty good job."
(On what he saw from Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith when they were both together in Jacksonville)
"We had quite a year that year in 2007. I was in the press box with Mike that year and I saw the best defensive coordinator that I'd seen. Now, it was my first year in the NFL, so all I had seen was college guys. But I saw a defensive coordinator who was a great teacher and an extremely hard worker and always had his guys ready to play."
(On how important it is to assess QB Ryan Griffin)
"It's real important. I think Griff's done a good job. It's no secret – Mike Glennon's going into the last year of his contract so we've got to figure out if Griff is a good long-term answer as our number two."
(On if he's getting that answer on Griffin)
"We're making progress."
(On what Griffin is doing well)
"He does a lot of things well. He handles the huddle well. Griff has a really good touch on the ball. When you're going with the threes, many times you're going with some guys that don't know what they're doing, so that quarterback has a lot of traffic-directing to do, so to speak, and he's doing a good job with that."
(On if Griffin will play almost one half of the game on Saturday as he did in the first preseason game)
"Not quite a half because our ones will get more, but he'll get some time."
(On what the Buccaneers need to do better on defense this year)
"We've got to create more turnovers, we've got to get off the field on third down and we've got to cut our penalties."
(On if anybody on offense popped out as having a good practice on Wednesday)
"Man, I'm a broken record, but [tight end] Cam Brate. Cam Brate shows up every day."
(On a deep pass caught by Kenny Bell)
"Yeah, that play would have been a sack. I couldn't really see the catch but that play was doomed because they would have sacked us on that play, so I kind of quit watching after that. In real football, that wouldn't have even been a play."
(On if LB Daryl Smith has a serious injury)
"No, nothing serious. Daryl was out today but he'll be fine."
(On LS Andrew DePaola saying his previous practice absence was just a "veteran's day off")
"I don't think he's that much of a veteran. I'd say he must be lying to you."
(On how effective DE Robert Ayers is at both right end and at defensive tackle in nickel packages)
"Well, Robert Ayers is a very versatile player. We knew that when we got him and he's definitely lived up to what we expected. What we didn't know is what a good leader and good tempo-setter he is. He's exceeded expectations so far."
(On any player that is doing well but flying under the radar)
"You know, one of our coaches said to me on offense about halfway through practice today, one of our coaches said, 'The good players are playing good and the bad players are playing bad.' And that's really how the question is. I just didn't think we had a great day offensively so I'd have a hard time picking anybody out on that."
(On facing a different team's defense)
"That was great. That was really good work. They gave us some looks we haven't seen; especially [when] we had a little third-down period there, they gave us some tricky looks. We'll go back and look at them on tape this afternoon and that's always good learning."
(On what Griffin has to do to make the team feel comfortable that he can be the number-two quarterback)
"He needs to just keep doing what he's doing. We put a lot on our quarterbacks so it's not just one thing, but he needs to stay consistent with the things he's been doing."
(On Daryl Smith's camp performance)
"Really good, yeah really good. How many guys are an all-time leading tackler at a place and then get to come back? Now, he was out today. I think he had so many tackles on those fields that his tackle card had been punched and he couldn't go out there. Daryl's the ultimate pro."
(On the changes in the Jaguars' facilities since he was with the team)
"Yeah, it's changed. I love the improvements they've made. This place looks really good. Everybody – Dave Caldwell, I was with Dave in Atlanta and I have the utmost respect for [Jacksonville Head Coach] Gus [Bradley]. They're doing a really nice job."
(On if he still has a house in Jacksonville)
"I do. I'd be glad to sell it."

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