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16 September 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (9/16/16)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Sunday’s game will be Tampa Bay’s first contest at University of Phoenix stadium since facing the Cardinals there on October 31, 2010, a 38-35 Buccaneers victory.
Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On the team adjusting their schedules for the time zone change in Arizona)
“We’re going to switch after we get out there. We’re going to switch to West Coast time. We get them out there tonight [and] get them a little dinner when we land. They’ll be going to bed around midnight, East Coast time. Most of those guys – if it stays with the pattern – they’ll wake up earlier than they usually wake up, because of the time difference. We’ll take them out, get them a walkthrough, then we’ll move our meetings up Saturday night, so it will be saying by the clock that we’re going to bed at nine o’clock, but body clock we will be going to bed at midnight. It’s a weird thing, but this schedule that we’re using, it’s been tested and I believe in it. It’s a tried and true test and I think it will work.”
(On if he has used a similar schedule before)
“We’ve done it before.”
(On if all the players on the 53-man roster will be traveling)
“Everybody is going to make the trip.”
(On what he is looking to see from quarterback Jameis Winston against Arizona)
“I’m expecting that we’ll see more pressure than we saw last week. Arizona’s always been a pressure team. Sounds like they were maybe wanting to pressure more than they did last week. That’s just speculation, things that you hear out of their media side. I think they’ll try to heat Jameis up a little bit. They’ve got good personnel [and] that’s worked for Arizona in the past. How we respond to the pressure – pressure can work two ways. It can be big for them and it can also be big for us.”
(On if Jameis will still focus on check downs this week)
“Last week it was a check down game, this week it will be more of a ‘get it out on time’ game. It will be less of a check down game, more of a ‘be on time with where you’re going to go with the ball.’
(On if Arizona’s defense tries to get the team in one-on-one matchups)
“Absolutely. That’s how their defense tries to make it. That 3-4 and they’re not afraid to bring all five of those front. They try to make it five one-on-one blocks up front and man-to-man coverage with a free safety. They have a lot of stuff, but that’s their main thing.”
(On if he embraces players talking about a Super Bowl mentality)
“I just tell the guys when they’re talking about stuff, just own it. Just own your words. Whatever you’re going to say, back it up. Own what you talk about. We say things in the meeting room that I try to get those guys to buy into, but the bottom line is that the players are going to believe what they believe is real. What they talk about, I just want them to be able to back it up.”
(On the team continuing to play hard when facing adversity)
“We did a good job of that, but there were times we did a good job of that last year too. We’re going to face more adversity than we faced last week, although there were some things that came up. I think that’s something that plays out over time. I think it’s easy to do that in the first game of the year. Depending on how your schedule goes, I think that gets either easier or harder based on how you’re doing during the season.”
(On the number of teams the Buccaneers will face that play a 3-4 defense and if the number of teams playing a 3-4 is increasing)
“I think the number is eight. I think it’s usually about the same, it’s right in that [range]. I think everybody in the NFC West is a 3-4 team, so we hit them this year.”

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