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30 September 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (9/30/16)

Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On how difficult it is to figure out Denver’s defense)
“There’s other teams that are harder to figure out, but Denver really doesn’t have to be that hard to figure out. They want to say, ‘We’ve got good rushers, let’s see you block us.’ The one thing that’s a little unique is when they go in that dime [package], they play [number] 43, [safety T.J.] Ward, kind of like a linebacker and he’s really is their number one blitzer – and he’s good at it, he’s slippery. But when they get a lead on you – it’s kind of like in the old days when I was in Jacksonville and when Peyton Manning was the quarterback of the Colts. They get the lead and they had those two great ends and they just say, ‘Let’s see if you can block us.’”
(On if he is surprised by young quarterbacks having success around the league)
“I don’t study every single one of these guys, but what I would just say is, that if you really broke it down, for every [Philadelphia quarterback] Carson Wentz and [Denver quarterback] Trevor Siemian, there’s somebody else that was a flop on the other side. Of course I’m not going to name any names on that. I think it still comes down to the individual guy. Obviously those two guys are off to great starts this year, you can’t deny that, but there’s also plenty of guys who have been picked high or who have been highly touted who have not made it. So I still think it comes down to – when we were talking about a couple years ago in the draft with [quarterback] Jameis [Winston], you guys had all the numbers of how many guys have made it, I still think that that’s probably about the same.”
(On wide receiver Mike Evans going against Denver cornerback Aqib Talib on Sunday)
“Well first off, me included, we’ve talked about the matchup with Talib, [but Denver cornerback Chris] Harris is a really good corner too. They’ve both been to the Pro Bowl the last couple of years and I’m not sure if Denver’s going to match [Evans with Talib]. Usually Denver just plays sides, so if they match, then I guess that’s a show of respect that they think Mike’s good enough to match, but for all we know, Denver may look at it as Harris is better than Talib, I don’t know how they look at it. I think they think that they have three starting level corners, [Bradley] Roby when they go into their sub-group as well. Now as far as Mike’s concerned, he’s going to play against really good corners every single week. When you’re the number one receiver, that’s what you get. As we said earlier in the week, we couldn’t be happier with how Mike’s competed, how Mike’s held up form a conditioning standpoint, pushed through some minor injury things and caught the ball in traffic. I think Mike has the mindset he’s going out there to compete and I’m sure the Denver guys do as well.”
(On how important getting the tight end position involved is against Denver)
“Well Denver has guys that cover good on the inside too. Again, we said they put six DBs [defensive backs] out there and one through six about as good as I’ve seen in a long time. So, is it important [to get the tight ends involved?] Yeah. And the halfback, Charles Sims, he comes into play there, but Denver’s won eight in a row and teams have tried every way and we’ve got the way we’re going to try and we’re going to do our best to get it done on Sunday.”
(On if he has to watch how the game is being officiated when playing against physical cornerbacks)
“The league is doing a really nice job in their officiating videos – in fact just in last week’s video, they had examples of OPI [offensive pass interference], DPI [defensive pass interference], and hand fighting. I think that has really settled down since they made the big push a little over a year ago. I think that’s become a lot more consistent and I think the players and the coaches who are coaching the players have a lot better understanding of how they’re going to call it. Now there’s always going to be a little variance among crews based on how they see it, but I think that’s really settled down a lot.”
(On how crucial it is to get Sims going early in the game)
“If we don’t throw it to Mike, you’re going, ‘Well why didn’t we get Mike going?’ The bottom line is we’ve got to get points on the board. Which we were able to do and the defense helped a lot on that too. We started a little slow in those first two drives, we had that penalty on the first drive. We’ve talked about this before, in the first half of games, rarely do we think of it as ‘get this guy going’ or ‘get that guy going. That’s when you’re really seeing if your game plan will hold up. Here’s how we think we’re going to attack them. Is it going to hold up or are we going to have to switch and change in midstream here? So sure, I’d love to see ‘Chuck’ go, but if we threw one over the top to Mike, that’d be fine too, or we need to get Vince more going and we’ve got to get the tight ends in there. I think that stuff all works itself out.”
(On if he will pull Evans aside before this game to make sure he ‘keeps his cool’)
“No, I trust Mike. Mike has really made it a point of emphasis. He’s had a couple chances, whether you call it lose his cool or frustration, I think Mike’s really turned a corner. I’m not going to say it’s never going to happen again because shoot, all of us have our meltdowns from time to time. But I think Mike’s turned a corner.”
(On if he would compare Evans to former Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson and Atlanta receiver Julio Jones, as Talib did)
“When you’re drafted where he’s drafted – that’s why you draft a guy at [number seven]. That’s why you draft him there and we’ve said many times, Mike wants to be great, so those are the guys you’re going to be compared to. So yeah, I think he can be.”
(On if Evans pulling Winston away from an official last week is a sign of his maturity)
“That’s awesome. We talk to the players all the time about pulling each other out and trust me, Jameis, he has his moments, we all do.”
(On how much he thinks Winston will pull players aside during games to say, ‘I need you’)
“Jameis does that often, I don’t always see it. That’s just Jameis’s MO though, Jameis is like that, he’s really good that way.”
(On if he has ever seen that from a young player before)
“Maybe not to the degree that Jameis does it.”

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