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09 September 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Media Availability (9/9/16)

Below is the transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s media availability earlier.
(On where he thinks the team is at heading into the first game)
“Well we need to play a game. So it doesn’t matter what I think. We’re playing on Sunday. It’s a long time coming, our guys are excited to play, we’re excited to coach. Going on the road in the NFL is never easy and we’re looking forward to the challenge.”
(On him and Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith going back to Atlanta, where they both previously coached)
“It’s a chance to go out there and compete for the first time this year. It’s really nothing more than that. We did it last year. People are reading more into it. They’ve changed a lot of their players over - there’s a few players left that we know. I can’t speak for ‘Smitty,’ but I know me personally, I’m just excited to see our guys play and our guys compete.”
(On if it helps that the team won at Atlanta last season)
“Possibly, that’s possible. But it’s a new team every year. We’ve got a bunch of new guys, we added a lot of guys on defense, we’re got new coaches. You’ll have to ask the guys individually. But again, we’ve got to look at just, this is this week.”
(On how difficult it is to control the tempo on offense on the road)
“It’s definitely harder on the road, so that’s one of the things that always comes into consideration when we’re playing on the road, is how much no-huddle we’ll do.”
(On running back Peyton Barber making the active roster, given his family situation)
“Please don’t take this wrong, but there’s 53 guys that [have] families to feel and I feel for every single one of them because there’s 600 good football players [who] got cut this week. I feel for everyone of these guys and Peyton’s no different. He’s got a unique situation and he’s working for his family just like everyone else is.”
(On if he changed the schedule leading up to the game at all with it being his first road trip)
“This is about my 9,000th road trip [laughter]. That’s all inside stuff, that’s nobody’s business.”
(On if he thinks the team handles noise well)
“We have them crank up the music and everything when our offense has the ball, we always do that, we try to work in noise. But preseason noise, practice music, that’s not the same as 70,000 [fans]. It’s just not the same. There’s different parts of the game though, when the crowd’s louder than others and we obviously know what those times are. For sure their crowd will come out fired up and we work hard on our verbal and [visual] cues, we work hard on that throughout the year. And believe it or not, that’s one of the best things that you can get out of Phase Two, is you can get all that kind of stuff, even though you’re working against air. Again, no-huddle is part of what we do, we’re going to have to pick our spots.”
(On if he likes that the first game is a divisional game)
“Well the NFL likes it. Obviously the NFL, they like these marquee matchups like last night, even though it wasn’t a divisional game. The NFL, they’ve got their own version of how they want to hype things up. Divisional games to start, especially on the road, would probably not be your first choice if you were the road team. But we’ve got nothing to say about that. We play them as they give them to us.”
(On if Joe Hawley has won the starting center job)
“Joe’s going to start and I think it would be fair to say that we feel like we have two starting centers. And in this particular case because we did have some injuries in fall camp, could Evan Smith, could his versatility have worked against him? Yes because there were days that he had to play starting guard at both sides and the Joe is the center. Both those guys are going to play throughout the season. We started the other way last year and Evan got hurt. We’re really fortunate to have those two guys, they’re both really good leaders and really good communicators, but Joe will start this week.”

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