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09 June 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 OTA Media Availability (6/9/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Cornerback Alterraun Verner
(On the play before tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins left practice)
“He didn’t know what he was doing or something like that. You guys are making more of it than you need to.”
(On Seferian-Jenkins tweeting during practice)
“You’ve got to talk to him about that. You’re talking to the wrong guy. I’ve been in practice for the last two hours.”
(On if Koetter sent Seferian-Jenkins away from practice)
“I did send him off.”
(On why he sent Seferian-Jenkins off)
“That’s between me and him.”
(On what positive things he saw at practice)
“I saw a lot of positive things. We got some great work, we got some two-minute work, our defense did an awesome job of shutting down the offense, we got some good situational work in the red zone, we got some good work on punt return, Roberto Aguayo was out of sight kicking field goals, defense finished strong with their third-down defense right at the end, so a lot of good stuff.”
(On having all of the rookies signed to contracts)
“Yeah, that’s great. Great to have those rookies done and Roberto is going ot be an awesome weapon for us. You just saw it there at the end.”
(On tackle Caleb Benenoch not being able to participate in OTAs)
“He’ll be back here soon.”
(On rookies participating in OTAs and if Benenoch’s absence will hurt him)
“They’re just behind. It’s just the way the rules are. Caleb had to – based on when his class graduates at UCLA he has to stay at school. He’ll be here Saturday and that’s just – we got to make the best of it, but the guys that are here, they get a big jump on the playbook.”
(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III being a potential starter)
“Well, sure. I mean, when you’re a first-round draft pick you’re going to play. You’re going to play most of the time. We know we improved our depth at corner. Brent Grimes has been down the last few days. We have great competition. We’re trying to get competition at every position. Vernon Hargreaves and Alterraun Verner have both stood out as far as the last few days, as far as making plays.”
(On what Hargreaves has done to earn the coaches confidence)
“He’s got great quickness, tremendous explosiveness, he’s smart, competitive, he’s playing two spots – he’s playing corner and nickel. Exactly what we thought when we drafted him.”
(On defensive end Noah Spence)
“Noah is doing a fine job. Let’s not forget, we’re in underwear right now, so there’s supposedly no winners and no losers every day. Different guys are sometimes going different speeds, but we’re excited with what Noah is doing and look forward to seeing him in pads when we get back in the fall.”
(On if running back Doug Martin is on the same pace as last year)
“Absolutely. Doug is one of those guys, when he’s in there, he plays every play full speed and you see when he get his runs he finishes like a mad man. He’s working hard on his hands – working to improve his hands, so Doug is off to a really good start as well.”
(On if too much attention is focused on the height of the Buccaneers cornerbacks)
“They’re not going to grow. We have the 5,000 stories out there about the short corners. I mean, you can’t complain about your players, they’re the ones you got. Those guys aren’t going to grow. There’s plenty of research both ways about the size in corners. There’s some misnomers out there and then there’s just as many corners that are 5’10” that have been successful as corners that are 6’4”, so the guys are who they are. We’re happy with our guys and we’re going to keep working with them.”
(On cornerback Johnathan Banks and the cornerback competition)
“Again, it’s competition. This is a competition. Well, big year for a lot of guys. We can say that about 90 guys out here and 53 spots. Banks is competing; that’s what he’s doing and he’s made some plays. He made a beautiful play two days ago down in the red zone. Mike [Evans] had him beat on a double move, he caught up and knocked the ball away, saved a touchdown. Nothing is decided during OTAs. We can all have our opinions on how guys look, but we’re going to be playing real football when we get back and that’s going to be when guys will really have a chance to prove it.”
(On the difficulty of last season)
“I wouldn’t say it was difficult because that’s life. You never know what life is going to throw at you. I mean you might lose your arm, you might lose your leg. You can’t sit around and complain about it. You have to be able to make the best of that situation and you know that’s all it was. I love playing this game. I love playing this game of football, so no matter what happens I’m going to put my best foot forward, so I wouldn’t say it was difficult. I would probably say more frustrating being a competitor and you want to be out there, but I wouldn’t say it was a difficult situation. I was still on the team, I was still helping out when I could in the best way I can.”
(On the rotation of the cornerback position last season)
“Yeah, it was, but as professional athletes you have to be ready when your number is called like Jude [Adjei-Barimah] and Sterling [Moore] were and they played the way they did and sometimes you have something happen and you fall down like others have, including myself, so it’s just a professional game. You’re up and you’re down, but just like at corner you have to have a short memory and you can’t dwell on the past and just move forward.”
(On what coverages he believes the team will run this year)
“I think it’s going to be like ten percent of everything. I don’t think it’s going to be a high percentage of one thing, just based off the calls and things like this, but I just think he [defensive coordinator Mike Smith] is just trying to get a feel for how we respond to things right now. I don’t know, like I said, how game day is going to be or how game planning is going to be for certain teams, but you’ll get a little bit of everything. You’ll be in man, you’ll be in press, you’ll be off, you might be trapping, you might be rolling coverage, you might be deep, short. I mean, I just basically said everything, but that’s kind of what this defense does and that’s what’s going to make it harder for offenses because they’re not going to know what’s coming. I think you can see that from Jameis [Winston] out here where he kind of has to look, look, look which is a good thing for him because he’s getting used to it and then it’s a good thing for us to try to disguise it for him because he’s a smart football player. He’s a smart guy, even going into his second year, so for us to try to get that confusion in him is going to help us translate on the field.”

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