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28 July 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Training Camp Media Availability (7/28/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Quarterback Jameis Winston
(On reflection of day one of training camp)
“Day one was fun, are you kidding me? Everybody’s excited on day one. Great to be out here, awesome to have the kids out and it’s the start of the journey.”
(On how he wants the team to progress)
“I want this team to progress fast. We want to be about excellence and you’ve got to start somewhere and it’s a building process, so that’s where we’re at today.”
(On if today was a continuation of minicamp)
“Yeah, I was real impressed with the guys’ carryover on both sides of the ball. We had really good mental carryover, [we’re] way ahead of where we were when we started OTAs, but yeah, we’ve got a long way to go.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston approaching defensive tackle Gerald McCoy about taking a new leadership role)
“We need great leadership on our team. We have some guys already that are strong leaders [and] some guys that are developing as leaders. I think the fact that our team is talking about leadership is a positive.”
(On if he addressed the team going into day one)
“I addressed them for 27 minutes – do I have to go through the whole thing?”
(On if what he said to the team was thought about overnight)
“No, I thought about it over the summer. A lot went into those 27 minutes. That’s probably stuff that we should just keep to the team. I mean it’s all the stuff that you’d expect a coach to say to his team.”
(On what the biggest improvements he expects to see from last season to now)
“Just Jameis, the way he handles every single day. I thought he did a great job today of taking what the defense gave him. He checked the ball down, he threw it deep when they called for him to throw it deep – he knew exactly where to go with the football. And just to be under control. I don’t think Jameis turned it over at all today. A year ago at this time we were still worried how many times Jameis was going to turn it over every day. It looks like we’re past that stage. Jameis is now not a rookie, Jameis is the leader of our football team.”
(On if Winston’s on-field leadership today impressed him)
“That’s who he is. Yeah, it impressed me, but I’m sure you folks noticed it as well. It jumps out at you. Jameis is a special guy. I might have been one of the last people on board, but I’m fully on board now and it’s nice, it’s a great thing to have. He sets the tone for our team. We have a lot of good football players on our team, but from a leadership standpoint Jameis sets the tone.”
(On how much of an adjustment is it for Jameis from his rookie year)
“You’d have to ask him how much of an adjustment, but anybody is going to do better with experience. We all do better in our jobs with experience and Jameis is no different.”
(On the timetable of J.R Sweezy and Louis Murphy’s injuries)
“It’s unfortunate in both cases that those two guys aren’t able to be out here. We were hoping that everybody would be full-go. But, what we have to realize with injuries, if you guys have looked around the league as every team has reported, every team’s putting guys on that active PUP list – multiple guys – and we’re no expectation. When you get to guys coming off of ACLs, guys coming off of different procedures that they had done in the offseason, the timetable to get back isn’t always the same, sometimes there are setbacks. What we can’t do is rush guys that aren’t ready to go, that doesn’t do us any good because then all they do is they’re fighting it the whole year. I would hope that J.R and Murph are both out here as quickly as they can, but that’s what we have team doctors for.”
(On offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile’s playing multiple spots on the offensive line)
“Kevin can play all the spots. Kevin is a valuable guy because he can play everywhere. If we started the season today and J.R was out and Kevin was in there, we’d be happy with that.”
(On the meeting he had with the team)
“I don’t really want to get into that. Again, it’s a kickoff meeting. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover with these guys about training camp, where we’re trying to go and how we plan to get there. That’s something I don’t need to be tooting our horn on that, that stuff will work itself out.”
(On if today was a good start)
“Absolutely, good job, [but] long way to go.”
(On players holding themselves accountable for penalties)
“That was on our list, penalties was definitely on our list and will continue to be. As you know, we have a list of things that we think are a checklist for winning football in the NFL and penalties is on our list.”
(On the biggest change going from offensive coordinator to head coach)
“I’m a little bit less involved [in the offense]. I try to stay involved out there, but we have a lot of good coaches. Todd Monken and George Warhop did the install for the offensive meeting last night [and] they did a great job. I sat in there and shoot, I was thinking, ‘They don’t need me in here.’ I love offensive football, so it’s hard for me to separate, but my role [has] definitely changed right now and I’m learning as I go.”
(On if he finds himself coaching on the defensive side)
“I go over there because I like to watch some of the drills, but then I see ‘Smitty’ [Mike Smith] over there and I go, ‘Why am I over here? That’s Smitty’s job.’ You got to let your coaches coach. We’ve got a great coaching staff here.”
(On how wide receiver Kenny Bell looked today)
“He got off to a good start. Kenny definitely flashes, he came off spring and he picked up right where he left off.”
(On what changes in the red zone Jameis needs to make this season)
“You caught me off guard on that one. We didn’t even practice any red zone stuff today. We’ll start working on it here soon enough. We’ve definitely gone back and modified our red zone plan and what we ask Jameis to do. But, ask me that in couple days I got to think of a better answer. I’m not sure what to tell you to that, I don’t want to just BS you.”
(On if it’s more a repetition chart or a depth chart during this stage in practice)
“We have a rep chart still. Our ones are getting about 50 percent of the training camp and then 50/30/20 is kind of what our ones, twos, and threes are right now. But there are some guys that float back and forth and then when you get in your personnel groups on both sides. That depth chart is coming along, but hey this is competition. OTAs is what we called ‘no winners, no losers’ because we don’t want to get guys hurt. Except for the periods when we have our helmets off, everything else is competition right now.”
(On if the helmets will stay off during practice periods)
“Those are walkthrough periods so we have a couple periods every practice that are walkthrough periods. Getting those helmets off helps those guys cool down a little bit. They’re walkthrough periods anyway, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.”
(On how morning practice has worked out)
“I think the feedback is going to be positive.”
(On until the pads come on what you can get out of these workouts)
“These guys are pros now. There’s not that much difference between practicing in shorts, shells and pads. We’ll ramp it up a little bit when pads come on, but if you were watching close today we’re telling them to slow down not speed up. That’s the biggest difference between pro football and college football is you can still get a lot of work done in shorts.”
(On if he has to harp on the team for off-field issues)
“Again, I’m not going to get too much into it on that stuff, but I appreciate the question.”
(On the tone the team is trying to set on day one)
“We want to be the thermostat, and not the thermometer. We want to set a high mentality, high tempo, get the juices flowing and get some excitement out here.”
(On Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s message to the team)
“Focus. We’re coming out here to compete. We have our Bucs vision, which is ‘compete’. That’s what we’re out here to do. We’re out here to compete and have some fun and ball out.”
(On approaching defensive tackle Gerald McCoy about his leadership role)
“I just talked to him after the season, just to get his insight on how I was as a leader. I believe Gerald is a great leader to this team, and he’s not the only leader that we’ve got. I just know that he has a little bit more in him. You should’ve seen him out here working with (defensive ends) Noah Spence and Kourtnei Brown, the things that he put into these players. Even me, when I first got here he put so much into me. I just asked him, ‘Keep doing it, bring it up a notch, step it up’, just like I have to do, just like we all have to do.”
(On if McCoy has to lead in a different way)
“Just continue to step up, continue to be who you are. He’s a [four]-time Pro Bowler defensive tackle, he’s a great voice and everyone will listen to him on our team.”
(On his impression of things on the first day)
“Got to get better. First day is always an exciting day. It’s exciting because we have these fans out here, all these kids out here running around, and it always feels good to put on a show in front of the fans. So we’re excited but we know that we got a long way to go, we know that we have to continue to get better, but I’m looking forward to getting better with this group of guys.”
(On where he needs to improve after year one)
“Well, everything in my game. I don’t believe that right now is the time for me to just focus on one thing. We have a long time until the season. I have to get better at everything from footwork to keep maintaining my body, staying in shape, pocket presence, there’s a lot of things that I have to do to get better. And I’m going to keep getting better my whole career – it’s not just from year one to year two, it’s a whole-life thing.”
(On if he improved his footwork in the offseason)
“Absolutely. I feel like I made a lot of strides in everything that I did. That was the purpose for me in my offseason, was to get better in every way that I can. I feel like I did, but it’s never too bad to keep getting better, so I’ve got to continue to get better. I’m nowhere near where I need to be and I’m never going to be where I need to be.”
(On asserting himself as a leader more in year two)
“I’m coming with the same mentality [with] leadership because you can’t force leadership, that’s just who I am. You guys know that, so it’s not different at all from me being around the guys. The different thing is, basically, the offense. Being more comfortable with everything. Being more comfortable to step up out there and speak up. So, I think that’s the main thing.”
(On not having to learn a new offense in year two)
“Well, the best thing is the second year being in this offense. I say it all the time and I’m going to continue to say it, (quarterback) Mike Glennon [has] been a quarterback in the league for [three-four] years and he said this is the first year that he had the same offense coming back. So, that’s a big stride for us. That’s a big advantage for us, for our team. So we just have to get better, deal, and like I said, we will never be where we want to be but we’re going to try to – [interrupted].”
(On mentally preparing for the season)
“Well, you do everything that you need to do. You do everything that any good quarterback would do. That’s work hard, and let these guys see you working hard.”
(On his mindset in the second year with Coach Koetter’s offense)
“I think that you always have to have that rookie mentality. Because like I said, you never have arrived, and I know Coach Koetter is going to pull that out of us every single time. [Quarterback’s] Coach [Mike] Bajakian, his main message is focus. I have to stay focused, I can’t think about, ‘What was it like being a rookie last year?’ I have to think, ‘What is it going to be like facing the Philadelphia Eagles in our first preseason game? How can we win that game? What do I need to do for us to win that game?’”
(On what Koetter brings to the entire team)
“I just love his mentality. He’s a fierce competitor and that’s how I view myself when being a fierce competitor. And the team sees that, when he steps up and takes charge in front of us in team meetings, we’re just like, ‘That’s our coach’. He sets the tempo for us and we’re going to follow him ‘til the day we die.”
(On if he lost weight this offseason)
“I dropped some weight, but the main thing is gaining muscle, and by me actually working. I said, I think last year, this was really my first offseason, typically I just go straight into baseball. And with the combine and stuff, during my five weeks [off] last year, I was trying to rest and trying to get the offense down pat. But now I just have some time to have some fun and do what I do best, and that’s work.”
(On how much he weighs now)
“I’m weighing 231 right now.”
(On Koetter running a shorter practice today)
“I think whatever Coach Koetter tells us to do, we’re going to do it. It doesn’t matter if we’re out here for three hours or out here for one hour. Our job is to play, his job is to coach so we’re going to do whatever he needs us to do.”
(On fan expectations for this year)
“Every fan wants to win, and that’s our main mentality is to win and compete. I believe that if we play hard and we give it all we got and we get better every day, we’re going to do what we need to do to win some football games.”

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