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29 July 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Training Camp Media Availability (7/29/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson
(On today’s practice)
“I loved it, [are] you kidding me? It’s great to be out here. It’s what we need, we need to be out here as much as we can.”
(On Military Appreciation Day at camp today)
“Our guys are fired up for Military Day, get a little chill at that national anthem to start it off. We have the utmost respect for the people out here today and their support of our country. It lets us do what we do.”
(On if his team could learn something from the military)
“I’m sure we could, and I’m sure we should learn more. Unfortunately I’m not an expert on military training, but I’m sure we could.”
(On cornerback Brent Grimes’ interception in practice)
“That was a nice play by Brent. That wasn’t a great decision by [quarterback] Jameis [Winston] unfortunately. That was actually probably Jameis’ first bad decision in two days, but we’ve been getting after Grimes with some double moves, but he got us on that one.”
(On if he worries about players diving for balls without shoulder pads on)
“Yeah, you do. Technically when we don’t have pads on we tell guys to stay on their feet, but the name of the game is competition. You got 90 guys trying for 53 spots and this is professional football.”
(On Winston’s day with wide receiver Mike Evans)
“Better than yesterday. Part of that is luck of the draw on what coverage they draw, but Mike got a lot of balls thrown his way today. You could really see Mike going out of his way to look it in. I think he probably read all you guys’ reports, how he dropped that first ball in warmups yesterday, and he probably had some choice words for y’all because you’re going to be watching every single drop he has. But keep watching, keep watching, he’s got a lot of balls thrown at him every day.”
(On Evans’ drops)
“Well, no one like to see drops. But we’re kidding ourselves if we think we’re never going to drop any balls. I’ve found in my career that the worst thing you can say to a guy when he drops a ball is, ‘Don’t drop the ball.’ Maybe we should coach him on how to do it better, maybe we should tell him to focus on watching it in, and I thought Mike did a good job of that today.”
(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves and defensive end Noah Spence’s play so far)
“We’re real fired up about both Vernon and Noah. Noah obviously will show up more when the pads come on. We’re quick-whistling everything right now, but you ask any of our O-lineman, that guy’s lightning off the edge, so excited to see that guy in pads.”
(On how long it takes to develop chemistry between a receiver and quarterback)
“I would say that’s always different. I think some guys get it right off the bat, so I don’t think there’s any timetable on it. But we’re working on it.”
(On what cornerback Alterraun Verner has shown him so far)
“Alterraun’s a smart player, number one. We went against Alterraun multiple times when I was in Jacksonville and he was in Tennessee, and then again when I was in Atlanta. I think Alterraun’s a solid NFL corner, he’s in a good competition; we’ve really improved our depth at corner so he’s in for a battle. But he’s a smart player and as long as he keeps playing to his strengths, I think he’ll do fine. But he’s definitely in a competition. He’s off to a good start.”
(On safety Keith Tandy’s big play during practice)
“That was a great play by Tandy. I just went up to ‘Smitty’ [Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith] right afterwards and said, ‘Adam [Humphries] made a real nice double move and was way behind the corner, and for that safety to overlap.’ That was good for [quarterback] Mike Glennon to see that we may have hung it just a little too long. That’s a tough throw, that ball’s about 50 yards down the field. But for Tandy to show his range like that, that’s unusual that an NFL safety will overlap and make that play, so that was a really nice play, maybe the play of the day.”
(On if the team is flying under the radar)
“No, I don’t think that. That’s for you guys to decide. I have nothing to do with that, I don’t think about that.”
(On what offensive players think about the development of the offense)
“Like I said, our offensive guys are worried about competing themselves. They know we’re getting a lot of looks, that it’s unpredictable right now. And especially a lot of different coverage looks. And they know that there’s really good communiation out there with our defense right now, but we got a lot of way to go. Let’s get some pads on before we make too many judgements.”
(On who he’s looking at for kickoff returns)
“[Wide receiver] Kenny Bell, [running back] Charles Sims, [defensive back] Ryan Smith off the top of my head. We haven’t got to kickoff return, we’ve been focusing on punt [returns] right now, but those three off the top of my head.”
(On what fans can expect to see when camp open to the public tomorrow as compared to past seasons)
“Well I wasn’t here too many previous seasons, so that’s hard for me to compare. But I hope they just come out and see a team working hard and a team they feel like they can get behind. We need them on Sundays in the fall, and hopefully they like the product we’re putting out there.”
(On if he hears reactions from crowd during drills)
“Sure, absolutely. Usually if I’m looking one way and I hear a big roar, I know I missed something good, can’t wait to see it on film.”
(On how important it is for Winston and Evans to continue to build chemistry)
“Extremely important. Number one ability in football is availability. We’ve got to have our guys out here. If we’re going to work together, we’ve got to have them out here.”
(On if Evans’ injury last season stunted his development with Winston)
“Yeah, it probably did.”
(On how Winston and Evans’ chemistry is now)
“It’s on the right track. Again, none of that is going to play itself out until we get to games.”
(On where wide receiver Russell Shepard fits in with the other receivers right now)
“I said before, Shep’s one of those guys that I find myself wanting to write him off as a wide receiver and look at him as a special teams only player. And Shep’s one of those guys [where] you can’t wear him out. You can’t wear the kid out. He just hangs in there, hangs in there, hangs in there and he’s been making a few plays.”
(On Military Appreciation Day at training camp)
“Awesome, man. Having a day dedicated to these servicemen and women and their families and them to come out here. Obviously having the color guard, the veterans, it’s beautiful. I think a lot of the guys paid reverence to it. I loved the way the young guys respected it and it’s nice for [the military community] to be able to come out here and kind of be a shining star this practice.”
(On his new book being released)
“This is the second of what we plan to be a three-part series around our main character Danny Dogtags. Our first book was launched about a year and a half ago - it’s called Danny Dogtags Dealing with Deployment. Basically that book focused on a great family story, a talking piece for parents to sit down with young military kids and discuss the tough terms of what it’s like to transition through maybe one of your parents being deployed for an extended period of time. We try to make that kind of fun, light-hearted, and make it easier for parents to get that across to young kids. This next one is called, Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero. I’ve got a little copy of it here. We have three main pillars in [the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation]: It’s emotional health, it’s physical health, and then it’s focusing on educational development. So this one obviously is about physical health. Kind of the main theme, to give you a little synopsis of the story, Danny is kind of having some poor choices in his nutrition, he’s struggling with his soccer games. I come and visit the team at practice, kind of give them some basic tips on eating healthy, getting good rest, things like that. He takes that home, he takes that very to heart, he shares it with his family, [and] he starts excelling with his friends and family. Don’t want to spoil the story – you need to go out there obviously. Books will be on sale early September, so if you want to get the full story please pick it up. But besides that we’re just proud to continue to provide some support for not only military families but youth in general. Reaching out to youth in our community, letting them know it’s important to – we know NFL Plays 60, get out be healthy, be good in school, be good citizens, and of course if you need emotional help there’s so many venues you there that you can get support from and that’s kind of our focus and foundation as far supporting those young kids.”
(On as far as football goes)
“Yeah, we’re excited. Obviously it’s early, you know what I mean? We’re getting started, we’re getting our feet wet and I like the way we’re looking. I think we were able to put a good summer together, good spring and summer, and really pick things up right where we left off. Of course, there’s still a lot I think on the defensive side having a new system that they’re still putting in but they’re coming around. They’re looking sharper and sharper, the communication sounds like it’s getting clearer, and offensively we just have to fine tune. We’ve got to continue to do the small things, repetition things, just so they become basic. Basic run game, basic pass game, and being efficient.”
(On having the same offensive system for two consecutive seasons)
“It’s exciting. Dirk’s [Koetter] doing a great job to go from where he was to [taking] over the reins, the staff that he brought in around him, I absolutely really respect these guys and the way that they’re going about teaching the team and the way that they’re handling their business and preparing us. So I feel like we’re a little bit further advanced than we were this time last year.”
(On the continuity with quarterback Jameis Winston and the offense)
“Jameis being a young guy going into his second year, his confidence continues to grow and you can see it. He’s just getting a better feel not only for this offense but with different players and building relationships there. It’s great; it’s fun to see a guy that’s hungry, who works hard, and it’s fun to follow him and follow his lead.”
(On doing extra exercises to prevent further injuries)
“No, I’m feeling really good. Our training staff has been outstanding, but I’ve been good since early in this offseason. I had a great complete offseason with our OTAs and everything like that. I’m just excited. I’m ready to get through a great training camp, continue to build on the fundamentals and prepare myself as best I can to perform well throughout the season.”
(On preferring morning practices over afternoon practices)
“I’d say the morning is probably been a fan favorite in the locker room right now just because of the fact that it allows us to get off our feet get some more things done in the afternoon. I think it’s an efficient schedule in the evening time as far as us coming out here doing our walk-throughs at night. But it is going to be 10, 15 degrees cooler at eight o’clock than it is later in the afternoon. So I think it’s a plus for us and it’ll save us down the road.”
(On the difference playing more than a year in the league)
“Yeah, our young guys – you talk about our linebacking corps, a good group there, some young DBs, we’re just continuing to build. It doesn’t matter who’s in there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-year guy or if you’re a 10-year guy, we want to get you in there we want you to be the best player you can be at that positon to help us win games. The best thing about this year I think we have a little more depth at different positons that depth is going to save us as far as things happening throughout that season. It happens with every team across the league. We need to have other guys step up, we need guys be good on special teams, everybody talks about offense defense, [but] special teams can be huge for us. Field position, our defense is going to be tough to move the ball against and if we can pin guys deep, it’s going to be such an advantage for the offense getting the ball on the 45 or 50-yard line. Those small things we continue to preach and Dirk does a great job each and every meeting on making sure those things don’t get forgotten.”
(On how confidence has helped the offense)
“We knew what we were doing all the time, but there’s nothing like experience. The more you do it, the more you are around this level, the more you are getting competition and getting this great coaching, you’re just going to continue to improve. We’ve got young guys that are embracing the coach, they are being coachable, they are working hard out here, they are working at their craft and that’s all you can ask of them. You will improve if you have the right mindset and obviously if we have the right system, and I really believe in this system. I think is going to be a great fit for the personnel that we have.”

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