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15 August 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Training Camp Media Availability (8/15/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Center Joe Hawley
Guard Ali Marpet
Offensive Lineman Kevin Pamphile
(On what he’s looking to get out of the upcoming practices with Jacksonville)
“First off, it culminates with the game, it culminates in preseason too. but, we’re looking forward to getting two great days of practice work with Jacksonville on Wednesday and Thursday, one day in pads and one day in shells. We really enjoy working against another team, working against new competition.”
(On the depth of the offensive line)
“I think [Offensive Line Coach] George [Warhop] does a great job of training these guys to play multiple positions. With Donovan [Smith] out the last couple days, Kevin [Pamphile] sliding out to left tackle, and Evan Smith sliding out to left guard, you’ve got to have versatility in this league because you’re only going to have seven of them on game day so it’s a good test for us. Unfortunate that Donovan is sick but we’d expect he’d be back tomorrow.”
(On how the offensive line looked against Philadelhpia)
“Well again, we only played our ones for like 13 or 14 plays. When you’re playing 84 guys it’s never going to be as clean as when we get to the season, but they’re on the right track.”
(On Kevin Pamphile playing left guard)
“He’s doing well. I’ve said multiple times that if J.R. [Sweezy] wasn’t ready we’d be fine with Kevin at left guard. In Kevin’s mind he was coming out to compete for a first team position regardless of what happened with J.R., so he’s handling himself well and now he’s in position to play.”
(On how much the team is looking for depth at defensive tackle)
“Well heck, we’re definitely still looking. There’s still good competition there and we added another guy to the mix yesterday – but there’s plenty of competition there, Cliff Matthews and A.J. [Francis], those guys are in a battle.”
(On the third running back position)
“Oh yeah, we’ll take that through the third preseason game. Running back is one of those positions that because those guys, we don’t tackle them, they don’t see how much they can break tackles during practice. Preseason is huge for them, and then the other thing is pass protection.”
(On ground rules for Wednesday’s joint practice with Jacksonville)
“Coach [Gus] Bradley and I have talked a lot about that, we’ve had a lot of conversations, and the main thing is that we’re on the same page, that both teams are on the same page and that the coaching staffs from both teams know what the ground rules are and enforce the ground rules, that’s the main thing. It really will be practice similar to [what] you’re used to seeing out here, it’ll just be two practices going on at the same time – our offense against their defense on one field and flipped over on the other field. So similar drills, similar number of reps, and really like we do on a regular week. You have the things you work on, on a Wednesday and the things you work on, on a Thursday, in season.”
(On the team’s confidence)
“Well, I would just say that confidence is a good thing and we need to work to earn it. I’m not sure we deserve it quite yet, but we’ll definitely working to earn it.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston)
“Jameis every day asserts himself more and more as a leader. He still has plenty of things he needs to work on as the quarterback, but I love what he is doing leadership wise.”
(On if the offense is evolving into a pass rather than run-type team)
“I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s the case. Don’t read too much into that, you know how it goes in preseason. Preseason is not the season and it’s not game planning. We’re going to be a run-first football team. You’ve got to run the ball and stop the run to win in this league. We’re not going to change from that.”
(On who will set the first look at kickoff returner at Jacksonville)
“D.D. [Donteea Dye, Jr.]. D.D will be the first guy out there.”
(On running back Doug Martin improving his catching)
“Yeah, he’s working at it. I think you find the best players in this league work on their weaknesses and Doug did not have the reputation coming out of college as a great ball catcher. You watch him in between drills, he’ll go over there on the other field with the quarterbacks and he’s always getting extra catching in. We have a real good catching back in Chuck in Charles Sims. Doug sees that he doesn’t want to be getting subbed for on screens and that sort of thing, so he’s worked at it and he’s definitely improved at it.”
(On the fan support thus far)
“It’s awesome. Trust me, it’s a letdown when the stands over there are gone and its dead quiet out here and you don’t hear the fans. It takes the players a few days to get used to it, so we’ll miss it when it’s over.”
(On being the nastiest guy on the offensive line)
“Yeah, I like to play with passion I think that’s what he’s talking about. I feel like as team as an offense we feed off good energy on the field, and I try to bring that energy with me so it’s kind of contagious whenever people feed off of it.”
(On him being similar to defensive end Robert Ayers)
“Yeah he’s the same kind of firey guy – glad to have him on our team. He’s been making us better.”
(On having a toughness attitude on the offensive line)
“Yeah, it’s a physical sport and you can’t get pushed around, especially at a positon like offensive line. So if you have a unit, a bunch of guys that have each other’s back that play hard and play with passion it’s pretty tough to go against.”
(On offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile)
“He’s been looking phenomenal. He really came in ready to compete – obviously [J.R.] Sweezy has been out, so it’s a great opportunity for him to step in there and show the team what he can do. I don’t think he wants to be labeled as a backup his whole career, I think he wants to get in there and start. And you can really tell the way he’s preparing, the way he is working – he’s definitely going to help this team.”
(On the depth on the offensive line)
“Obviously depth on the offensive line is huge, depth at any position is huge. But to have that and have experience throughout the offensive line, it’s invaluable.”
(On what’s easier for him in his second year)
“Just the game has slowed down. When you have more anticipation you can play faster and because of that I’m able to play faster.”
(On the growing confidence of the offensive line)
“Obviously getting reps with each other is important, so the fact that everyone has got more experience now, it just helps us out.”
(On what it will be like to practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week)
“So I’ve never done [joint practices] before, but from what I hear it’s intense and it’s fun; you get to hit someone else for a change. And I know we’re all excited because we’re tired of hitting each other so we’re ready to hit someone else.”
(On how good the offensive line can be)
“I think it’s an incredibly smart group of guys, that’s how I describe our offensive line. So I think that’s an incredibly important trait for an offensive line, so I think we’ll be successful because of that.”
(On the offensive line’s relationship with quarterback Jameis Winston)
“He’s someone who’s always up, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain. So to have him in the huddle, even when you’re feeling hot and beat down, it’s always good to have that little energizer bunny if you will.”
(On what Winston does to fire them up)
“He’s a talker. He like talking, he likes getting anything he can say to get you up.”
(On where he and left tackle Donovan Smith need to get better in year two)
“I think technically, there [are] a lot of details in pass protection from both of us. There’s sometimes where we can get away with things, even at this level. Donovan can get away with some things physically, just because he’s that impressive. Again, if he can clean some things up, be more detailed with his footwork and everything like that, he could be the best tackle in the league. Physically he’s got that ability.”
(On if the team played well in the first preseason game against Philadelphia)
“No. I think we can play so much better. I don’t know why we didn’t perform how we could, but we just didn’t. We didn’t have that energy, we didn’t have those details, we didn’t have all that; it didn’t click for us.”
(On adjustments that need to be made from playing tackle to guard)
“The entire footwork, obviously your spacing is not the same, you’re not out in space like a tackle would. You’ve got to be mindful of who you have around you, whether I’m working [at] the tackle, or the guard, or the center.”
(On having flashbacks of playing tackle in college at Purdue)
“Man, brought me back to the glory days [laughs]. It felt good out there and obviously I’m just out there because Donovan [Smith] is out just for today but once he gets back tomorrow, its back at left guard.”
(On if he’s hoping to stay put at one position)
“I like to be called the jack of all trades. Dirk Koetter, he’s mentioned that to me. Honestly, I own up to that. If that’s my nickname for now, I’ll take that.”
(On what he’s looking forward to in Jacksonville)
“It’s going to be a great experience honestly, going against a different defense, obviously. It’s tiring going against our guys – and really [for us to work] on fundamentals and getting back to the right assignments. The tempo should increase a lot more because you’re going against someone different.”

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