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24 August 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Training Camp Media Availability (8/24/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Quarterback Jameis Winston
Linebacker Lavonte David
(On how the offense looked today)
“Well, I told you yesterday I can be irrational right after practice and after looking at the tape, other than one period, we really weren’t as bad as I thought we were yesterday. In the blitz period yesterday we weren’t very good. And our defense, let’s go back to yesterday for a second, heck [cornerback] Vernon Hargreaves, two more interceptions yesterday, one beautiful play. Special teams, we were solid yesterday. Today, we didn’t do as well in the two-minute. And then that second one ended with a bunch of penalties, our defense gets two stops. Overall our offense was better, but we worked on different things. That’s why they call it practice, right? We still have plenty of stuff to work on.”
(On what he’s looking for in the third preseason game)
“More than anything I want to come out of it healthy. We can say all we want about these preseason games, but just in the last couple days we get some guys nicked up and the bottom line is it’s 18 days until Atlanta. And we’ve got to worry about having the best 46 guys we can out there on September 11. So that’s the number one thing. And then after that you just want as crisp of execution as you can get. But again, we’re going to be mixing [and] matching lineups based on trying to protect guys’ health.”
(On if he has any update regarding guard Ali Marpet’s health)
(On how the battle at center is going)
“Right now, again, we’re cross-training guys, so with our guard situation today, Evan [Smith] had to play almost primarily at guard today. Both Joe [Hawley] and Evan are good football players, they’re both going to help our team. And then how it ends up on the 11th is going to somewhat depend on health at other positions.”
(On if offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch will be available for Friday’s game)
“Yeah, I’m not sure. He got a few reps today. This was his first day in a long time, so from going from being out as much as he has to playing in a game, that’ll have to be a decision for the doctors.”
(On playing their first game at home on Friday)
“It’ll be exciting to play in front of the home crowd, that’s for sure. And with the new stadium, with the scoreboard and all that, I know the players are excited to see it. That part will be good. Typically [in] preseason games, the crowd’s not much of a factor, home or away, but we’re definitely excited to be home for the next two games.”
(On wide receiver Donteea Dye Jr.’s chances of making the team)
“Well, he’s battling. And you can see, not only his work at wide receiver, but he’s doing good things on special teams. And when you’re talking about your fourth and fifth wideouts, they’ve got to play on special teams as well, so he’s making a good case.”
(On if he is the kind of coach that looks at the scoreboards for replays during games)
“Oh yeah. Yeah, those things are very helpful. Now in the preseason of course, they’re letting us demo these Surface tablets where every play is on video, it’s been awesome to see them. You’re watching the whole game in between, but in the real season you don’t have those, you just have the still pictures. So those video boards, you definitely look up there to see what happened. You learn a lot.”
(On if he would like to have the tablets in regular season games in the future)
“Yeah, that would be great. But again, it’s not going to happen this year, it got voted down. We were one of the teams last year that did not get to [demo it]. So I couldn’t have really an opinion when they asked us our opinion. I’ll definitely have an opinion next time they ask and we would be in favor of it.”
(On the offense starting off quicker)
“Yeah every rep matters, so it’s something that we want to do. We know that if we do start off fast or we start playing with a tempo, we play better.”
(On working to start the game with a quicker tempo)
“Yeah, like I said, I’m getting better every single day and I do because it starts with me. I’ve got to get it going – similar to that Jacksonville two-minute [drill] during practice. We started off fast and practice ended up really good. I’m supposed to be the leader of this team, so I’ve got to start fast. It starts with me.”
(On having a preference whether to throw short or long passes early into the game)
“It really doesn’t make a difference. I think it’s just overall getting completions. Completions lead to ball movement and ball movement leads to first downs, first downs lead to touchdowns, so it doesn’t really matter which play we are running, it’s just execution.”
(On comfort level of practicing against a 3-4 defense)
“I feel good. Obviously it’s always good to see different looks. I think that’s helped us. The past few weeks Jacksonville showed us a lot of good things on defense and back-to-back weeks we got an over-front team vs. a 3-4 team. It’s difficult but we did [well].”
(On what he’s looking forward to accomplishing in Friday’s game against Cleveland)
“Accomplishing all of our goals like starting off fast, just finishing – this is really the last preseason game where you really simulate a real game, so it’s going to have that type of teasing feeling. We’ve just got to go out there and play and perform.”
(On what it is that gets the offense flowing)
“Execution. You can’t have setbacks, you can’t turn the ball over. In our first two games I had a turnover in that second drive that we had against Jacksonville [Jaguars] and I had a turnover in the first drive against the [Philadelphia] Eagles. You can’t have turnovers – like I said that’s on me, that’s why I said it’s on me, so I have to own that and bounce back and start fast.”
(On if the offensive line is doing a good job protecting him)
“Absolutely, the line is doing great. Everyone is doing real [well]. That just goes back to the hardest position on that field is at quarterback. When your quarterback is not doing what it takes to get the job done, that’s what happens.”
(On the possibility of getting over-hyped before a game)
“I guess it is, but at the end of that when it’s time to cross those lines, when that coin toss is flipped, you’ve got to just flip a switch and get back to where you need to be for the game. I have been over-hyped before and in the game, but I don’t think it’s really a big deal.”
(On how he mentality gets to where he needs to be)
“No, get to be where I need to be as being good. It isn’t a secret formula you’ve got to just execute in everything, mentally, physically, every aspect of the game because if you don’t do good you’re going to try to find something to nitpick and say, ‘Oh you didn’t do this.’ So you’ve got to get better at every aspect of the game. Building on your positives, eliminating the negatives.”
(On looking forward to getting more reps against Cleveland Friday)
“Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to that. Our last of these preseason games have been teasers. Now you just have to have the mentality like, ‘Hey man we are [going] to ask you to play a whole game.’ You’ve got to go into any game saying like, ‘Man I’m preparing like this is a real game.’ But then when you get taken out you’re just like, ‘Ah, I wish I could have kept playing.’
(On facing the Cleveland Brown’s defensive backs)
“It was good. I think their fronts [were] where it was really the most difficult part, because we’ve never seen that before. We see a lot good DB’s in the NFL but playing against Joe Haden and Tramon [Williams] is real good.”
(On Browns CB Joe Haden’s interception to end the two-minute drill)
“Just miscommunication. Tt was a fouth down. On fourth downs, you’ve got to take a chance. He really wasn’t even covering the route. I just threw it to another guy, he came off his route and picked it off. So on a situation like that you’ve got to take a chance and that’s why it’s practice.”
(On who he was targeting)
“I think it was Adam [Humphries].”
(On what the last two days have been like having another team to practice against)
“Physical. Physical like an extra scrimmage. But both teams, our main priority is come out here [and] get work. Benefit from one another, get that extra work in. It’s been pretty good so far, no nonsense going on, so everybody’s been staying [and] doing what they’re supposed to do.”
(On what he’s hoping to get out of the third preseason game)
“I’m just looking forward to the whole environment, being back home. Then just being able to work with our guys for the majority of the game. Games like this, the majority of the ones probably play the first half, going into the third quarter, so we’ll get an opportunity to see where we’re at. And that’s what this game is all about and we should just see how it goes from there.”
(On if he’s looking forward to playing into the second half on Friday)
“Yeah, that’s what I try to do. During this process [of] preseason, you’re just trying to see where you’re at. Conditioning-wise, and also mentally going through a football game because that opening week, you’re playing against at least 65 plays plus. So being able to come out here and play a full first half and then probably play some of the first quarter, it should give you a good feeling for how a regular season game’s going to be.”
(On how rookie cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III has progressed throughout camp)
“His confidence has skyrocketed since day one. For a rookie, all you need to do is make some plays, make some plays here and there, and your confidence will boost and your game will take over. And that’s what’s been going on, you can tell he carries himself a different way, he’s got a little swagger to him. He’s making plays and that’s the reason why we got him, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do and he’s taking over his responsibility.”
(On what he means when he says he has to gauge where he is at)
“Just the whole defense, being able to communicate with guys who you’re going to be out there on the field with. Eliminating your mistakes, going out there and playing fast and playing football.”

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