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06 August 2016

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Training Camp Media Availability (8/6/16)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Quarterback Jameis Winston
Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith
Safety Chris Conte
Defensive End Noah Spence
(On quarterback Mike Glennon’s completed pass to tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins during the two-minute drill)
“It was a play call. We were screwed up out of the huddle and Mike fixed it. He was trying to get Austin on a double move - we came out in the wrong formation. Since I wasn’t on the side I’m not sure exactly how we got screwed up but they got it fixed and that’s good. That’s what you should do is get your big guys down. It was great to see Austin with back-to-back big plays in that period.”
(On Seferian-Jenkins having a good practice today)
“He did, he did - without looking at the tape, he did.”
(On the safety play)
“Conte and [Bradley] McDougald, the two starting safeties, have both been real solid. We’re pleased with those guys and also Keith Tandy, a veteran, has been playing well. Safety is not our deepest position on our team right now, but those guys they’re getting off to a good start so far.”
(On defensive back Ryan Smith)
“Well Ryan is playing a little bit of catch up. When those guys miss OTAs due to injuries, even though they are in all the meetings and everything, it just takes some time to catch up mentally. That’s the same situation [Caleb] Benenoch was in on offense, missing OTAs. Now Ryan, you definitely see his athleticism flash every day. The guy has got really good speed, it shows up in special teams, he’s getting a ton of reps right now - we’re trying to bring him along as fast as we can. Preseason games will be awesome for him.”
(On if cornerback Josh Robinson was fully healthy during today’s practice)
“Josh was held out a little bit today, minor. We’re also still working Javion [Elliot] in as a  third nickel, so again you’ve got to remember, we can’t give all these guys a gazillion reps out here. I mean they’re doing a lot of running - they’re going hard for two hours so we’ve got to try to save guys legs’. Josh was held out of a few drills today.”
(On if losing the last four games last without linebacker Kwon Alexander was a coincidence)
“Yeah, I believe that wasn’t coincidence. I believe we missed him a lot. I think Kwon is a big cog in our defense to use your terms. He’s the quarterback - he’s Jameis [Winston] of the defense, so I think that definitely played a part in it.”
(On Chris Conte’s athleticism)
“Yeah, Conte really covers like a corner. He’s a tall guy back there, he’s not built like a corner but if you watch him in 1-on-1 drills he can cover. The guy can cover wideouts so we’re real pleased with that.”
(On if Jameis Winston struggled to recognize the defensive coverage today)
“Well they were doing some crazy disguises today. They were doing a lot with their front so the quarterback’s first job, the quarterback and the center, are trying to get the protection straight, and they were giving us some walk around looks today. We saw a couple snaps of it yesterday but when you start getting unique fronts and walk around fronts those are always a challenge, and then after you get the protection set, then the clock’s winding down and you’ve got to snap it, then he’s got to see the coverage and make a good decision. It’s really good work for us - it’s not the easiest thing. Trust me, they’re not just standing in their cover-two and cover-three.”
(On Defense Coordinator Mike Smith throwing the kitchen sink at the offense)
“They’re giving us a lot and it’s great for both sides. It’s really exciting to watch.”
(On Tony Dungy getting inducted into the Hall of Fame)
“One of the most respected coaches and respected men that’s came through the NFL. I had the good fortune of going against Tony a lot when I was in Jacksonville. Of course they had Peyton Manning and their greats teams in Indianapolis – class act all the way and congrats to Tony, well deserved.”
(On the team’s Special Olympics event today)
“It takes your mind off everything and all you think about is just fun and spending time with them.”
(On how it puts things into perspective)
“It does. But it’s fun, you feel that energy. They’re playing, they’re having fun. You just see what life is really about.”
(On the athletes’ football skills)
We have some great guys, they’re professionals. I’m fearing for my job right now, but they listened, they worked hard, and showed out.”
(On the best part of working with the Special Olympics)
“Just spending time with them, that’s the best part. Seeing their lives and connecting with them. Most of them know who I am but it feels good because they be like, ‘Who are you again?’, [and] I’m just like, ‘Yes! He doesn’t know who I am, so we can actually have true friendship!’ So it’s pretty cool.”
(On if he learned any dance moves)
“They have so many dance moves, I can’t really keep up. I just got to stay in my line, I’m not a good dancer, but I’m a great motivator.”
(On what his life is like when he’s not at the facility)
“It’s still the same as far as studying, but I am on my own. It kind of sucks, but you got to love it. It gives me time to just sit there and think. Days like today [are] what really takes my mind off of everything. Because we have an off day tomorrow, and my brain is just going at a rapid pace right now. But it’s fun, at the end of the day.”
(On if he has to force himself to step away on an off day)
“There’s really no stepping away at all. You kind of peel back a little bit, but you can’t step away from [it]. It’s a constant football grind.”
(On if he’s ready to play in preseason game)
“Yeah, I’m ready to play against another team. I think that’s the case for everybody. We want to start competing against other people.”
(On cornerback Javien Elliot)
“He’s been doing great. Everytime I see him on film I try to give him some hints, or what to do, or how to play a different type of route. But he’s been doing good, he’s been learning the defense, he’s been studying hard.”
(On his and Elliot’s relationship in college)
“What happened was, me and Javien actually hung out a lot because Javien always hung out around Ronald Darby and P.J. Williams and those were some of my good friends at Florida State. And just by him being around those guys, he got that cornerback mentality. Those [were] two top cornerbacks last year and he got a chance to spend time with them and just learn from them.”
(On what kind of challenges the defense is giving him)
“A lot of different challenges because it’s a lot of different looks. But it’s really good for our offense to see the multiple looks.”
(On having the opportunity to ask officials questions during practice)
“When it comes to a game, if they call it we can’t do anything about it. But we got to take the chance, like you say, to ask them like, ‘Why is this a foul? Why did you call a false start on my center here?’ So definitely just learning the rules and learning what they’re seeing as far as what we’re seeing, because there’s a lot of times I see a defensive pass interference, but they don’t see it. They’re always right, in that sense.”
(On defensive end Noah Spence)
“Noah has been playing great. I’ve been seeing everybody but those blitzes that the defense has. But Noah has been doing great.”
(On wide receiver Jonathan Krause)
“‘Jon Jon’ has been playing his tail off. He kind of reminds me of [wide receiver] Adam [Humphries] in a way, he’s always in the right spot. For him just to be here for two weeks and he’s learning this offense the way that he is, I can only imagine how it would be for him if he had a whole season under this offense.”
(On wide receiver Evan Spencer)
“Everyone is doing good because this is competing time. You got to go out there and compete. No one’s really worried about roster spots or anything like that, we’re out here trying to build ourselves as a team and just build a connection and build that chemistry.”
(On how much of a difference he sees in wide receiver Adam Humphries and Donteea Dye compared to last year)
“I think that what they did last year was huge. And I think that just motivates the guys that aren’t necessarily big-time guys to just come in, work hard and you’ll end up getting a spot if you work hard. But guys like Donteea and Adam, they’re one in a million because those guys are in here working hard, day in and day out. And some people don’t have that mentality, some people will say, ‘Oh man, I went to a D-3 school, I was a walk-on, how am I going to make it in the league?’ Those guys just took it upon themselves [to say], ‘I’m going to make this team, I’m going to get better every single day,’ and that’s what they have done.”
(On defensive end Noah Spence and his progression of playing against the run)
“Noah by standards is an undersized defensive end, but I think he plays a lot bigger than his measurable. He has a very good short punch, and he understands leverage, and he’s got quickness. He can move and run around blocks at times and make some plays and he’s also got strong enough hands and punch that he can hold the point. We’re going to have to be very careful about what we’re going to ask him to do early on in the season.”
(On if he likes to make play calls that surprise the offense)
“[Laughs] well no, we’ve spent a whole lot of time orchestrating these practices and trying to make it where both sides are getting all the looks that they need. We’ve been put a lot of stressful situations just like they have, and I think that’s the fun part of camp is keeping these guys on high-alert. We don’t want them to get comfortable. We’re competing and we don’t want them to be comfortable.”
(On if it’s more realistic for Spence to be a third-down pass rusher)
“Well, in the NFL today you’re going to play your sub defensive package probably about 65 to 70 percent of the time, so really your nickel package is your base package. We use the term that it’s a nickel or our sub package - it’s not because you’re playing against teams that are working on spacing routes and trying to spread the field out. I think it’s realistic if he continues to progress, he’s going to have an opportunity to play a whole lot of snaps. I don’t think that we have 11 starters, we don’t think of that, we think of it as we’ve got 15 or 16 starters based on the defensive plan for that week, and how people are going to present offensive formations to us.”
(On how cornerback Brent Grimes and Alterraun Vernon have been looking)
“I think they’ve progressed well. It’s going to be interesting to see how we progress now that we basically put our package in and now we can start refining. We’ve got a lot of refinement to do as a defensive football team. We’ve got guys that we know are out of place and the casual fan might say ‘oh that was a great play ‘Well it was not necessarily the case.”
(On if the defensive is more versatile now than in the past)
“I don’t want to compare to last year but it’s a lot more complex and there’s a lot more going on that we had last year. It’s just a different mentality, a different speed.”
(On if he likes the new defense)
“Yeah, I think as a safety you want to be able to do a lot of different things so it’s fun.”
(On how did he get his first interception to during practice)
“It’s just one of our coverages playing underneath - it was a single-high coverage. Not cover-two but single-high.”
(On schemes getting more complicated at this point in camp)
“I don’t think it’s getting more complicated, I think it’s getting easier actually. I feel like we’re learning a lot more and that plays are starting to come together. A lot of them are almost the same, especially for the front guys, so it’s starting to come together a little bit more for me.”
(On going up against left tackle Donovan Smith in practice)
“He’s great to go against every day, I don’t got anything to compare it to [laughs], he’s one of the best tackles I’ve ever went against, so it’s good to go against him every day, get better.”
(On how he’s doing against the run)
“I’m getting a lot better since the first day for sure. My first couple of days I didn’t know what was going on with the run, it was all moving so fast. Now it’s starting to slow down a lot more for me. I’m just lining up in the right spot and things like that, being able to hold my blocks.”
(On what he has to do to be effective as an undersized pass rusher)
“I just got to stay under people, I got to use more leverage since they’re always going to be bigger, taller than me. Got to get under them and try to just be more stout.”

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