Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Voluntary Mini-Camp Media Availability (4/28/16)

(On his thoughts on the three day mini-camp)
“Well – three days of work. Three days of work. Rough – some rough, rough play, but the guys are excited. I know the coaches are excited. It’s fun to be out here. The heat is back, the players are back. Shows you how much work we have to go, but when you have guys willing to work, that’s all you can ask for. Now we go into a different phase. Of course, the draft tonight and then three weeks of Phase II, but I love the way they’re working. Execution not where it needs to be, communication not where it needs to be, but we’re starting off and that’s all we can do.
(On wide receiver Mike Evans not practicing)
“Mike was down today. There’s no use taking risks with guys if they’re a little bit sore. That’s the one thing: we get this extra mini-camp and again, we went from Phase I, two weeks with the players, right into sort of playing football – underwear football. It’s a different transition on their bodies so there were a few guys that were held out. Then we have three weeks of Phase II before we get back to doing this again and Mike just needed to stay out today. No use jeopardizing these guys long term.”
(On if he saw anything that impressed him during mini-camp)
“Well a good example right there – just those last two plays. Two big plays by the DB group – Jude [Adjei-Barimah] coming off the edge and knocking down that bubble screen, making a big play and then Keith Tandy getting that interception there at the end. He was beat and it was going to be a touchdown for the offense and then he flipped it into a turnover, so guys making plays on both sides. I have to get used to being happy when the defense makes a play [laughs]. I have to admit I have to get used to that, but it’s fun to see those guys be excited about making plays and excited for each other. Again, we are a long ways away from playing, but it’s just a start. 
(On if he considered not having practice on draft day)
“Yep. Well, there are only two weeks you can do this, so we could either do it last week and in that case we would have had to take a week off. Or we could do it this week. We decided we wanted to go ten straight weeks with our offseason program instead of having a week off, so the disadvantage of going ten straight weeks is we had to dovetail into the draft.”
(On if practicing on draft day is a good thing)
“Well, we’ve been working so much on the draft I mean the players – they don’t have anything to do with it, so for the coaches all of our draft work was done before today, so the coaches will go home for a while and come back this evening for the draft. I guess it gives you something to keep your mind occupied going into the draft.”
(On if he is excited for the draft)
“Oh yeah, absolutely. I’m [General Manager] Jason Licht’s biggest fan tonight. I’m rooting for Jason hard. We’re going to add some really good players to our team. We need it and we’re excited to find out who it is.”
(On how well the players remembered the offense from last season)
“Well the recall was decent. The refinement – our execution was not anywhere near where it needs to be. But the recall was decent. All the players that you guys have talked to this week, they’re all going to say that it’s great to not have to not learn a new system and listening to the coaches do their install and how much further ahead and I’m watching our defensive coaches install and they’re barely moving along. It still has to show up as execution at some point. It’s not critical that it didn’t right now.”