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25 September 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Media Availability (9/25/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: Kick returner Bernard Reedy had a 50-yard kick return against Minnesota, the longest kickoff return in the NFL this season and the longest by a Buccaneers player since 2012 (Arrelious Benn, 55 yards at New York Giants, 9/16/12).
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On if there are any injury updates)
“Yeah, I think you’re jumping the gun a little bit on Lavonte [David]. It’s not as bad as it looked, number one – and it looked bad. X-rays were negative. We don’t know exactly what it is yet, but knock on wood it’s not as bad as it looked or as was previously reported.”
(On what allowed the Vikings to throw the ball down the field effectively)
“We got beat in every aspect and one of them was [them] throwing the ball over our head. We just weren’t tight enough on our coverage and your coverage, your over-the-top coverage, your intermediate coverage and your pass rush all has to work together and we didn’t at all. We didn’t put pressure on him. [Case] Keenum did a good job of getting rid of the ball. Our underneath coverage didn’t get deep enough in their drops and our deep coverage played too loose and let them throw balls not only behind them, but in front of them.”
(On playing without cornerback Brent Grimes)
“Every team has injuries and we are no different. You have different levels of players. You have the best of the best and every player [in] this league is pretty good. When you have weaknesses in certain positions, it’s our job as coaches to try to cover up those weaknesses [and] try to play to our strengths. Minnesota did a good job of attacking us and we have to lick our wounds, learn our lessons and move forward.”
(On if he thinks some of the players who were injured last week will be able to play next Sunday)
“We’re hopeful that – Monday at 2:30 I don’t usually have all of the answers for that, but I’m definitely hopeful that we will have some guys back.”
(On the decrease in run plays this past Sunday)
“Well I also say all of the time that every game takes on its own personality and this game is no different. We did run it six out of the first 13 plays of the game. The key play in the game was five minutes to go in the half – it was 14-3 – we had a wide-open DeSean Jackson that’s going to make it 14-10. Instead it’s intercepted, they go on a 92-yard drive and it’s 21-3. We go in at halftime [and] try to regroup. We come out, we go three and out. They hit a 59-yard touchdown pass. Now it’s 28-3 – hard to run the ball after that. You just don’t have very many opportunities because you don’t have enough possessions.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston’s three interceptions)
“The first one, again, that’s a touchdown. That’s a 14-point swing right there with the way it ended up. That’s a seven-point swing, you know, DeSean [Jackson] smoked that guy and Jameis has got to get it out there for him – plain and simple on that. The second interception, we were driving, we were back within two scores, we were across the 50 on the plus 45 and it was a poor read. We had a good man-zone indicator there. Jameis missed the read, try to force it in there to DeSean, he had to step up, had a little bit of pressure, tried to force it in there – just not going to work. On the third interception, now we are down 17 points. We probably don’t have enough possessions and Jameis tried to force it into Mike [Evans] – [he’s] just got to check that ball down. I think at one point in the second half, Jameis was something like 18 out of 22. I’m talking in the second half now, two incompletions and two interceptions, so Jameis made some really nice plays, some really nice throws, but just the main thing is as an offense we can’t turn it over. Those kinds of things have a tendency to happen more when you’re playing from behind and you’re playing in a more desperate situation than you would like to be.”
(On an instance where the Buccaneers had too many men on the field and whether it was just a miscommunication)
“If you remember what happened on the play before that, they threw a little pass in the flat and there was a little wrestling match going on. Our players were acting like we came up with the ball. It looked like that ball might have come out and our guys were pointing like we had it. We were trying to get a look at it from upstairs to see if we should challenge it. Minnesota hustled to the ball, which is another thing that makes you think they might’ve seen it. It was closer to their sideline, [so it makes you think] maybe the ball wasn’t out. I had the challenge flag in my hand and Minnesota hurried to the ball. We were also in the midst of a substitution. We had 12 [players] on the field. One of our guys got it. One of our guys didn’t get it. If I had it to do over again, I would’ve called a timeout right there, but I also didn’t know they were going to call a touchdown pass on that play. That’s bad by us all around.”
(On the national anthem protests and his thoughts on the issue resurfacing)
“I think there has definitely been an awful lot of talk about this issue. I think you see from the commissioner of our league, ownership of our league, different teams’ owners, including our own, and different players – I just think you’ve seen a lot of people weigh in on how they feel, which is everybody’s right to do. I think the commissioner had an excellent statement. I think our ownership had an excellent statement. I also think we have to respect every person’s right to exercise their freedom of speech. I think this is a very fluid situation as we stand here right now. It’s all everybody is talking about today. There is another game tonight of course and I don’t know what’s going to happen moving forward. Like I said, it’s a fluid situation.”
(On if Evan Smith started at guard due to Kevin Pamphile’s illness)
“Yes. That is exactly what that was. They both played pretty even. They both were [around] 33 and 20-something plays. It was pretty close and they both played fairly well.”
(On how he feels about the offensive line as a unit)
“When you take penalties out of it, we ran 49 plays. They ran 71 or 72 plays. Time of possession was 34 to 22 – something like that. I don’t think our issues yesterday were offensive-line oriented. I thought the offensive line was fine. We all have things we could’ve done better yesterday. Obviously when you get beat like that, you have things you can do better across the board, but I don’t think the offensive line was at the front of the list.”
(On the mishaps in the center to quarterback exchange)
“[Ali Marpet] went through a little stretch there where he had like three in a four-play sequence right there in the second half and then it was fine. Maybe this all would have happened in the Miami game had we played. First game on the road in a loud stadium – I thought for the most part we handled the noise okay. Other than that, it did throw us off a little. We are still 100 percent on board with moving Ali to center. He is going to be an excellent center and [he is] doing a lot of things well.”
(On having two games in 11 days coming up and treating this week as normal)
“We treat it as a normal week just because it is a normal week, number one. We do have two home games in 11 days and especially coming off the way we played yesterday, it makes it even more important. The first thing we have to do is put this game behind us. 24-hour rule – we are getting pretty close right now to being at 24 hours. We got a little bit beat up yesterday. The players came in, worked out today, watched the tape, got their grades, did their postgame workouts and then the players will be off tomorrow. [The] coaches turn their attention already to the Giants and then we will come in and have a normal Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We’ve got to get ready for a Giants team that obviously is looking for a win as well.”
(On how good he feels about the depth at linebacker)
“Kendell Beckwith and Adarius [Glanton] both did a good job in this game and we are fortunate that we do have depth. I don’t think we would ever be talking about having the possibility of both Kwon [Alexander] and Lavonte [David] out. They both, especially Lavonte, have been ironmen at his position. We might be facing that, hopefully not for too long if we are. Kendell and Adarius have both done fine.”
(On tight end O.J. Howard’s role in the offense)
“He is in the game plan. Again, we didn’t have the ball a lot. He got a nice catch there in the first drive. We’ve also got Cam Brate in there at tight end. We’ve also got DeSean [Jackson] and we also have Mike [Evans]. I think O.J. will continue to grow. He is doing a nice job at the point of attack. O.J. is going to be a fantastic player. He is getting better all of the time.”
(On the hit on tight end Cameron Brate in the end zone and if he is in concussion protocol)
“He is not in the protocol that I know of and yes, it should have been a penalty. The official told me afterwards that he just flat missed it and he saw it on the replay. I appreciate his honesty because I was asking him about it. It looked like it to everybody that was watching it and, of course, Cam thought it was. The official came right over and said he missed it when he saw it on the replay.”
(On up-and-down weeks around the NFL)
“Well it is definitely a week-to-week league. The example you just gave – we got after Chicago pretty good. The Steelers got after the Vikings pretty good. One week later, look what happened. A week ago Oakland, Denver and Seattle were unbeatable and they all lost yesterday. Yeah, I do think it’s a week-to-week league. That said, I’m worried about the way our team played. We didn’t play good enough in any area yesterday. We have to play more consistent football than we did and when we do that, we will like the results better.”

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