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29 September 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Media Availability (9/29/17)

BUC BIT OF THE DAY: The Buccaneers have won each the teams’ past five games at home and, with a win on Sunday against the Giants, would have the first home winning streak of at least  six games since 2008 (9/14/08 vs. ATL-11/3/08 vs. NO).
Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On how he felt about the week of practice)
“Good. We needed the work. [It was a] pretty normal week. We got to break in the indoor [facility] one day for a half-and-half. There’s changes going on within what our health is – who is healthy, who is not. Some guys roles are changing, but as far as preparation, it’s what we should be doing.”
(On if the flu bug has gone away)
“Yes, definitely. I think you’ll see that on the injury report today that those guys will be cleared and we haven’t had any new [cases] crop up here in the last few days.”
(On how defensive end Jacquies Smith has looked in practice this week)
“Jacquies looked sharp at times. He had a real nice spin move, but at the same time – and this is just my opinion – like we said yesterday he needs a little more contact work. You can’t expect this guy to be ready to go at his former self without having full-speed football. I mean he just hasn’t.”
(On the linebacker situation if both Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David are out)
“We’ve still got [Kendell] Beckwith, we’ve still got [Adarius] Glanton, we’ve still got [Devante] Bond and we’ve still got [Cameron] Lynch. How many do we need? We might have to get Coach [Mark] Duffner out there and his 10 assistant coaches he has. We’ll be fine. We have plenty of depth.”
(On if linebacker Devante Bond will fill in as the SAM linebacker if Alexander and David are out)
“Well first of all you have to realize the Giants play more 11 personnel. They’re like 86 percent 11 [personnel] – more than any team in the league by far. I don’t anticipate that we will have to be in a lot of three-linebacker defense. There’s a lot more nickel against 12 personnel these days going around, so if you have to play nickel, you have to play nickel. If you have to play dime, you have to play dime. Once you get into the game, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”
(On if they need to make an adjustment to mortar kicking)
“I mean Nate [Kaczor] starts working on mortar from Day One. The first time they did it, Bernard [Reedy] just didn’t get a very good jump on the ball [and] it bounced on him. The key on that is catching it clean and getting it started. We’ve got no problem bringing it out. The Giants do a good job with their mortar. Their kicker takes a real short approach, so you can’t really tell which way he is going and he’s pretty accurate, so he can punch it to either side. Shoot if they want to challenge us to bring it out, our guys want to bring it out.”
(On former Giants coach Kevin Gilbride’s comparison of Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston and Giants quarterback Eli Manning and if he has ever brought up that comparison to Winston)
“I point out a lot of stuff to Jameis, but I haven’t gone down that particular road right there. Again, Kevin Gilbride worked with Eli and watched Jameis, so I wasn’t really thinking of it in [those] terms. Eli has won two Super Bowls, so we all want to go there and we all want to win like he has. I just think Jameis needs to be the best Jameis can be. Jameis is talented enough to be a top-flight quarterback in this league. I’ve seen him play like it multiple times and when he does our team is going to play well.”
(On the fearlessness and strong arms that both quarterbacks possess)
“Yeah I would say there are a lot of quarterbacks like that. Quarterbacks in the NFL are all like that. There’s not many guys left in the NFL that have weak arms and just check it down every play. If defenses challenge you to do it, you’ve got to do it.”
(On the indoor facility practice)
“On Wednesday we went individual and kicking out here and then we did everything else in the indoor.”
(On if it is fully functional)
(On how it worked out)
“It was great. It was awesome.”
(On running back Doug Martin returning to the team on Monday)
“Well to be honest with you, I’m worried about Friday, Saturday, Sunday and when Monday comes we will worry about Monday. Every day after a game, Jason [Licht] and I get together and Jason has his ideas on what roster changes have to go, but there is that possibility for next week. If we are going to bring Doug back on Monday then we are going to have to make room somehow. That could be dictated by injury this week, so that’s why we will worry about it on Monday.”
(On the upcoming Thursday Night Football game vs. New England next week)
“We’re all focused on the Giants. We’ve got the Giants and then Thursday Night Football is Thursday Night Football. We will talk about it on Monday.”
(On Eli Manning’s tendency to make a lot of adjustments at the line and if that will be a tough matchup for linebacker Kendell Beckwith if he has the communicator for the Buccaneers)
“It’s not a matchup. If in fact Beckwith does have the communicator – remember now the thing goes up until 15 seconds, so [Mike Smith] is going to be making a call to whoever has got the helmet on. The Giants did run a lot of no-huddle last week and Eli is really good at it, so after the 15-second cutoff, Eli’s got the chalk last. But we are also going to change our disguise, so we might be showing one look and playing another or we might be showing one look and pressuring. After 15 seconds, the quarterback, if he wants to change one more time, he can.”

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