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06 September 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Media Availability (9/6/17)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy
Quarterback Jameis Winston
(On if it's nice to have clarity on the situation)
"Yep, it is nice to have clarity more than anything else. The number-one thing any of us should be thinking about is safety of everyone involved, not just our people but everybody's families and the communities. This is a natural disaster. Football takes a backseat to all of that."
(On how the new schedule affects the team's preparations for the next game)
"We don't really know 100 percent on that. On a normal bye week, if you have it during the season, you're going to give your players six days off. So, six days would put us at next Wednesday; hopefully we can do something on Tuesday. We're going to take four days off right now, that you have to do for a bye week. You have to take a day off next week; we'll take Monday off. We'll do something on Tuesday, God willing that everybody can be here safely. That will be a normal week in preparation for Chicago, but that's all based on if everything's good to go here. I think the biggest concern right now – take the hurricane out of it, because when I talk about anything I'm taking that out on the side – will just be that Chicago will have played a game and we haven't. The conditioning level, we've been off for a few days. But those are things we don't have control over right now. We have to do the best we can."
(On if he would have liked the game to have been moved to a neutral site)
"I just don't think that's feasible, whether I would have liked that or not. I don't think you could have asked all the people that have to travel on both teams to say, 'Hey, leave your families in a hurricane and let's go play a game in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.' I just don't think that's feasible, because of all the stuff I've already said."
(On Doug Martin's suspension now covering Weeks 2-4)
"Doug's situation right now – these last two days have been crazy – that's way back in my mind. We've been just trying to get clarity: What are we doing right now, how are we all making sure our families are safe and what's the plan moving forward? There's all kinds of sidebar issues like that; I'm sure there's more than that. Our guys are going to scatter here this afternoon and who knows when we'll be able to get them all back? There's just lots of little things that are going to come up. Just like anything else, just like a football game, guess what? We've got to adjust and we've got to deal with it. No one's going to feel sorry for us. I've talked to a ton of people today of, there is a precedence for teams playing 15 or 16 games in a row and you know what? Most of those teams have done pretty well. This isn't going to affect us one bit until we get to Week 11. If we're 10-0 or 0-10 we'd be feeling different about ourselves. If we're 10-0, we'd probably want to keep playing. If we're 0-10, I probably won't be standing here. Let's just be real about it. We've got a hurricane, we're dealing with it, and then we'll move on."
(On what message he gave to the players)
"Just that, after we found out what the situation was, just that we thought it was going to go this way. Be safe, make sure your families are safe. Here's the situation. Get some conditioning in and we'll see you next week."
(On if there are any positives in the situation)
"Well, your guys that are banged up should be more healthy. Knock on wood. Always every day with practice out there there's a chance somebody could get hurt. But we do have three or four guys that are banged up. T.J. Ward's a new player. Positives are what you make of it. We've got longer to get ready for Chicago, more time to study Chicago tape. We'll get to watch them on film; they won't get to watch us. We'll figure out some positives. Right now, it's just been a hectic morning and everyone wants to make sure their families are safe."
(On if he and his family are staying in the Bay area)
"I'll be here, yeah. I'll be here and my family will be safe."
(On if he's nervous about the hurricane)
"Well, I've never been through a hurricane, and the projections they make, I'm a little nervous about the hurricane. Never been through one. The football part, I'm not nervous about the football part. I'm nervous about what's going to happen. All you've got to do is turn on the TV and look at Houston, and we should be nervous."
(On the energy at practice)
"We just wanted to get our work in. I think we went normal. The guys worked pretty hard. I don't think you could blame some guys if their mind wasn't 100 percent on it, because we have guys trying to scramble to get travel arrangements made, to and from. [We have] guys checking on their families. We just try to make the best of it."
(On if he worries about the logistics of players getting back into town after they leave)
"Yes, absolutely. That's why we have to be flexible on Tuesday. I'm standing here now hoping we're good to go on Tuesday. I don't know that."
(On dealing with ever-changing situations)
"We've had some of those. Again, I'd rather just be worrying about football and not worry about all the other stuff that I don't have control over anyway. We're doing it. Our guys have been awesome and we'll hope to get back to work next week."
(On if he will adjust the practice schedule throughout the season)
"Of course, I'm always doing that. But, again, our Bye Week was going to be Week 11. When we get to Week 11 – if I didn't save any time up for Week 11 before, why would I do it now? I'm not going to panic over that because, again, I don't know what's going to happen. Like last year, when we were on a five-game winning streak, usually late in the year we start shortening the reps down, starting shortening practice – I didn't shorten one thing because we were on a five-game winning streak. I wanted to keep going. I'm superstitious as hell. We'll just see how it goes. Again, I've told you guys this story before. When I came in the league, working for Jack Del Rio, former player, his whole deal was, 'Get the players to the game fresh. Get the players to the game fresh.' So we always try to do that. We try to do it at training camp and we will try to do it in Week 11. But I'm going to be worried about Week 11 then. Right now I'm worried about Week Two."
(On if he likes how he was portrayed on Hard Knocks)
"As I said all along, I like show Hard Knocks, I wish I wasn't in it. Because everybody that's portrayed in Hard Knocks, that's just a sliver of what they really are. So when someone on the outside says their opinion of anybody because they watched four episodes of Hard Knocks, I laugh. I laugh, because how do they know? Now, do I think some of those people that they portrayed in that show, that they portrayed them correctly? Yeah. There's other people that I think they portrayed them incorrectly. And I'll keep that opinion to myself on who those are. However I'm viewed, that's how I'm viewed."
(On playing 16-straight weeks)
“We’re professionals. Go play ball.”
(On how he plans to deal with the current circumstances regarding the schedule change)
“It is what it is –16-straight [games], same goal. Take a break, just to get my family out of here, and come back ready to work.”
(On where he will go to escape the storm)
“Out. I’m not telling you all where I’m going [laughs].”
(On if he was expecting the game to get moved to the Bye Week or if he thought it would get moved to a neutral site)
“I wanted to play. But, the NFL controls it. The one thing they can’t control is the weather. Obviously, nobody wanted this to happen. Everybody has been going against the same people since the spring [and] training camp doing all of that stuff to get prepared for Week One. Everybody has that itch and then they tell you, ‘You’ve got to wait another week.’ Obviously, nobody wanted it, but it is what it is. We’ve got to be professional. We’re in this situation and I don’t think people are going to really care. I don’t think the Bears are going to care when they come here next week. They aren’t going to care that we had to not play. They are coming in to win, so we need to take the time off to prepare and come back ready to win.”
(On if any positives come out of this situation)
“We’re alive. I’m praying are blessed to see another day. That’s always a positive. We had a good practice today – that’s a positive, and we get a jump on Chicago.”
(On the game versus Miami being moved to the Bye Week)
“We’ve got to control what we can control. Of course, we were all excited and wanted to play and see how we would do. But safety is the most important thing – taking care of our families is very important right now.”
(On his plans for the next few days)
“I have no idea right now. We just found out today, so I’ll find something. I wish we could be playing.”
(On how the situation can be turned into a positive)
“We get five days off. It’s a blessing in disguise.”
(On playing 16 games in a row)
“It’s football. The more football we can get – I love it as a quarterback. It’s different with guys who are banged up. My initial reaction is we’ve got to man up and play. This is what we do – we get paid to do this.”
(On if he will be rooting for Chicago and and former teammate, Mike Glennon, this Sunday when the Bears play the Falcons)
“I’m a huge Mike Glennon fan. I’m hoping that Glizzy [Glennon] goes out there and balls out. He’s going against our division opponent, so hopefully he can get his first win against the Falcons. I’m a big [Atlanta running back] Devonta Freeman fan too, so I have to see where I land on Sunday.”
(On how he feels about Hurricane Irma approaching Florida)
“I’m just concerned about people’s families. This is bigger than football. I just want everybody to be safe, especially my teammates that [are] on the road, catching flights and I want everybody to just be safe. I really don’t want to fly because I’ve got Tootsie [his dog]. I don’t want to leave Tootsie back. Hopefully everybody is safe – that’s the most important thing right now. Football is not important right now – it’s about safety.”
(On if he thinks playing 16 games in a row is unsafe)
“No, it’s football. We get paid to do that … The players are going to have to decide that. I have no idea. This is the first time it has happened to me. Football is a game that everyone always questions safety, but 16 games – the players are going to have to decide. I guess we will decide that when it gets here.”
(On if any arrangements can be made for his dog Tootsie to travel)
“I hope so. But, I’m not putting my dog on any plane – heck no. We are going to have to drive.”
(On if he could imagine players leaving their families to play at a neutral site)
“I could not imagine that. I could not imagine going somewhere else and leaving my family behind. No, I couldn’t.”
(On if he thinks it was a good decision by the NFL to postpone the game versus Miami)
“I’m not making decisions from the league. All I’m concerned about, like I said, is the families of this team – everybody really that this hurricane is affecting. I don’t make decisions with the league.”
(On if he likes the way he was portrayed on ‘Hard Knocks’)
“I think ‘Hard Knocks’ was good. Everyone got their shine time. I don’t believe in liking the way that I was portrayed. I think it was a chance that everyone was able to see the Bucs – see us. I think it was good. It’s a positive. Right now, I’m worried about getting out of here and protecting my family from this hurricane.”

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