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15 June 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Mini-Camp Media Availability (6/15/17)

Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
(On if he went to the U2 concert on Wednesday night)
"I did, for a little bit. It was good."
(On his impressions on where the team is at as the offseason program ends)
"That's always hard to judge because, a) you're practicing in shorts and b) you're going against yourself. So, we had specific things we wanted to work on in all areas [and] we definitely worked on them. It's hard to judge how much better you got until you get against another team. Our guys are hungry, our guys want to do well. We're on the right track but everything's a process and you can only go as fast as you can go. We just can't go much faster right now. We have to just wait it out and take a little break. These guys have to go their separate ways for a few weeks and then come back and we've got training camp, start building towards September 10th."
(On if Jameis Winston is different than he was when he first arrived)
"I would say Jameis is different in that he knows he can play in the NFL. He knows he can be a successful player. Jameis – no one has higher expectations for his performance than he does. I mean, he's aiming to be elite, not just one of 32. And because he has such high expectations, and we have high expectations, it's a never-ending process. We're hard on Jameis and he's hard on himself. Always improving, but not where it needs to be."
(On Winston getting confidence from experience)
"'What's changed,' was the question. What's changed is, when you come into the league as a rookie, you had great success in college but you're playing with grown men now. There's just a lot more thrown at you. The disguise is so much different, the way the defense looks. He's been through 32 NFL starts. Experience is the best teacher, we've talked about this before. The Tom Bradys and Matt Ryans of the world have got a lot of reps on Jameis. We called practice early there and Jameis is the one guy in the huddle who wanted to keep going. He's the one guy who wanted it to keep going."
(On if Winston is progressing in terms of protecting the football)
"Somewhat. There's such a fine line, because you want to protect the football but at the same time you want to experiment. We're working with new things, with new personnel. Like, we've been doing a lot of red zone work the last two days and we're trying to work some back-shoulders to O.J. [Howard]. Well, if you don't throw them to him, if you don't ever throw him any, you're not going to complete any. So we have to temper that. When we don't have fans out here, when we don't have media out here, we don't have to tell you guys what it looks like. When you guys are out here, you're going to make your own judgments, and some of them are right and some of them aren't right."
(On O.J. Howard making contested catches in the end zone)
"I'm not sure which one you're talking about, but O.J. had a couple today. He had a nice one in the two-minute and then a nice one again in the red zone. I don't think either of those was with Jameis, though."
(On if there are any players he knows will not be ready for the start of training camp due to injury)
"I learned my lesson, because last year I said there was none and I was proven wrong. So I'm going to say I hope everyone will be ready for training camp."
(On Howard's role as a blocker)
"When we drafted O.J. - there's so few tight ends coming into the NFL that can block anybody now. A lot of people are focusing on what O.J. can bring in the passing game but O.J.'s going to help our running game because he is a really good blocker coming out of college. He's one of the few, and he's going to get better. He's going to get better as he gets more experience. I think O.J. will help our running game just like I think J.R. Sweezy will help our running game."
(On the itinerary for the coaching staff during the upcoming break)
"Lake. Be on the lake."
(On the competition for the second quarterback spot)
"It's going to play out. Yeah, it's going to play out. What we have in Ryan Fitzpatrick is 116 career starts, so we've got plenty of film. What's tough about the way the calendar is in the NFL, other backup quarterbacks like Ryan Griffin, the only time they really get to prove themselves is practice and preseason games. And the best judge is obviously preseason games. So it will play itself out. We're happy with both those guys. I'm probably less worried about our backup quarterback situation than most people."
(On if the Bucs might carry three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster)
"Anything's possible. [General Manager] Jason [Licht] – that will be something we have to talk about. We've been the three, we'd probably prefer to go with two, but we're going to pick the best 53 guys that we think give us the best chance to win."
(On if he would consider keeping two kickers)
(On the challenge for the kickers at the end of practice)
"We were going to do a little contest. They had to make four in a row and we'd go in. That was good. That was great for those guys."
(On working in the red zone)
"Well, number one, our defense, we have a pretty good red zone defense when the ones are going against the ones. Jameis made some nice plays, had a couple guys open there at the end, Lavonte David made a nice diving play on one, Kwon [Alexander] made a nice play on one. You've got to remember now, in practice we're working situations versus situations. We're not game-planning. I'd say for the most part this spring the defense got the better of the offense. For the most part. But everybody took a turn making plays."
(On if either kicker has an edge in the competition right now)
"We're just going to leave it as a competition. We obviously know the numbers – we’ve charted everything this whole spring. We're just going to let that thing keep going."
(On if this is a nervous time for coaches when players are off for six weeks)
"A little bit, a little bit. July's the number one month for issues around the league, traditionally. I'm confident in our roster. You can never say never. I like the makeup of our team. We've got responsible guys that are grown men. But if we took a group of 30 reporters, or 90 reporters, and they left for six weeks, something might happen with them, too. That's probably no different than anything else in society."

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