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31 July 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (7/31/17)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson
(On if a time will come when too much rain will impede the team's efforts)
"Well, there probably does come that time but, one, we don't control it and, two, we're not there yet. We'll worry about it when we have to worry about it."
(On if the rain limited what the team wanted to do on its first day in pads)
"No, no, no. We did everything just how we had it scripted. You've got all this stuff going on, you add the wet field, the wet ball, those are great challenges for us. It's great work. We can't duplicate it. Everything's not perfect – there were good plays, bad plays on both sides. We learn our lessons and keep moving."
(On if the field conditions can progress to where it's an injury risk)
"We're well aware of that. We have a guy that that's his job, to tell us when the fields are unplayable and they were fine. They held up great."
(On players being excited about putting on pads)
"Oh yeah, for sure. I think especially you're talking about defensive players and O-Line. That's how they make they're money. Those guys, they want to lay the wood out there on somebody and even though we're still trying to protect each other, this is a contact sport."
(On if Jacquizz Rodgers could be a feature running back for a full season)
"Boy, you're catching me off guard on that one. I don't see why not. That's hard for any back to do. Backs take a pounding out there. Right now we're just worried about getting to Miami on September 10. We have good depth at running back. It's going to be fine, it's going to work out."
(On the status of defensive end Jacquies Smith following his knee procedure)
"He's fine. He's rehabbing. The procedure went well. Jacquies is with us in meetings. I don't think he came out today because of the weather. He's going to be back at some point. We're not talking about a season-long injury, but I don't know exactly when."
(On Ali Marpet and the center-quarterback exchange on a wet day)
"First off, Ali's a real conscientious worker and I think adding to his transition is the weather. We did have a couple snaps on the ground today. I don't think that probably would have mattered who the quarterback and who the center was. That's just one thing both those guys, quarterbacks and centers, all of our guys have to concentrate on. Ali's off to a good start, he's working at it and we have to add the snap into it."
(On if Jameis Winston has decided to stop wearing a left knee brace as a precautionary measure)
"I'm not sure, I'm not sure. I hope that continues to be our main story of camp, though."
(On if Ryan Griffin and Ryan Fitzpatrick are alternating as the quarterback for the second team)
"Yeah, yeah. What we've been doing for these first four [practices], instead of splitting reps like we did in OTAs we're going by days, who's got the twos and who's got the threes. And the threes have the least amount of reps – we've increased the ones' reps. After today, though, I think, [Quarterbacks Coach] Mike [Bajakian] and I talked about having Ryan and Ryan go equal twos and threes because it's a little bit, the numbers are off. But now we're at four practices so their numbers are even, we're going to try to let that guy that's working with the threes get a few more."
(On rookie linebacker Kendell Beckwith)
"You know, Kendell, that's really amazing because it's only been eight months since his ACL [injury] and very few guys come back that fast. The first couple days we were out here in rookie practice before the throng of fans and media was here, Kendell, I was a little nervous, not about his knee, just he looked rusty. After four practices he's probably our most improved player, as far as a guy where he started and where he is after four practices."
(On of if Beckwith is limited at all)
"He's been cleared by the doctors so he's cleared to go. It really is a good story, kind of an amazing story, how fast he's back."
(On how concerned he is about pass-rush depth with Smith out)
"Well, of course we're concerned, but every team in the league, your depth is your depth. You only have so many guys. Another guy that came on for us late in the year last year was Ryan Russell. I think Ryan Russell is another guy to watch on the outside."
(On if the offense concentrated on quick, short passes on Monday)
"One thing we're working on is, we just have to take what the defense gives us more. It's no secret: Jameis [Winston] likes to go for the big play. So do I. Sometimes to a fault, sometimes that gets us in trouble. We have been trying to get to our check-downs sooner. The defense dictates that a lot, but it did work out that way today."
(On playing in the rainy weather conditions)
“Oh you know, we can’t ask for better conditions than this. As a wide receiver, you hate playing in this weather – it’s hard to catch the ball – but this is great work. You never know how the weather will [be] throughout the season, so to be able to get this work today was great. Offensively and defensively we got some great work in here today, so any time we are able to take advantage of this, that’s what we do to get our work in.”
(On his impressions of the offense so far)
“Explosive, man. We’ve been making a lot of plays. It’s definitely a dynamic duo of an offense here. We’ve got a lot of weapons. I’m just excited to be here and be an addition to this offense. We are putting in a lot of work in day-in and day-out – full days – so this is a part of where we want to go and what we want to do as a team. Collectively, day-in and day-out, we’re coming together and we’re working hard.”
(On any surprises so far in camp)
“Not necessarily, man. I mean this is just a hard-working team. Everybody is competing out there. Everybody wants to be great. Everybody wants to take their job seriously, so I think as a group and as individuals we are all working toward one common goal – to be one of the last teams standing toward the end of the year. This is when it starts. You can’t take shortcuts, so you’ve got to put in the work day in and day out and that’s what we are doing.”
(On if defenses might pay less attention to him due to the size of the team’s other receivers and tight ends)
“Hey, that the plan. Hopefully, you know, they might be zoned in on them more than me, so however it works out, I’ll be ready to go. I’m getting myself ready to be in the best shape possible to make it through a long season.”
(On hearing the fan reception after making big plays at training camp)
“It’s a great honor to be able to have the plays happen like that, continuously like that, especially going throughout a practice where the defense and the offense are competing versus each other, so I’m here to make plays. That’s what I do and any opportunity I get to do that, that’s what I am here to do and that’s what I’m going to do.”
(On quarterback Jameis Winston’s improvements on using the check-down)
“Yeah he is going to take what the defense gives him. You can’t force anything in this league. I think a couple days ago, there were a couple throws he wanted to take back, but that’s a part of training camp, that’s a part of practice. When the defense gives you looks sometimes you see things differently, so you can’t take that away. You’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to see it, you’ve got to go through it and that’s a part of practice, so he is doing what he needs to do to make his reads and get the ball where it needs to get to.”
(On if the increase in check downs means less receptions for Jackson)
“Not necessarily because throughout the periods of practice, I get my touches. That’s all you ask for as a receiver – to get your touches, to do everything you can to help make some big plays. I think throughout the day, throughout the couple of days, we’ve been able to do that, so that’s been great.”
(On wide receiver Mike Evans having more yards after catch this year
“I told him this year, he can’t let the first guy tackle him. Once he catches the ball, he can’t let the first guy tackle him. If he does, then he’s going to have to hear from me. But, he’s doing a great job, he’s working hard. He’s definitely a physical receiver. He is big, huge guy so he is able to go up and make some crazy plays, but I think this year he will definitely have some more [yards] after the catch.”
(On New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s comments that he wants to be the highest paid player in the league)
“More power to him. If he can get it done, more power to him. You know, this league is a very special league. You have some players doing some crazy things out there. So any time guys are getting paid, you love to see it throughout the league. I encourage that stuff. Guys put in the work, they’re dedicated and their blessings will come to them. If he gets it, more power to him.”
(On the toughest defensive back he’s gone against during training camp thus far)
“All those guys, man. I love going against [Brent] Grimes, [Vernon] Hargreaves. I mean, all those guys. [Chris] Conte has been playing good back there, [Keith] Tandy. It’s a competitive defense. This is one of the best defenses that I’ve been on. I’m happy to go against them every day because they are competing. They’re working hard, they’re trying to do everything they can to stop us. All those guys are putting their best effort forward and I’m doing the same.”
(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves)
“He’s a young player, he’s smart though. He’s intelligent and he has a lot of great instincts to him. He’s very competitive, he likes to get up there and go. He’s not shying away from any competitiveness out there on the field. That’s what you ask for in a corner.”
(On his role as the leader of the wide receivers)
“That’s the plan, man. I have a lot of experience under my belt, so anything I can give back to these young guys. Teach them, give them little pointers. That’s what I’m here to do, I’m not here to keep all the information to myself. I love to pass information down, and vice versa. These guys see anything in my game that they can pass to me, I’m always open ears and willing to learn.”

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