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14 August 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (8/14/17)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Quarterback Jameis Winston
(On his impressions of Monday's practice in Jacksonville)
"We love practicing against another team. The set-up is great, it's very organized by [Jacksonville Head] Coach [Doug] Marrone and his staff, the facility, the weather cooperated. So it's great to work against other guys. You find out how you adjust and how you do against other people."
(On how he evaluated performance of Buccaneers players)
"Well, I'm only on one field so I don't get to see the rest of it until we get back to the hotel. Offensively today it wasn't what we were looking for. But it's one day in practice and you learn from it and you get better next time."
(On what he didn't like about the offense)
"It just wasn't very good. Draw your own conclusions."
(On if Monday's practice in full pads would be more telling than Tuesday's practice in shells)
"They're both good. In the NFL, if you're practicing in shells you're practicing full-speed. You just stay off the ground, which you're supposed to be doing anyway. Just different situations – we'll get two-minute in tomorrow, get a little bit more red zone work, but we'll do similar drills tomorrow. A little bit shorter."
(On if it was particularly useful for the running backs to get more live action)
"It's not live. You're not doing it exactly like [a game]. So, the running backs, I wouldn't say any more than anybody else. It's just different looks, unscouted looks. Normally on the script we have the plays and we have the defenses; here, we don't know what defense they're going to run and our defense doesn't know what play they're going to run. So there's no cheating on the script, you've got to play it as you see it."
(On if he saw new Buccaneers kicker Zach Hocker perform)
"Our new kicker? No. I haven't seen him. I know [Special Teams Coordinator] Nate [Kaczor] saw him yesterday but I have not seen him. Our new kicker is Nick Folk. I saw him make five out of six today."
(On film study of the preseason opener revealed some players who did well in the second half)
"Yeah, absolutely – Mike Liedtke. Mike Liedtke a tackle, did a really nice job. He would be the one probably that jumped out on offense. Alan Cross, as a tight end in the passing game. On defense, [Kendell] Beckwith had production. You could tell it was his first game. He had some mental mistakes but he had production; I think he had five tackles. All those guys that played did a good job. They gave us good effort, we just have some things to clean up."
(On if rookie linebacker Kendell Beckwith has fared well with the mental part of the game)
"Yeah, very much, very much. He's exceeded our expectations in that respect."
(On getting center Ali Marpet back from injury)
"Yeah, we got Ali back, got Evan Smith back out there today, George Johnson was back today. Ali definitely firms up the middle for us. We had some identification errors in the run period but it wasn't the centers' fault. Getting Ali back – if it was a [regular-season] game, he would have been good to go in Cincinnati but it's good to get him back. It's good to get all those guys back."
(On Head Coach Dirk Koetter being a little unhappy with the offense's execution in practice)
"Room for improvement everywhere. That's why I love our coach, man. He's a perfectionist, and that's the standard that we have to play to every day. We can do it, and he knows that. That's what coaches do – they push you to the edge. They push you because they want the best for you."
(On how he graded his performance in the preseason opener)
"Well, the coaches gave me a B-minus. Obviously, preseason or not I just want to win. That's the main thing. Definitely got to [have some] improvements. Scoring in that red zone – me and Mike Evans can't get inside the two-yard line and not connect on two straight attempts. That's the only negative I take away from that game. We looked good. We started out fast. Especially when your first drive is from the six-yard line and the next one is from the one, and you flip fields and you start off the game with a 92-yard drive, you've got to love it."
(On the two incompletions on attempts to Mike Evans in the end zone)
"Got to get better balls. Preseason rules – hopefully in the regular season we get a flag or something. At the end of the day, like me and Mike talk about all the time, it does not matter, you are Mike Evans, go catch the ball."
(On how valuable the joint practices with the Jaguars are)
"This is very valuable. Jacksonville has a great defense. They've given us a lot of looks we haven't seen before. Our defense is known for the numerous looks that they give us, but having another team that hasn't seen what you've done and has its own practice regimen is great. I love joining practices and competing against other teams."
(On how he would assess where the team is at this point in training camp)
"I think we've just got to get better every single day. From my understanding, the first two weeks are the roughest. But one thing we know, we've got to stay in love with the grind. We've got to get better every single day. There's no reason that we should be lagging right now, man. The season's getting closer, it's not getting further away from us. That's the same part, so we've got to get pumped up."
(On if he spoke to kicker Roberto Aguayo after Aguayo was waived on Saturday)
"Yeah, I spoke to 'Berto. One thing about 'Berto, he knows I love him. I know and I told him he's still going to be the best kicker in the game. That's just me being biased and knowing what type of kicker he really is. But at the end of the day, you've just got to move on. You've got to move on because this is the NFL.”
(On the kicker competition)
"We were rallying around them both, no matter what. We weren't playing, 'This is my favorite, that's my favorite.' We were like, 'Hey, you guys are our Bucs kickers. The guys up top, they make the decision. We're going to support you.' They are our teammates no matter what."
(On safety Barry Church)
"I remember Barry Church, number 42. He's a good player."
(On getting Ali Marpet back in the mix)
"It's good to have Ali back. I'm happy that we have him again, but Joe [Hawley] was fine. It's so good when you [have multiple good centers]. My first two years I had different centers and I was having to adjust to everybody. But now you've got Joe, you've got Ali, you've got Evan [Smith]. You've got those core group of guys where if anyone goes down someone can step up."
(On if the red zone is his focus)
"Everything is my focus. Everything is my focus. That was one game."

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