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20 August 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (8/20/17)

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today’s earlier media availability:
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
Quarterback Jameis Winston
(On the players running sprints at the end of practice and if it was scripted)
“It was something we needed to do. We are building towards playing a full game on September 10 and we’ve got to build toward that.”
(On if there was an increased amount of individuals drill or if it was the usual routine)
“We had the same amount. It was a normal practice – except for that conditioning.”
(On the status of tackle Demar Dotson)
“He’s going to be out for at least a week.”
(On the status of linebacker Kwon Alexander after practice)
“I’m not sure. A lot of guys are a little dinged up, but we will get through it.”
(On the fifth receiver and if the spot is primarily going to be determined based off of performance on special teams)
“No, not necessarily. We’ve got to just have the best player. Your fifth receiver has got to be able to play special teams, but they’ve also got to be able to go in and play all three spots.”
(On wide receiver Josh Huff’s performance at practice)
“He had a really nice day – Josh Huff and Freddy [Martino] both, and [Bernard] Reedy – those three guys have been the most consistent.”
(On the competition for the backup tackle spots)
“[Mike] Liedtke has put himself in position just by the type of training camp he has had along with [Leonard] Wester and Caleb Benenoch. Caleb has been out the last couple of days, so Wester has been playing both sides and yesterday and today were Liedtke’s first reps at tackle. He has really put himself in position by how he has played at guard throughout training camp.”
(On what he likes about offensive lineman Mike Liedtke’s performance in training camp)
“He plays hard. He can play every spot except center and he has just been real consistent in his execution.”
(On linebacker Riley Bullough’s performance in training camp)
“Riley is doing a nice job. But, last year we kept five linebackers and so just doing the math we’ll see how it shakes out this year. We’re going to keep the best 53 [players], but you’ve got to have the right depth at every position. If you keep an extra linebacker, it’s got to come from somewhere else on the 53, so that’s always the problem at the end.”
(On the kicker situation)
“Nick Folk is our kicker right now and if that changes I’m sure you guys will be right up amongst the first to know.”
(On if cornerback Robert McClain has moved ahead of cornerback Javien Elliott on the depth chart)
“No, that’s still wide open. We’re down a couple corners right now. We had to sign two new guys, so McClain and Elliott are doing double duty both inside at nickel and outside at corner. They’re both getting a lot of work – probably too much work.
(On the continuity between quarterback Jameis Winston and tight end Cameron Brate)
“They have since early when Jameis first got here. Those were the first two guys to click and the whole chemistry thing – it’s hard to put your finger on it – some guys never get it, some guys get it early – those two guys definitely have it.”
(On if the coaching staff will do a little bit more game planning than they normally would during training camp)
“We are not simulating a week because we are staying in training camp mode all next week. We are going to do the regular week – sort of – next week like it’s a Thursday night game. We’re going to practice a short week. When you’re going to your regular week schedule, all you’re really doing is switching to afternoon practices and morning walk-throughs. With the heat the way it is, we just don’t really see the benefit in that right now, so we are going to stay next week with morning practices [and] night walk-throughs. We think we can get more out of it. Again, we are building more towards Miami, not so much toward the last two preseason games.”
(On whether quarterback Jameis Winston has improved on the deep ball)
“Yeah, I think so. The beautiful one to DeSean [Jackson] – I think Jameis threw it as far as he could and DeSean went and got it. Jameis overthrew that other one over here on the left side to Adam [Humphries] a little bit, but overall you can’t argue with how Jameis has done. He threw a beautiful deep one to Mike [Evans] in the game the other night, so I think Jameis improved across the board.”
(On his improved accuracy this year)
"I just feel like everyone's playing good, definitely now. It's getting real close to [regular-season] game time. I'm happy that I can get those compliments from coach, but at the end of the day we've still got to go out there and play. Just because they're up right now…they've got to be up for the whole year."
(On the execution of deep passes to DeSean Jackson)
"I feel like it can definitely get better. With guys like that, just give those guys a chance to make plays and they'll do it."
(On the performance of the offensive line)
"They've been doing a great job. These past two games, man, I've been clean. The only time I got hit was on myself. I brought it on myself and I do that a lot, but I'm going to stop doing that as much to help those guys feel better about themselves. They like when they see me coming to the sideline and I'm super-clean."
(On a long completion to DeSean Jackson in practice and the celebration afterward)
"I just threw it and I just knew he was going to go and get it. What they did at the end, I was already getting another play. That's the thing about those amazing plays: They make them and sometimes I miss them. But the good thing about games is, when we make them in a game we get to celebrate together, baby."
(On Mike Evans's skills in the red zone)
"Me and Mike have kind of like a deal – you're in the red zone and you get one-on-one, 'Alright, we've got it.' That's the mentality, that's the type of receiver he is. He feels that…he knows that he cannot be stopped, especially down there. It's on me to execute with him, but the guy's special. He's special in the league and I'm just honored to have him."
(On participating in the Special Olympics camp after practice)
"They actually got a chance to come out to my camp that was held here in Tampa, and getting to see familiar faces was awesome. It's amazing what the Bucs do with Special Olympics every year, get those athletes out here, to come out here and play and have fun. You see pure joy on their faces and I just love it. It brings a huge smile to my face."
(On Special Olympics putting a person's own challenges in perspective)
"Absolutely, but with those kids you would never even know that… they were battling something, because their spirit, their energy, it's very infectious. More importantly, it lets us know, 'Why are we complaining so much?' It really condemns us because they go through so much but they continue to put a smile on their face, they continue to persevere every single day."
(On the importance of playing well in the next preseason game)
"It's very important. That's every week, that's every week. Everyone's been talking about the hype and how good the offense has been going, but execution is the most important thing. Right now, that's all that matters. Actions speak way louder than words and we have to continue to have effective drives. What I'm looking for is going out there and scoring in the red zone."

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