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22 August 2017

Transcript: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Training Camp Media Availability (8/22/17)

Below is a transcript of Head Coach Dirk Koetter’s earlier media availability:
((On what he's looking for in the third preseason game)
"Improvement. Just improvement across the board and continuing to build toward September 10th. This is a progression that builds towards a full game September 10th. We're making progress as a football team. You've got guys on all different levels. You've got some guys ahead, some guys behind, some guys still learning, some guys polishing – that's what preseason is."
(On if he favors the new rule allowing all roster cuts to be made after the fourth game)
"I think it's great. I think it's going to make that fourth preseason game better all around, keeping it to one cut. I'm a big proponent of just the one cut. I think it's a great move by the NFL and I think it's great for a lot of guys to get more plays on tape, for guys that aren't going to make our team or any other team, for the rest of the league to see. That cut-down day, there are a lot of good football players that get put on the street. All teams have different strengths and weaknesses so those other guys are able to get picked up."
(On tight end Cameron Brate as blocker)
"Improving all the time. He's doing much better. He improved last year over the year before, and he's improving this year over last year."
(On linebacker Adarius Glanton's performance in the last preseason game)
"Not just in the Jacksonville game – Adarius did everything he's ever been asked. Last year when he got in a game, he made plays. He was a stalwart on special teams. He made plays, that's what backup players do. They make plays when they get their opportunities and eventually they may get a chance to move into the starting lineup and he's a good example of that."
(On undrafted rookie linebacker Riley Bullough)
"We talked about this the other day: It's a numbers game everywhere. Riley's doing fine. He's an excellent communicator, he's a tough guy, he's good in the run game, but it's going to come down to numbers. We can't just say, 'All right, we've got 10 linebackers we want to keep, we're going to keep no wide receivers.' It's got to add up to 53, and you've got to have two deep in a real game when you've only got 46. Riley's doing fine, he's improving. He's another guy, when he's out there, he makes plays. But he's fighting the numbers now."
(On practice)
"Not too bad, not too bad. The tempo was good. I thought they fought through. That's what you're going to get at this time of training camp. We've got two days left of real training camp before we play Cleveland, and then next week we're going to make it more like a normal week with a Thursday night game going into the Redskins. I was pretty pleased today."
(On the field goal period)
"That last snap, actually [Nick] Folk, he missed that last one on that extra point, it was a low snap."
(On guard J.R. Sweezy and linebacker Kwon Alexander not practicing)
"Nothing long term. Sweezy was just having a day off, and Kwon was a little tight."
(On the latest on tackle Demar Dotson)
"Same as it has been. He's not going to play this week and he's going to be fine long-term."
(On how safety Chris Conte has done)
"Really good, really good. Couldn't be happier with the work that Conte and [Keith] Tandy are putting in with the first safety group. They're very confident, both those guys are confident and they're doing a lot of communication in the back end. Their tackling was good in the preseason games. Really happy with those two guys."
(On if Conte and Tandy have solidified their holds on the starting jobs)
"Well, they're working with the first group and J.J. [Wilcox] and [Justin] Evans are working to catch up. They missed all of OTAs. They were already down in experience in Smitty's [Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith's] system and now they've just been working to catch up. We're happy with those guys too, but there's only going to be two starters at safety and right now it would be those two."
(On if it is difficult to get all the players into the third preseason game)
"Absolutely. We might not get everybody in. There's no guarantee everybody's going to play. We didn't get everybody in last week; we were close but we didn't quite make it. Remember now, preseason games are building towards your opener. They're not getting everybody equal reps. That's not the object of it."
(On bringing back long snapper Andrew DePaola)
"Well, it's his first day. It's his first day here. DePo played really well for us last year, had a very unfortunate injury at the end of the season. He played so well for us, [General Manager] Jason [Licht] kind of had it in the back of his mind all along that if DePo made it back before the season we'd like to bring him in here and take a look at him and see where he's at. Today is just the first day of that, and I just saw maybe two plays, so we'll see what it looks like."
(On if he's doing anything differently in preseason in his second year as the head coach)
"Yeah, there are a few things. I can't really think of them off the top of my head right now but yeah, there's some stuff, sure."
(On if Ryan Griffin's injury has decided the backup quarterback battle)
"That's a little bit of a tricky question. Because of the nature of Griffin's injury, we're not exactly sure when he'll be back. So that kind of throws a wrench into everything. We're sort of in a waiting game right now."
(On if Griffin would be available in Week One)
"Not sure. Not sure on that."

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